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Secret - ZARD amor

Do the Frogzard Hunter Part 2. Kill is the Mother Zard and she will give you the Frogzard Sword. The sword allows you to change into a powerful Zard and gives very powerful earthen attacks. It will disappear when you log out.

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Secret - AWE

When you click battle monsters in battleon sometimes instead of a monster you will come across a rare treasure chest in it u will find pieces of the blade of awe (wich is a powerful weapon) when u have all the pieces go to valencia at the pet shop and she will make it for you then go to Isle de oreliens and go to the library click the steaming scroll inn the guy with the cane`s chamber take theice claymore that twilly holds while blade of awe and gurdian armor equipped for some reason you will still have the blade of awe, but almost every time it will give u TWO hits of earth.

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First go to the Town,then click on the Mage shop. When the wizard person starts to speake, click on Explore shop. Then click and drag these items in the pot on the shelf. Mermazon Kelp, Frozard tear and Magmar leaf to get the health potion.Bad juice, Moglin Ecence and Mermazon kelp to get the mana potion.Magmar leaf, Bad juice, Salttwod dust to get a pet rock,(he is cool,but goes away when you log out).Merazon kelp, Magma leaf and salttwob dust to teleport somewhere.And the backwards potion you put in Mermazon kelp, frogzar tear and Moglin ecence.

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Secret - Hackers/scammers

they will try and take ur account bye putting up trades and lieng about it also making u go first that is the mean problem. so be careful that`s y they r unregistered

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Secret - Ok 2 those hu have 100% thumbs up

IF any 1 has 100% thumbs up others will try to give u thumbs down because they are gellous

of u having worked hard to get 100% i hoped that helped

(can every 1 or any 1 not unregistered ppl but members give me thumbs up i really want to have thumbs up thxs)

i never scammed

or hacked any 1

i respected some ppl

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Secret - 1350 gold 1350 XP

1350 Gold and 1350 Xp!

Go to travel on the bottom right corner. Click on Vamprook Spyre on the top left corner. Then click 'leeeeroooy' and it would be good not to loot everybod's potions, because after you beat the dragon you have to fight all 3 of them. So don't take everybodys potions and just continue. you will fight Vampragons. They aren't that strong. then you fight a dragon with 3 Vampragons next to it (dragon color, red) fight it and get 1350 gold and 1350 xp.

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Secret - Cheats- warlacks Shop

Teleportation potion: mermazon kelp+magma leaf+slattwob


Pet rock: slattwob dust+bad juice+magma leaf

Health potion: mermazon kelp+magma leaf+frogzard tear

Green hair: mermazon kelp+forgzard tear+moglin essence

Backwords potion: mermazon kelp+frogzard tear+moglin essence

Mana pottion: mermazon kelp+bad juice+moglin essence

Black head: frogzard tear+moglin essence+bad juice

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