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Cheats - Make A Regular Poke Ball Act Like A Master Ball

make a regular poke ball act like a master ball:

okay, this is quite simple.if you dont want to use your master ball yet, just buy some poke balls. go to whatever pokemon you want to catch, for example i used this for catching arcticuno. Just click on your pokeball and hold down the a button and up at the same time.once the pokeball has landed, let the buttons go. if this doesnt work the first time, try it again. it should work in a couple tries.

My team when i won the elite four:

charizard;level 65;blast burn, flamethrower, slash, cut

raichu;level 59;shock wave,thunderbolt,quick attack, flash

pidgeot;level 59; tackle,wing attack,quick attack,fly

hypno;level 60;headbutt,hypnosis, psychic, dream eater

nidoking;level 59;horn attack, double kick, strength, fury attack

vaporeon;level 62;bite[good for your rivals alakazam],hydro pump,surf,aurora beam

this is a very good team, i just brought along two or three full restores and revives and i beat them pretty nicely and easily.

and if anybody knows how i can get rid of the guy in front of the door at the ruin valley place, please tell me. thanks, and i hope these have helped you out!


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Cheats - How to get suicunne, riku or entie


I know this sounds like another cheat but it's not. you must have a pokemon on 100,90,and 80 in your party then go to proffeser birch and have him rate your pokedex then go to brendan/mays mom and she will give you an egg in 1000 steps it will hatch if it's a swampert on level 100 it's gonna be a suicunne if it's a blazekan it will be an entie if it's a skeptile it's gonna be a riku.

* this cheat rockz*

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Cheats - Fast Egg Hatching

Okay. This only works in Emerald Version. In Vendanturf Town, stand at the right side of the sign of the Battle Tent. Get out a Mach Bike and petal to the right until you hit a rock in Route 118. This is the longest path in the game without bumping or having to go around stuff. Have your volume on as loud as it can get and keep on going back and forth. Normaly this would take forever, but all you have to do is watch TV while doing this. The reason your game is supposed to be on max loudness is so you can hear whenever you bump into the sign or rock, just go the opposite derection. By the time your TV show gets to comercial, your egg should say "It moves occaionaly" or "It's making sounds, it's about to hatch!". Keep repeating this until your egg hatches. Thanks to this cheat I have no egg that is unhatched and I have tons of baby pokemon. This cheat is worth it!

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Cheats - Jirachi

Get the guy looking out the window at the Mossdeep Space Center (he looks like hes a nerd) to say 100

Deoxysget an aurora ticket (which you can only get in a nintendo event like pokemonrocks USA 2004) and then do mystery event and one guy on the top floor of the pokemon center will give you the ticket and take the S.S. Anne to Birth island solve a simple puzzle and deoxys will appear
MewGet an old sea chart (which i have no idea how to get) then take the SS anne to far away island and mew will be there
The other latiget an eon ticket and use the SS Anne and theyll take you to the Southern Island and the other lati will be there
Lugia Or Ho-OhGet the mystery ticket and use the SS Anne to go to the Naval Rock and lugia or ho-oh will be there
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Hints - Fast Leveling

Ok this is what you do. You know how there are the sand slide things found around the desert area? Well put two pokemon in the daycare and go to one of these sandslides. Now tape the up button on your gameboy while in line with the sandslide and tada! Your pokemon will grow levels very fast now while you do something else.

Note: It would be a good idea to have a charger on your gameboy because this will suck the battery dry. Also be sure to have lots of money to take them out of the daycare.

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Secret - Your pokemon being shiny!!!

the first step of making your pokemon shiny is this:

first get the pokemon you want to make shiny out of your PC. if its al ruddy in your team ya your fine. now put all the other pokemon in your PC and keep the pokemon withch is going to be shiny in your team. then save your game. turn your game system on and off for about 200-250 times. i know it will hurt your fingers when your finished but you will also be very happy!!! trust me thats how i got my treecko to be shiny then turn into a grovyle. i hope you enjoy your shiny pokemon!!!



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Secret - Hidden Move Tutorers

In the game, there are People that will teach move to one of your Pokemon. They only teach the move ONCE!


I think you might already know where he is. He is one of those fat guys and he is in Maville.

Fury Cutter(Pretty Close To The Rollout Guy):

He is in Verdanturf. Go in the Pokecenter and some one in there will teach a Pokemon Fury Cutter.


You know the Pokemon Fan Club in Slateport? Well, in the fan club there is a boy that is willing to teach Swagger.

Dynamic Punch:

On the Mossdeep beach, there is a karate guy and he will teach the move Dynamic Punch. I taught this move to my Groudon.

Sleep Talk:

In one of the treehouses in Fortree, there is a grandpa that will teach a Pokemon the move(This move SUCKS!).

Double Edge:

In Sootopolis, in the Pokecenter, there will be a girl looking at the book shelf. She will teach the move.


In Pocificlog, there is a boy looking at the table in the Pokecenter that is willing to teach Explosion(!).


In the Verdanturf Pokemart, A girl in there will teach the move.


On the top of the Department Store, in Lilycove, there is a girl that will teach the Move.


In Lavaridge, in a house, there is a ninja kid or some one that will teach it.

P.S. I think this works on Ruby and Sapphire; I have not tried it yet!


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Easter Egg - Raise your Pokemon by 30 Levels (Overnight!!!!!)!!

Its acually simple. Just have a charger plugged into your GBA.

Its acualFirst Put two Pokemon in the daycare centre.

Get an Acro Bike and go to a mud hill.

Notice that when you try to go up it you fall back down.

Put something heavy on the UP BUTTON and leave it overnight.

When you wake up and go to the daycare your pokemon will have gone up by about 30 levels!!! Genius eh ???

PS. It does really work !!!!

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Easter Egg - Eggs Hatch SUPER,SUPER Fast

First, get an egg you want to hatch. Get a Pokemon with Magma Armor OR Flame Body (Just catch a Slugma). In your party, put the Slugma just BEFORE the egg. Then, go to Lavaridge town, I forget. JUST GO TO THE TOWN THAT HAS FLANNERY AS A GYM LEADER. Go in the Pokemon Center and go through the blue door thing. Go in the Spa and start RUNNING around. The Egg should hatch in 2500 steps.

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Secret - Pokemon Catch Rate

Pokeballs and Status Ailments increase the catch rate of capturing a Pokemon.

ie. If you use Sleep Powder on Regirock, the catch rate is 2. With Ultra Ball (with a catch rate of *2) you have a catch rate of *4. Which means you have a higher chance to capture Pokemon. Don't forget to lower HP of wild Pokemon because this can be very effective.

Take note that an asterisk * means to multiply.

Pokeball Catch Rate:

  • Pokeball *1

  • Great Ball *1.5

  • Ultra Ball *2

  • Master Ball (100% Guaranteed Capture)

  • Safari Ball *1.5

  • Net Ball (If Water and/or Bug *3 -- If not Water and/or Bug *1)

  • Dive Ball (If battled in water *3.5 -- If battled outside of water *1)

  • Nest Ball (The higher your level, the more likely you will get a capture *1-3)

  • Repeat Ball (If you captured the previous Pokemon *3 -- If you have not *1)

  • Timer Ball (The catch rate grows better (of not used every turn then it resets to 0 count) as the battle continues *1-4)

  • Luxury Ball (Makes the Pokemon Base Happiness 200 instead of 70) *1

  • Premier Ball *1

Status Ailment Capture Rate:

  • Normal Status - 1 (Low capture rate)

  • Poison - 1.5 (Medium capture rate)

  • Burn - 1.5 (Medium capture rate)

  • Paralysis - 1.5 (Medium capture rate)

  • Frozen - 2 (High capture rate)

  • Sleep - 2 (High capture rate)

Health Capture Rate:

  • Full health - 1

  • Half Health - 1.5

  • Critical Health (Red) - 2

With this, you will take an advantage of capturing a Pokemon within a few turns. I recommend using False Swipe to make HP down to 1 and use Sleep Powder or Hypnosis. This works with all versions (including old and new versions).

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