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Secret - Color Text!

See how this text is red? I'm going to show you how to do it! But you need to follow these steps EXACTLY the way I tell them.

1.) Type:

<font color="">your text</font>

2.) Next to the =, type a color. Our example this time is Orange, so type "orange"> (Yes that includes lowercase letters and any punctuation) on the right of the =

<font color= "orange"> (Take away the space in the middle.)</font>

3.) Press space after the > and say whatever it is you want to say.

Orange text! ^_^

Several tips:

1.) This only works in the text, not the title.

2.) I'm not sure what colors won't, but here is a list of colors I know will work:

<br /><br /> <font color="red"> Red</font> (</font> - use close tags necessarily!)<br /><br /> <font color="orange"> Orange</font><br /><br /> <font color="yellow"> Yellow</font><br /><br /> <font color="green"> Green</font><br /><br /> <font color="blue"> Blue</font><br /><br /> <font color="teal"> Teal</font><br /><br /> <font color="purple"> Purple</font><br /><br /> <font color="black"> Black</font><br /><br /> <br /><br /> <font color="white"> Experiment, who knows? You might discover a new color you can use!</font><br /><br />

If anything turns oout weird with this cheat, like misssing text, odd colored text, or added codes, it's because this can be really tricky to do when trying to post this as a cheat. Please rate, but all the credit does not go to me.

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Secret - How to shrink non-moving Avatars.

Ok, so when you want to get an avatar, it cant be any bigger than 80x80px or you cant use it, here is a simple way to shrink your avatar ;)

. Go to where the picture is that you want as your avatar, right click it, and save it to your computer.

. Go to:

. Click "browse"

. Select the picture you want as your avatar

. click "more options"

. Click "specify your own height and width"

. Type in "80" in the width and the height box.

. Resize it.

. Right click on your new picture and save it to your computer, you can now add the image as your new avatar!

have fun =P

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