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Easter Egg - Jirachi!

If you have Pokemon Channel for the Gamecube and you have already seen Jirachi, hook up the Gameboy Advance to the Gamecube with the connector cable before you turn it on. On the main menu, choose "Special" after pichu bros. is over, you get Jirachi.

P.S.- You can skip Pichu Bros. by pressing R.

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Secret - Easy Rank Gaining!!!!!

Find a job wanting you to find an item in a hard dungeon and check if you have the recuested item. If you have it take it, take an escape orb, accept the mission and go into the dungeon. When you start, use the escape orb and voila! When you get out, the pokemon that asked you to do that mission will give you your reward and tons of rescue points!! (Works in Blue & Red rescue team, too) :)

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Secret - Easy rank gaining!

When you find a mission wanting you to find an item make sure you have the requested item. Then,if you have that item, take it with you, take an escape orb,accept the mission and go to the mission's dungeon. When you start, use the escape orb and the pokemon which asked you to do that mission will take the requested item and give you the reward and some rescue points (if you use this trick on hard dungeons, you can take tons of rescue points!) (works on mystery dungeon blue and red, too). If you liked this trick please rate! :)

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Password - Wonder mails golden seeds and doom seeds

wonder mails golden seeds and doom seeds

rate me thumbs up if it works

7&FP &7J4 &2XP =6P4 05W& 188Cmt bristle 1F(golden seed)
J4T@ MJPX TYY+ %Y%0 MQQ6 %016mt bristle 1F(doom seed)
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Secret - Battle Roulette

When inside the Battle Arcade, you have to choose 3 Pokmon and you'll be put into the contest. At the beginning of the battle you have a board with different squares representing different things which could happen. This can effect you or your opponent. Once you complete 7 battles, you are rewarded with 2 Battle points. Once you do 20 battles, your 21st Battle will be with Roulette Goddess Daria. If you defeat her, you get the Silver Print. Do another 28 battles, and face her for the Gold Print.

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Secret - Gible is not in wayward cave

Go to the grass area in front of wayward cave ok and then you see pillars supporting bicycle road(the one before wayward cave) now try waking into it(there is a cave entrance somewhere in it when you go inside bring dusk balls and ultra

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