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Animal Crossing: City Folk Cheats :

This page contains Animal Crossing: City Folk cheats list for WII version. Now we have 65 cheats in our list, which includes 4 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 54 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Crossing: City Folk on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch- Dissapearing Pete?!

by PokeGal Jan 16, 2009

When you see Pete making his delieveries, trap him by digging holes around him. Then, go inside any building, come out, and you will notice that the holes are still there, but Pete's gone!
Any confusion/ questions, ask me.

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ClOning Items

by cab1214 Jun 15, 2009

Okay guys. Here's a great (and only way) to clone items. You must have the following:

-A working Wi-Fi connection.
-Friends (Lol, but just Wi-Fi friends).
-Desireable cloning items.

Okay, now here's what you do:

1. Go to a friends town (Yes, you must go to another town).
2. Remember to bring the item(s) that you want to clone.
3. Once you're there, have your host save their game.
a. To save while hosting, just do the same thing you'd normally do to save and quit, but just click save.
4. Once the game has been saved, drop your items.
5. Go to the gate, leave, and hit the RESTART button on your Wii right after Copper tells you to have a good day, or whatever he normally says.
6. Since you hit restart, the game will automatically reboot. When you start your game, check your pocket, and you should have the same items you dropped before.
7. Go back to your friends town,and the same items should be on the ground.

Tah-Dah! You have just cloned items. You are now a cloning master.

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NoOks secret room

by mkjjj8 Dec 05, 2011

If you and another character go to Nookingtons (first floor) and one of you runs behind the sign up and down and the other person left and right one of you will get sent up to a spot at "birds eye view" hope I helped!

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BeLl Cheat

by Sonicfan1 Apr 23, 2010

This is a very fast way to get money! Of course you know the events that go on like Halloween and Christmas, well during Halloween if you give Jack candy he will give you a spooky item which you can sell and it sells for over 10,000 Bells! And on Christmas with jingle whatever he gives you for 12,000 bells! You could skip every year going to Halloween and Christmas to get loads of money!*This may cause animals to dislike you and move away and also cause you to get bed hair!

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WeLl what about some other glitches huh! sorry ill just tell you them

by sammy2322lovegirl Jan 04, 2010

1.nookingtons glitch
2.copper and Booker glitch
3.lighthouse and windmill glitch
4.finally the chair glitch
ill tell you how do do them under this
1.first get a friend to come over then when you see the sign in the corner of nookingtons get one friend behind the sign and tell them to run up and down between the line on the wall but still touching the wall and you have to try and squeeze in the bottom corner on nooks sign once you do that your friend is stuck in nooks secret room til you end the party
2.ok all these glitches i mention need at least 2 plays so get a friend and go in the gate get you friend not too far away from booker but facing diagonal to booker then you go about the same space but up against the wallwhen someone says go run next to booker (both of you have to go to his left side)
3.get one of your friend and get a shovel btw you have to have the right lighthouse/windmill there can only be one short space next to the lighthouse/windmill on the right once you do that get you or your friend behind the lighthouse but still able to dig a hole that leads into a small space once you or your friend are behind the circle spin around till your on top
4.ok put 4 chairs that you can get on the side put them somewhere were theres room all in the opposite direction ill tell you how they look by code kinda up=down=up left=right=left make more sense when someone says 1 2 3 get off the chair all at the same time and your stuck together lol hope this helps

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FuNny Motion

by younghippy Jun 13, 2012

OK, so I was digging hole for whatever reason and I found out this weird motion. First stand near a hole WITHOUT holding a shovel (Its Ok to be holding another tool). Then hit the B button. Your person will cover up the hole by pushing dirt with their feet. It's sort of useless, but it's a bit quicker than using a shovel. Sorry if I wasted your time!!!!!!

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Wi-Fi Tricks and Glitches

by pyro777 Jun 12, 2009

Protection Against Theft and Vandalism - When meeting new people and exchanging friend codes, you can never be too sure about who will be nice. Not only will some people run around destroying flowers and such, but some may go around stealing things laying around or in your house*. The only way to prevent this is to hide everything. But that's no fun, now is it If you catch someone in the act of stealing or ruining somehting in your town and see them heading for the gate in an escape attempt, either turn off your Wii, reset it, or unplug it. Not only will this prevent the person from getting away with their act, but you also don't have to deal with Resetti.

* Yes, there are some people that can steal from your house. Using a WiiChannel downloaded froim the Internet, it is possible to mess with the game's codings, allowing various things, such as stealing from houses or placing things in someone's house.

Stuck Behind Sable - In order to get stuck behind Sable, a certain situation must be created. Directly to the right of Sable, two paths separate at a 90 angle. Put one person on the far right, and one on the path going down. Have the person on the right start running towards Sable, and the person that went down go directly upward, and have the people meet up at the end of the angle (but have them continue to run) with the down person arriving at the corner just before the right person. The right person should push the down person through Sable. Sometimes the right person is also pushed through, getting him/her stuck behind Sable. The only way to get out is if two people are stuck behind Sable. It might push them both out with just that, but if it doesn't, have one person talk to Sable, and either both or one person is released. Don't do this glitch with only two people in your town because the person that is stuck will be stuck until you turn the game off.

Stuck Beneath the Museum - In order to get stuck beneath the museum, have two people meet up as close to the top of the Roost's sign as possible, then have them plit up at a 90 angle with one person going up, the other to the right. Have them both run towards the sign, the person on the right going above the sign as close to it as possible. Have the person on the right reach the sign just before the the person on the top. If done correctly, one or both of the people will get stuck beneath the museum. Once there, you're stuck and can't escape. The only way to get out is by resetting.

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