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Animal Crossing: City Folk Cheats :

This page contains Animal Crossing: City Folk cheats list for WII version. Now we have 89 cheats in our list, which includes 11 cheats codes, 1 password, 12 unlockables, 4 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 54 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Crossing: City Folk on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Shopping Card

by PikaHero2 Jan 07, 2009

The shopping card can only be used at Gracie Grace. To get it, save 10000 Bells or more in your bank account. At Gracie Grace, you could use it to get two items a day for "free". The money will come out of your bank account. If you try to use the shopping card again to buy a third item (with Bells in your pocket), they will take your Bells.

You can get the Gold Card by saving a million bells or more in your bank account. It does the same the Shopping Card does, except you get a discount at Gracie's Grace.

If you never use your bank account (after getting the shopping cart), you can basically keep using the card to your heart's content and never pay it off.

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Code - Able Sisters cheats

by OrangeYoda Jan 29, 2009

OK.First my source told me these and I didn't try them out.So here it is...

Buy all the things in Able Sisters for 1 weekMable and Sable will give you half price off everything
Talk to Sable everytime you go into Able SistersShe will start telling you what shirts and clothes they're going to sell tommorrow.
Never go into Able SistersMable and Sable will start to go outside and walk around
Tom Nook at Able SistersThe day Tom Nook is renovating, go to Able Sisters and Tom Nook might be there.
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Secret - Ways To Get Easy Bells

by PikaHero2 Jan 07, 2009

* Sell fruits
* Sell furniture on Flea Market Day
* Sell mushrooms (Only Applicable During November)
* Sell fossils (You don't need to give them to the museum.)
* Collect and sell sea shells (Keep the scallops for Pascal: he gives you a rare item for them)
* Let the townsfolk turn your Garbage (Pitfalls, cans, tires, boots, etc.) into Jack-in-the-Boxes on Halloween and sell them
* Deposit money in the bank and wait a couple days, you get interest on your bells
* Shake trees for 100 bells and an item each day (Watch out for bees!)
* Cross-breed flowers and sell them
* Collect special event furniture and sell it to Nook (Harvest, Mush, Snowman etc.)
* Take the items from the Dumpster and the Lost and Found and sell them
* Mail letters to townsfolk, they might send presents back

If I decided to add anything else, I'll add it in the comments. Others can add too in the comments.

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Unlockable - Golden Equipment

by Snowbells Jan 19, 2009

*For the golden slingshot, u need 2 shoot down 8 balloons for a chance 2 get the golden slingshot from the presents u shoot down afterwords.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Golden ShovelBury a shovel and leave it for 4 days and then take it out
Golden AxeChuck a regular axe into the fountain (rare, but sometimes turns gold, not silver)
Golden Fishing RodCatch all the species of fish
Golden NetCatch all the species of bugs
Golden Watering CanHave a
Golden SlingshotShoot down 8 balloons*
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Secret - Pros and Cons of Time Traveling Backwards and Forward

by PokeGal Jan 06, 2009

Backwards Pros:
Can go to events and Holidays, catch a vistor or item you missed earlier.
Neighbors don't go away.
Weeds don't appear.
Backward Cons:
Can't use money cheats (Aka Skipping to 2099 with 50,00 Bells in the Machine)
Has to face weeds if coming forward (Unless you tile the whole town )
Forward Pros:
Can use money cheats from Wild World
Can skip to Holidays and visitors
If you want to catch rare bugs/fish.
Forward Cons:
May lose neighbors
Weed invaded town(Unless using the Tiles)
Lost cat and Blanca doesn't happen
The Raffrisa with Flies appear until you remove every last weed.

This also works for Wild World!

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Unlockable - Silver Equipment

by Snowbells Jan 19, 2009

3 of these can be bought at Nook's. It just happens rarely, so keep checking the stores!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Silver Watering CanBuy 50 bags of seeds from Nook
Silver SlingshotSold at Nook's
Silver NetSold at Nook's
Silver Fishing RodSold at Nook's
Silver ShovelGet it from Resetti's Surveillance Center in the city
Silver AxeThrow a normal axe into the town fountain (When u get the fountain)
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Secret - The Bell Rock

by Snowbells Dec 15, 2008

Once a day, go around hitting every rock in town w/ a shovel. Bells will come out of one rock, it will only do this once a day. Hit the rock as many times as u can until bells stop popping out of it. U may find that when u hit a rock w/ a shovel, youll b thrown back a bit and itll slow u down so u might not get as many bells. If u want 2, dig holes around yourself 1st, trapping yourself so that when u hit the rock, u cant move. The rock will only pop out bells once a day, if u hit it again later, nothing will come out. Everyday, the rock changes also, it wont b the same rock, so u have 2 go around everyday trying 2 find it. If u dont understand, post a comment and I'll explain it better.

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Secret - How to tell fake Paintings from real ones

by NinjaUmbreon Aug 21, 2009

Sometimes when you buy Paintings from Redd's shop it can be fake. There's another way instead of talking to Blathers to tell if it's real or not.

If you want to buy the Painting from Redd he'll sometimes something about "paws and knees". If he does that mean it's real, so buy it. A way to tell if it's fake is if he does the "mischeif" emoticon or says nothing about "paws on my knees".
I can tell because he said that weird quote and I bought it, I donated it to the Museum and Blathers said it was real.

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Secret - Visiting Resseti

by candyninja12 Jan 06, 2009

go to the city at any time after 8pm. take a right before going up the stairs. there should be 2 cones. if your lucky and its after 8, one of the cones should be gone. if not, keep checking after. when one is gone, go past it and you should end up in Resseti's lair. he's freaked out so he'll give you a silver axe. or shovel. i dont remember.

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Unlockable - Bell donation unlockable items

by cGub Nov 18, 2008

Donate bells to the town fund in the town hall. These items have no effect other than to show off what you donated.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Blue featherDonate 200,000,000 Bells
Green featherDonate 100,000,000 Bells
Purple featherDonate 500,000,000 Bells
Rainbow featherDonate 700,000,000 Bells
Red featherDonate 400,000,000 Bells
White featherDonate 600,000,000 Bells
Yellow featherDonate 300,000,000 Bells
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Secret - Deposting money into your town's fund

by maddiegirl15 Feb 09, 2009

Go to your Town Hall and go over to Pelly. Be sure to check that you're on the mat with a little picture of a house on it. Tell her you want to help out your town by depositing money in the town's fund. To get an exclusive Shopping Card to use for shopping sprees at the city, just deposit 10,000 bells into your town's fund. For other exclusive funds, deposit as much money as possible into your town's fund. The next day, you might just find a little surprise in your mail box from your Town Hall buddies!

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Unlockable - Things You Get When Donating Bells to Pelly/Phyllis

by NinjaUmbreon Aug 24, 2009

There are only 4.

Bridges just... well, make you go through water. :P
The fountain can get you a silver or golden axe in an event.
Lighthouse attract more fish.
Windmill increases the town's envirement rating

BridgeDonate 200,000 Bells to Town Fund
FountainDonate 400,000 Bells to Town Fund
Lighthouse or WindmillDonate 1,000,000 Bells to Town Fund, you have to choose if you either want the Windmill or Lighthouse
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Glitch - Glitch- Dissapearing Pete?!

by PokeGal Jan 16, 2009

When you see Pete making his delieveries, trap him by digging holes around him. Then, go inside any building, come out, and you will notice that the holes are still there, but Pete's gone!
Any confusion/ questions, ask me.

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Secret - Secret-Somewhat useless information (2)

by PokeGal Jan 12, 2009

-You can take one picture at a time, in order to do more, you have to save is on a SD card or mail it to the Wii mess.age Board.
-The town's lucky charm always have two invovle a visitor performing it.
- Once a week the following will appear at your town/ the city:
K.K Slider
-Scopions and taratulas go crazy if you bring out your net.
-Getting a Mii look is the only way of getting black hair
- Having a haircut won't do anything to bee stings.
-Only ways of getting rid of bee stings:
- Visiting a town on Wi-fi/ DS Suitcase
-Buying medince for 400 Bells
-If someone gets locked out of their house in the town, you have to go fishing for it in the water, give it to them, and receive a puny amount of 600 Bells
-The animals will run up to u and say their moving before they decide to hit the road.

Enjoy, and they may be a 3rd...

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Unlockable - A way for Brewster, from the Roost in the Museum, to let you store gyroids there.

by cab1214 Jan 07, 2009

Here's the story:
After drinking a minimum of seven cups of coffee while it's still hot, bring at least one gyroid. Brewster will see it after talking to him while not sitting in a stool, and say that he has a rental space in the museum. He also happens to collect gyroids, and offers to let you store your gyroids there. He will not keep them, and you can take them out whenever you want.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Storage for gyroidsDrink seven cups of Brewster's coffee while it is still hot.
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Unlockable - Spooky Series

by cGub Dec 11, 2008

Every Halloween starting at 6:00 p.m., Jack will be at a random in your town. The only problem is that everyone dresses up like him! However, you'll notice which one is the real Jack simply by the fact that he won't follow you around, unlike the villagers. Make sure that you have candy before you talk to him, or else he will play a trick on you. If you give him candy, he'll give you an item from the "Spooky Series". There are 12 in total.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Spooky BedGive Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky BookcaseGive Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky CarpetGive Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky ChairGive Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky ClockGive Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky DresserGive Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky LampGive Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky SofaGive Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky TableGive Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky VanityGive Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky WallGive Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky WardrobeGive Jack a piece of candy.
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Unlockable - Town Donation Unlockables

by cGub Nov 21, 2008

Donate bells to the town fund in the town hall to unlock the following items.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
A new bridge built in townDonate 200,000 Bells
A fountain built in townDonate 500,000 Bells
A windmill or a lighthouse built in townDonate 1,000,000 Bells
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Secret - Coconuts

by beck1029 Feb 09, 2009

If there is a coconut on your beach in your town,
you can either sell it to tom nook for 500 bells,
or plant a coconut tree! You can only plant it by
the beach. but the hole to bury it in cannot touch the sand!
you have to water it every day. it will have 2 coconuts in
the end. you can sell for 1000 bells each time!
or plant more trees... :)

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Secret - Resetti's Surveillance

by Snowbells Jan 19, 2009

It's in the city. Instead of going up the steps like u would normally do, turn 2 the right and keep going. There should normally b orange cones there, but: Resetti's Surveillance is behind the cones. The cones will normally always be there. But, keep checking every night between 8:00PM to 12:00AM and it might just be open. =)

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Secret - Secret-Two ways of editing patterens.

by PokeGal Jan 07, 2009

1. You press mthe pattern, and click Edit patteren. (If it has a PRO label, the status of PRO will be gone) If u do it this way, it's free, but it has the same design at all sides.
2. Go to Able Sister's, and click Make Pro Designs.This is 350 bells, but wroth it. You can make different patterns at all side, like Real Life clothing. Also, it you see a shirt in GracieGrace and you like it and u don't have enhough money, just make the replica in Able's!
This is cr@ppy information, but I hoped I helped.

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Secret - Secret- Somewhat useless information

by PokeGal Jan 07, 2009

-Brewter's, Chief's, and Brooker's voice is way lower than they sounded in Wild World!
-Even if you saves the first tim you played the game, Resetti the pyscho mole will come up and lecture u.
-You don't need a dresser in thios game, there's a storeroom in the Auction House!
- Insneded of having a pa$$word 2 go 2 Redd's, u need 2 get an invitation from a neighbor.
- First time u get a Mii face it's free, second time u have to pay.
- The main lobby of the muesm looks the same, except the bugs section takes the place of art in Wild World.
- Kapp'n is acting more romanitc 2 girls than usuall.
-Resetti's backround music is lower than Wild World.
- On Christmas, all they talk about is presents, presents, persents.
- This game is more romaticly linked than the others. (Crushes and stuff)
- When u donate, it's really going to a good cause, unlike the plasam TV rumor in Wil World.
- It seems like Rover has Alzchemiers.
- U can get locked out of ur house!
- U can report neighbors.
-U have to watch shows 800 bells each and with jokes u can't understand to have emotions.
-Lyle used to work 4 insurance in Wild World, but know he's Chairman of HRA.

Test these facts! It took me 2 day just to find of half are true!
Wnjoy! `_`

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Secret - Secret- The Gold Axe, Sliver Axe, Silver Slingshot and Gold Slighshot

by PokeGal Jan 07, 2009

Get a town fountain by donating 250,00 Bells, and useing a REGULAR axe, press A right in front of it and Serena the goddess mouse will appear. Say that u threw a REGULAR axe, NOT GOLD, SLIVER, OR NOTHING.IF U DO, SHE GETS MAD AND KEEPS THE AXE. She'll give u the Golden,Silver, or regular axe 2 u, ask if she's Godessey, or get mad. Answer anything to the godessey question. There's a chance she'll give u the Golden Axe, The Silver Axe, or ur regular axe t@( HOW CAN SHE RUN OUT OFG AXES?!)

Silver Slighshot:
Nook sells it very rarely.

Golden Slighshot:
Knock out at least 8 items from the sky, and then it will randomly float around.

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Secret - Secret- Just 2 let u know.

by PokeGal Jan 07, 2009

If you see the Bee Hive, Scorpion, or Tarantula, I suggest you don't pull your net and run because they can hurt you, unless you want them badly. If you don't have your net, go into the nearest building.

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Secret - Mushroom Secret

by Sonicfan1 Jun 24, 2010

There is a mushroom that when sold sells for 16,100 bells! It is named a "Rare Mushroom". They only appear in perfect towns, and are dug under the ground next to a tree.

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Secret - Growing Grass Back

by GleshClen Sep 30, 2009

If you time travel too much or you aren't taking care of the environment, your grass will start to wear away. The grass is the green on the ground. Don't get it mixed up with weeds or flowers. Here are a few ways I know that grow grass back.

Minor time traveling
Turn on your game and right when you step outside, save and quit. Then change the date to a day forward, step outside, save and quit again. Repeat and your grass should be growing back.

Planting flowers and trees is very helpful. When you plant a tree, the grass will go around and under it. Then when you cut it down the grass will stay. Same with flowers, except if you use gold roses it'll speed up the process.

Creating trails
Simple. Just make a trail with your patterns on where you walk to the most.

And for the impatient people, you can just get a grass design from Wendell if you give him a Black Bass. He'll appear on random weekdays after 6AM and midnight. Nothing will ever grow there, but it may be worth it to get the town looking good.

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