Animal Crossing: City Folk Requests

 [ WII ]

nov 28, 2008Animal Crossing: City Folk [ WII ]   Submitted

how do you go to the city? i've waited at the bus stop and the bus never comes! is there something you have to do to get the bus to come? PLEASE HELP!


Password - Nooks, bus, and eggs:

Well, I went to request and found someone who didn't know how to get to the city (wow they missed out on alot!) So for that person, and others with the same problem, you go tto the bus stop, turn your player to face it, and click A.

Ok heres all the egg items and how much they sell for, also nooks stuff

Nooks CrannyHours
Nook n' gobalance
Nook waynot really anyting
egg bed12,000 bells
egg dresser12,000 bells
egg chest12,000 bells
egg toy10,000 bells
egg wall5,000 bells or more
egg floor5,000 bells or more
egg bench/couch12,0000 bells
egg lamp6,000 bells



Secret - How to get to the City:

If you just started the game, then you will not be able to go to the city. First you will need to pick which house you want, then Tom Nook will suggest you come work with him as a part-time job to get you settled and used to your town's people. Once you finished the part-time job you will then be able to go to the city and save.



Secret - City:

You have to go up on the stand. There is a sign you hit A when standing by and then the bus will come and you can go to the city. Same to come home.