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hi. i love pokemon and i can beat ANY of your tortaras. they could be lv.100 for ill i care! pm me with ur friend code and lets battle! ummm.... i dont know mine.... lol rqndom fact:my friend had a lv. 102 bidoof!(It was aglich with the stuipd, yes stuipd, action reply THEY ARE EVVVVVIIIIILLLL!!!!!!!!!! ) lol What Pokemon Are You? i like bayleaf! ^-^ heres a funney story somone wrote ..:: Wrath of Queen Amilynda ::.. Once upon a modern time, there was a seven-year-old girl named Ami. She loved to blow things up. So she did. No one knows why, but one day she just went completely insane. It was a Saturday morning, and her parents were still asleep. Ya know...they like to sleep in and all. Well, Ami got up early because she couldn't sleep, and watched TV. Till she went insane. "Bwa ha ha! Bwa ha ha!" she hollered, running around in circles. The guy on the TV screen was saying in a commercial, "Stop! Stop!" Ami ran and ran in her circle, and bumped into the TV. It shut off automatically, and she narrowed her eyes. Quite suddenly, the TV blew up. "Oooo..." she whispered, very interested. Maybe she had super powers. Ah! Who cares? She was just insane! Ami sprinted up the stairs to the bedrooms on the second floor. She pointed her finger to the upstairs bathroom, and in an instant, the sink exploded, the toilet did, too, and water spilled everywhere. This caused Mr. and Mrs. Lufyon to wake up. They bolted out of their bedroom, stared at their daughter, awestruck, and Mrs. Lufyon screamed. "AMI LUFYON!! What are you doing?!!" Ami's dad shouted, gripping her shoulders tightly, trying to hold her back, and trying to stop her hollering. "Boombalooga! Boombalooga!" she cried, jumping up and down. She didn't seem to hear, or even feel, her father's hands. "AMI!!" her mother demanded. "Stop it, now! Are you insane, dearest?" "INSANITY! INSANITY!" Ami shouted, and pointed her finger at her mother. Mrs. Lufyon didn't blow up, but was blasted out the window and into the sky. Ami didn't hear her mother blow up in the stratusphere. Mr. Lufyon was angry, surprised, and outraged beyond compare. "MADELINE!" he called, running to the window. Before he knew it, he joined his wife. Ami stopped hollering and smiled a crazy grin. She didn't know she'd just sent her own parents to their demise. She laughed outrageously, and jumped out the broken window of shattered glass. And landed smoothly on the green lawn. The Lufyons lived in a peaceful neighborhood, and since it was only 6 o' clock in the morning, no one was awake yet. That made Ami very happy, and she pointed her finger at several houses across the street. They blew up in a domino effect, which in turn caused about every other house several blocks around to blow up. No screams came, for people were probably still asleep when they were flung out of their beds and into the air. "ME RULE! ME RULE! BOW DOWN BEFORE QUEEN AMILYNDA!" Ami bellowed into the dawn. "QUEENIE! FOREVA! FOREEEVVEERR!!" A dog barked. A bird overhead screeched. Both were blown up by Ami. She howled, and ran off down the road, and all over the town. She blew up everything she saw simply by pointing her finger at them. "BOOMBALOOGA! BOOMBALOOGA!" she kept on shouting and shouting. The police was alerted, but none of them lasted a second in Ami's vision. Police cars and just about everything else were sent flying and blowing up. Soon, half of the town was on fire or completely destroyed. And Ami was still wrecking havoc by the time of noon. "HIIIIYYAAA!!!" was one of her favorite phrases, besides "boombalooga". Before one o' clock, the whole town was barren and gone. Ami wasn't bored. She simply moved on to the next, upsetting all the highways on her way. Someday, she'll be in YOUR neighborhood... >:) lolz ok heres this A Pokemon fan would feel ashamed when... You think your pokemon needs a driver's license to use U-Turn. --Psy-y-y-duck When you go to sleep you say "saving, don't turn off the power". --aipomguy You pull out an empty Pokeball, drop it and get sucked in yourself. --Golde You forget how to throw a pok?all in a battle. --Pichu When you think Pikachu is a character in a Star Wars movie. --Sako-Raine Even if your Pokemon is very strong, knows tons of attacks, and is powerful; you don't wanna evolve it because it looks cute. --Sceptilerules You haven't fried a level 3 Magikarp with your level 100 Charizard's Flamethrower just to watch the little fish sizzle. --JakeBrooks2008 You try to catch some Digimon. --Skittymitty You waste your time baking hundreds of Pokeblocks or Poffins because you think your Pokemon will starve. --Cougarkid You come across a Feebas, but refuse to catch it because it's "too ugly". --KaruKaru You r

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