Animal Crossing: City Folk Review

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Animal Crossing: City Folk Review :

Animal Crossing: City Folk Review

by JuSTAnotheRGamR Mar 14, 2011

For a price of 30 dollars (I think) Animal Crossing: City Folk wasn't a waste of money , that is if you never played one of it's previous games.


  • multiplayer
  • fewer house upgrades
  • town upgrades
  • the city
  • new roles for some characters (such as Lyle)
  • New characters (like that chameleon guy that comes out for fishing tourneys and Labelle)


  • same concept
  • same objective
  • if you can't obtain connectivity its awful
  • fewer house upgrades
  • No new mini-games (mini-games are as follows: fishing, bug catching, stargazing, fossil-hunting, etc.)

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
8Story line
Story line is the same as previous games, but with a few twists that make it a tad bit more refreshing, the city feature makes it a lot more appealing.
Nice graphics, animal crossing-wise at least. Bright and colorful during spring and summer months. Winter months are also ok, there's just sooo much snow.
Calm sounds that adds to the game atmosphere and enhances the nature aspects of the town. K.K. Slider helps fill in spaces too.
Gameplay differs primarily because it depends on how much and how often you play. If you play often it might be more capturing than if you play once in a blue moon.
10Lasting Appeal
Not too addictive, and not to boring. I recommend this for gamers that will not change the time on A.C.C.F. its way more fun like rewarding like that.
(Out of 10)


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