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Super Smash Bros. Melee
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Unlockable - How to unlock all the characters


clear 100-man melee

play 300 VS matches


clear event match 29

play 600 VS matches


clear event match 37

play 200 VS matches

clear classic with Mewtwo


clear adventure stage1 when the clock reaches xx:x2:xx and finish adventure mode

play 800 VS matches

Dr Mario

clear classic with Mario without continuing

play 100 VS matches


clear classic or adventure with any character on any difficulty

play 50 VS matches


clear classic with the 14 original characters

play 400 VS matches

use the 14 original characters in VS mode at least once


clear classic with Marth without continuing

play 900 VS matches

Young Link

clear classic with 10 different characters (two of them have to be Link and Zelda)

play 500 VS matches


play VS mode for 20 hr

play 700 VS matches

Mr Game & Watch

clear classic with all 24 characters except him

play 1000 VS matches

clear target test with all 24 characters except him

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