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Animal Crossing: City Folk Cheats :

This page contains Animal Crossing: City Folk cheats list for WII version. Now we have 89 cheats in our list, which includes 11 cheats codes, 1 password, 12 unlockables, 4 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 54 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Crossing: City Folk on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - Cloning Items

by cab1214 Jun 15, 2009

Okay guys. Here's a great (and only way) to clone items. You must have the following:

-A working Wi-Fi connection.
-Friends (Lol, but just Wi-Fi friends).
-Desireable cloning items.

Okay, now here's what you do:

1. Go to a friends town (Yes, you must go to another town).
2. Remember to bring the item(s) that you want to clone.
3. Once you're there, have your host save their game.
a. To save while hosting, just do the same thing you'd normally do to save and quit, but just click save.
4. Once the game has been saved, drop your items.
5. Go to the gate, leave, and hit the RESTART button on your Wii right after Copper tells you to have a good day, or whatever he normally says.
6. Since you hit restart, the game will automatically reboot. When you start your game, check your pocket, and you should have the same items you dropped before.
7. Go back to your friends town,and the same items should be on the ground.

Tah-Dah! You have just cloned items. You are now a cloning master.

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Secret - Halloween

by Animalcrossinglvr Aug 14, 2009

The best way to get candy for Halloween is on Easter dig up eggs open them if its candy keep it (if its foil give to the bunny in front of town hall) take the candy give it to Jack on Halloween and he'll give you furniture. To know if its Jack go near people with jack o lanterns as heads but dont go too close if they walk toward you its not jack. (I would advise you to wear a design not a shirt and too empty your pockets of things that are not candy before going to find Jack)

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Glitch - Nooks secret room

by mkjjj8 Dec 05, 2011

If you and another character go to Nookingtons (first floor) and one of you runs behind the sign up and down and the other person left and right one of you will get sent up to a spot at "birds eye view" hope I helped!

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Glitch - Bell Cheat

by Sonicfan1 Apr 23, 2010

This is a very fast way to get money! Of course you know the events that go on like Halloween and Christmas, well during Halloween if you give Jack candy he will give you a spooky item which you can sell and it sells for over 10,000 Bells! And on Christmas with jingle whatever he gives you for 12,000 bells! You could skip every year going to Halloween and Christmas to get loads of money!*This may cause animals to dislike you and move away and also cause you to get bed hair!

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Secret - Fish-finding tip

by Sonicfan1 Mar 30, 2010

So what are the most valuable fish (at my cheat you can find it). Your best chances of finding a Stringfish are in the river during twilight and evening hours throughout December, January, and February. The Coelacanth can be found in the sea all year in the twilight and evening hours-but you can only catch the fish when it iseither raining or snowing. You can catch a Dorado in June-Sept. between the hours of 4am-9pm at the river. You can catch a shark between the months of June-Sept. between the hours of 4pm-9am.

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Secret - Free work uniform

by KrazyKalab Apr 02, 2012

When you first begin and you are given your work uniform drop it outside and go talk to nook again. Repeat this until you have the desired amount of Work uniforms. Please give me a thumbs up.

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Secret - Get as many Items as u want!!!

by pokegirl225 Feb 13, 2012

First, go to nook's (or the able sisters or redd's) then you get the item you want, and save, go to the next day, (or previous, but i recommend the next) but DON'T DO ANYTHING! save again and go back to the day you were on, then buy that same item, and repeat as necessary,

Note: Graciegrace does not count, because they have the items all season, and repeat each year.

Note: You can do the same thing at the hair salon, if you got a style you didn't want, and want to time travel as much as you can

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Secret - Advice When Shaking Trees

by lovinlife101 Jul 12, 2010

When you shake trees, what I do is I get close to a house. Shake the trees nearest to a building (with a door), and if you find bees in a tree, just run into the room! And when you go back outside, they will be gone. If you get stung by bees, though, you need to buy medicine at your local Nook's store (Nook's Cranny, Nookway, Nook N' Go, or Nookingtons) for 400 Bells.

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Glitch - Well what about some other glitches huh! sorry ill just tell you them

by sammy2322lovegirl Jan 04, 2010

1.nookingtons glitch
2.copper and Booker glitch
3.lighthouse and windmill glitch
4.finally the chair glitch
ill tell you how do do them under this
1.first get a friend to come over then when you see the sign in the corner of nookingtons get one friend behind the sign and tell them to run up and down between the line on the wall but still touching the wall and you have to try and squeeze in the bottom corner on nooks sign once you do that your friend is stuck in nooks secret room til you end the party
2.ok all these glitches i mention need at least 2 plays so get a friend and go in the gate get you friend not too far away from booker but facing diagonal to booker then you go about the same space but up against the wallwhen someone says go run next to booker (both of you have to go to his left side)
3.get one of your friend and get a shovel btw you have to have the right lighthouse/windmill there can only be one short space next to the lighthouse/windmill on the right once you do that get you or your friend behind the lighthouse but still able to dig a hole that leads into a small space once you or your friend are behind the circle spin around till your on top
4.ok put 4 chairs that you can get on the side put them somewhere were theres room all in the opposite direction ill tell you how they look by code kinda up=down=up left=right=left make more sense when someone says 1 2 3 get off the chair all at the same time and your stuck together lol hope this helps

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Secret - A way that usually makes real paintings fake

by Unregistered Aug 24, 2009

Someone wrote that if Redd says something about paws and knees its real. It probobly is I don't know. But if you go with a painting to Tom before Blathers it becomes fake one out of the number im not sure about. i know because i did time traveling thing and bought the same painting twice and one i went to tom and one i went to blathers with two paintings. it workedout as i formerly said.

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Unlockable - A better version of Town Donations and Upgrades

by cab1214 Jun 23, 2009

When you donate bells to the town hall, you can earn gifts for your town such as a new bridge, a fountain, and a windmill or light house (one or the other, but you can change them whenever you want). Also, if you donate a lot of bells, you get extremely rare feathers that you can put in your hair.

Note: You have to donate the bells separately for each item, the bells don't accumulate. For example, when you donate 200,000 bells for the bridge, you have to donate another 500,000 bells for the fountain, and so on and so forth.

New BridgeDonate 200,000 Bells
FountainDonate 500,000 Bells
Lighthouse/Windmill (one or the other)Donate 1,000,000 Bells
Green FeatherDonate 100,000,000 Bells
Blue FeatherDonate 200,000,000 Bells
Yellow FeatherDonate 300,000,000 Bells
Red FeatherDonate 400,000,000 Bells
Purple FeatherDonate 500,000,000 Bells
White FeatherDonate 600,000,000 Bells
Rainbow FeatherDonate 700,000,000 Bells
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Secret - Holiday gifts

by jencheats1024 Mar 18, 2009

January 1 - New Year's Day: New Year's Shirt (talk to Tortimer)
January, third Saturday - Fishing Tourney: Fishing Trophy (win the Fishing Tourney)
January, fourth Sunday - Flea Market: Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
February 2 - Groundhog Day Resetti Model (talk to Tortimer)
February 14 - Valentine's Day: Chocolate Heart (arrives in mail). The week before Valentine's Day, send someone of the opposite gender a letter asking "Will you be my Valentine?". Note: They will not respond with the present until Valentine's Day.
February, second Saturday - Fishing Tourney: Fishing Trophy (win the Fishing Tourney)
February, fourth Sunday - Flea Market: Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
February to March (varies) - Festivale: Pave Furniture (give Pave candy)
2008: February 4
2009: February 23
2010: February 15
2011: March 7
2012: February 20
2013: February 11
2014: March 3
2015: February 16
2016: February 8

March, third Saturday - Fishing Tourney: Fishing Trophy (win the Fishing Tourney)
March, fourth Sunday - Flea Market: Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
March to April (varies) - Bunny Day: Egg Furniture and Candy (give Bunny Foil to Zipper T. Bunny, candy and foil found inside eggs hidden around town)
2008: March 23
2009: April 12
2010: April 4
2011: April 24
2012: April 8
2013: March 31
2014: April 20
2015: April 5
2016: March 27
April 1 - April Fool's Day: Leaf (talk to Tortimer)
April, second Saturday - Fishing Tourney: Fishing Trophy (win the Fishing Tourney)
April 22 - Nature Day: Cool Globe (talk to Tortimer)
April, fourth Sunday - Flea Market: Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
May, second Sunday - Mother's Day: No gift
May, third Saturday - Fishing Tourney: Fishing Trophy (win the Fishing Tourney)
May, fourth Sunday - Flea Market: Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
June, third Saturday - Bug-Off: Bug Trophy (win the Bug Tourney)
June, third Sunday - Father's Day: No gift
June, fourth Sunday - Flea Market: Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
July, third Saturday - Bug-Off: Bug Trophy (win the Bug Tourney)
July, fourth Sunday - Flea Market: Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
August, every Sunday - Fireworks Show: Sparkler (talk to Tortimer)
August, third Saturday - Bug-Off: Bug Trophy (win the Bug Tourney)
September, first Monday - Labor Day: Picnic Basket (talk to Tortimer)
September, third Saturday - Bug-Off: Bug Trophy (win the Bug Tourney)
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Secret - Animal crossing cheats

by tazidan Feb 05, 2009

Here it is. I will do the FC later. Rod=Fishing Rod
Silver Rod
Silver Slingshot
Golden Shovel
Watering Can
to get these items, time travel or future travel go to tom nook and find silver things or normal
to get the golden shovel,buy 2 shovels. dig a hole. bury the shovel. wait for 24 hours. if you dont want to, future travel by saving. goto other things in the menu where rover is. then goto set date/change time. change it for the next day. then find the shovel by digging up the x hole on the groung. walla theres your golden shovel

to get lots of bells/ or money, change the date to 4/4/2010
use the shovel and dig up the x holes
open the bunny eggs
get about 14 bunny foils.
when you get candies instead, place them in your room
save the candies for halloween i will talk about it making number 2
when you get 14 bunny foils, goto the town hall
you will see a bunny
talk to it
talk to it again
it will give a furniture and stuff
when your out of bunny foils and they are replace with furnitures
sell all of the egg furnitures
be careful not to sell your shovel
you can repeat this all over again
making money 2
set the date to halloween
make the time 10:00
get the candies from easter
find jack
everybody is dress like him so be careful
give them the candy
if you dont, they will turn the candies and other stuff in your pocket jack in the box
when you have all the furniture sell them

Friend Code:0173-5924-4042

City:Santa An

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Secret - ACCF Scorpion and Tarantula catching strategies

by Unregistered Jul 13, 2012

1. Bus Stop technique

When you see a Tarantula/Scorpion, pull your net. When they chase you, run to Bus Stop. At Bus Stop, the Tarantula/Scorpion will stuck at ground, Swing your net and you will get them. (I prefer this technique)

2. Sneak technique

When you pull your net and the Scorpion/Tarantula not notice you, sneak slowly as you catch other bugs. When they stop walking, catch them! (Note: It rarely happens when they are not noticing you)

3. Cliff technique

Since ACCF own cliffs, you can use them to catch the Tarantula/Scorpion. First, pull your net, if they notice you, run until you run at enough distance. The Scorpion/Tarantula will stuck at the side of the cliff, catch when you in the perfect distance. (This is may be hard technique.)

4. Distance technique

When you see the Tarantula/Scorpion, pull your net. If they notice you, run until you run at enough distance. Open one of your menu below and press B button to back. Since you didn't chased by Scorpion or Tarantulas when you open the menu, you can prepare. If they get near, catch at perfect timing like you catching bees. (Note: You must good at catching Tarantulas or Scorpions when you want to do this.)

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Secret - How to gain all Spooky series instantly

by Unregistered Jul 13, 2012

1. Skip to day where the Bunny Day starts.

2. Dig some X marks at your town

3. When you found candy, save it. But when you find bunny foil, give it to Zipper T. Bunny

4. Save the game and skip to day where Festivale starts

5. Play games with your Neighbors. Win their games several times

6. Save the candy that you get

7. Save the game and skip to Halloween

8. Avoid villagers who disguises as Jack and find the real Jack

9. Talk to him and give him your candy

10. You will get one of his spooky series furniture

11. Repeat the steps above


- Real Jack DOESN'T move

- If you want more candies, you can dress in costume and ask villagers to give you candies.

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Code - Golden shovel

by Unregistered Jul 12, 2012
bury a regular shovelget a golden shovel after one day
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Glitch - Funny Motion

by younghippy Jun 13, 2012

OK, so I was digging hole for whatever reason and I found out this weird motion. First stand near a hole WITHOUT holding a shovel (Its Ok to be holding another tool). Then hit the B button. Your person will cover up the hole by pushing dirt with their feet. It's sort of useless, but it's a bit quicker than using a shovel. Sorry if I wasted your time!!!!!!

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Secret - Perfect Town-Grass-Plants

by KirbyNerd Jun 04, 2012

Too achieve the Perfect Town in animal crossing you have to have your grass grow back,lots of flowers, and a good layout.

DO NOT PUT PATTERNS ON THE GROUND that only gets rid of grass and makes a dirt path way (I learned this the hard way)

A good plan to do is find a room layout you want and pay off ur house first then begin to give to the town fund and plant flowers and trees like crazy!!! I am doing this right now.

You might think cutting down all the trees will help but it won't it well take even longer to achieve (even though you might find money in trees) the Perfect Town only cut down trees if its in the way of things and you want a different town layout.

If you want any updates on this plan tweet me :) @TheDinosaurMZ

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Secret - Whisp the Ghost

by Unregistered Feb 08, 2012

Whisp is a cute little ghost that will appear on some nights between 6:00pm-9:00pm. If you find an "empty lamp" (it looks like a genie lamp) on the ground in your town, Whip will appear that night. You will not be able to see him until after he talks to you. You might just be walking to Nook's or on your way to Able Sisters and then a voice will speak to you. It might whisper something along the lines of "Hello...sorry to bother you but please come this way" you then must find your way towards him, though you cannot see him. When you get there he will say, "yes, right this way...okay." then he will appear. He will ask you to find his lamp that he lost. Well, you already have the lamp, so you can give it to him right away. He will meet you in the 'attic' (bedroom) of your house, and then give you different options as your reward. Such as: No weeds in your town-ever, funiture, etc... you can have 1 WISH ONLY! So choose wisely. Hope this secret was helpful-enjoy!! :)

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Code - Majic trees

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2012

All of us see trees i animal crossing.But what are they for??Well,I am here to tell you!The trees are for decoration mostly,but there is more!A tree can contain bells,furniture,and fruit if you shake it.BUT WATCH OUT FOR BEES!!!!If you see a hive drop down RUN to the nearest house!!But you can quickly grab your net and catch them because Tom Nook will buy them!Good luck!

shake treebells,furniture,or fruit
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Secret - DLC

by Z-Rex Nov 16, 2011

Pete usually comes after a DLC (DownLoad Content) is in your town like when Nintendo sends you a letter, or there is a special item in the Able Sisters.

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Code - How to get 99,999 bells in like 3 minutes

by priscilla567 Oct 17, 2011

Ok so first in your bank account you must have over 50,000 bells or it won't work. I have currently have like 20,000 bells in my account and haven't tried out the trick yet... I will soon and if it works I'll add a comment.

So you need 50,000 bells in your account. Go to the wii menu. Go to settings, calendar and go to date. Change the date to 06/02/2000. Log back in to animal crossing. Walk around a little then go back to the wii menu. Change the date to 06/02/2035. Log back in to animal crossing. You should have a letter titled ABD Notice. Click it. It says you have earned 99,999 bells in interest. The money goes automatically to your bank account. I swear to god it works. I've tried it many times and it totally helps you pay your mortgage.

Be sure to comment and stuff.

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Code - Golden shovel no software involved

by kinomdog Sep 01, 2011

first bury a shovel with a shovel then wait at least 3-4 days animal crossing time dig it back up and then instant golden shovel (only sometimes u will get more than 4,100 bells plz feel free to complain if it doesn't work

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Code - Halloween Candy

by younghippy Jul 19, 2011

I know 3 ways on how to get candy.

1. Time travel to Easter and in most of the eggs will have a piece of candy in them

2. From October 1-31 there will be one piece of candy at Nook's (if u time travel, you get more)

3. On Halloween, if you are wearing a costume (pirate hat and shirt etc.) and go to a neighbor's house, they'll give you a piece of candy

I hope this helps!

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Easter Egg - All of the buildings and landmark in ACCF

by Unregistered Jul 07, 2011

1. House

Here is your main building for a storage, saving and let guests over, paid off all your loan makes your home hold more items! If you paid your last mortage, you can change your flag by talking to Rover, and you can have a basement. This is the home loan chart

Initial house: 19,800 bells to paid off (first floor is by 4 by 4 spaces)

First expansion: 120,000 bells to paid off (first floor is expanded to 6 by 6 spaces)

Second expansion: 248,000 bells to paid off (first floor is expanded to 8 by 8 spaces)

Third expansion: 268,000 bells to paid off (second floor [6 by 6 spaces] is added)

Fourth and final expansion: 589,000 bells to paid off (ouch) (basement [8 by 8 spaces] is added) in this final expansion, you have a flag as the free gift from Tom Nook, flag pattern can be changed by calling Rover in attic, and select "Flag Design"

The total cost is: 1,353,800 bells (ouch)

2. Auction House

The auction house is the shop that run by Lloid the auctioneer, there are 9 tables, 3 are larger and 6 are smaller, you can access your closet in Checkroom, the items used to sell at auction house, if you make a purchase of an item, the item are available in your mailbox as you order items in Tom Nook's

3. Fountain

It build if you donate 600,000 bells to town fund, you can upgrade axes in here by toss to it, you will meet a dog called Serena that mistaken as angel, she will upgrade your axe to gold or silver

4. Bridge

This landmark will build after you donate 200,000 bells to town fund, it used to cross trough rivers

5. Windmill

You need donate 100,000 bells to town fund, selecting windmill will make your town environment status boost

6. Lighthouse

You need donate 100,000 bells to town fund, selecting lighthouse will attract more rare fishes to your town

7. Tom Nook store

The main store of all shops, it can be upgraded as like your home, from this stage:

- Nook's Cranny

- Nook 'n' Go

- Nookway

- Nookingtons

Nook's Cranny: Available when your starts, it know as Tortimer's old shed become be a mayor

Nook 'n' Go: second expansion, spend 25,000 bells at Nook's Cranny will upgrade to this

Nookway: Third expansion, spend 65,000 bells at Nook 'n' Go will upgrade to this

Nookingtons: Last and biggest expansion, unlike in DS version, you need 150,000 bells to expand, you don't need a friend visit

To change the store:

- Good Hours: Nook 'n' Go

- Balance: Nookway

- Variety: Nookingtons

- Sorry No/Nothing much: Nook's Cranny

8. Able... 

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