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Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City Cheats :

This page contains Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City cheats list for WII version. Now we have 24 cheats in our list, which includes 20 cheats codes, 4 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

HoW to get non-native fruit!!!!

by Unregistered Dec 08, 2010

what u do is buy some paper, write a letter to anyone in your town, and before you post it put a piece of your town's native fruit in it. Send it, and the next day you will have a letter back from them.......and it will have a non-native fruit with it !!!!!

Send the same thing to as many people as you like, and soon you will have loads of non-native fruits to sell to nook, which will make you a small fortune in no time (if you keep doing it)

non-native fruits=500 bells native fruits=100 bells

WARNING: 20% of the time they send you back the same fruit but i've done it about 20 times and it's only happened once!! Good Luck!!!

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HoW to visit The creepy MOLE!

by AnimalCrossingLIVE Feb 15, 2011

Hiya Guys! Most of you don't know how to visit the mole the pops up every time to don't save, Well heres how!

1. Set your time to 8 pm

2. Go to the city.

3. Go left towards where the cones are

4. If they are not moved, go to a different day and repeat steps 1,2,3.

5. If they are moved, go in :D

6. The mole should be there. Talk to him.

7. he should tell you "you arent meant to be here" but he will give you a.... SILVER SHOVEL..

8. Annoy him if you want but he would give you anything else ;]

(BTW) I think this works for Animal crossing lets go to the city/city folk ;]

(BTW) I know it isnt gold but its cool to see where he is :D

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ThIs is for...cheatdude12

by ali0 Apr 16, 2012

at the bottom of the screen there are a load of button type things and if you go frew all of them you will soon find it or go to the dude gardining the gate but the dude who you go to if you want to open your gate

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hoW to get a silver shovel

by PEPSICOLA Oct 17, 2011

what to do....

first on your menu change the date to the 7th of June 2011 and the time 8:13!!! got to the city and ( DON'T GO UP THE STEPS!!) Walk along the pavement to the right and you'll see a light. Walk through that, and you'll see Resetti's secret layout!!!! talk to Resetti and he'll give you a silver shovel. WARNING: YOU CANT GO BACK IN ONCE YOU HAVE LEFT!!!! PLZ comment and if it hasn't worked tell me!!

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UnLock The Pirate Ship Theme

by DonnaClaire Apr 18, 2011

If you see Pascal(the Otter) in your town,give him a non white scallop and he will give you a random Pirate Ship Theme Item. Do not talk to him until you have the non white scallop or he swims away

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HoW to get easy money and FAST!

by anniekrj Nov 03, 2011

Usually, people tell you about stuff that may take hours, and already needing money. Well, for unexperienced people that happen to not have a lot of time on their hands, try my guide.
Here's an idea: Pick some fruit. It doesn't matter what kind! Then simply sell it to Tom Nook. He has okay prices. Native fruit=100 bells. Non-native fruit=500 bells. It can make you some quick money!
#2:Lost and found. Or, if you do have time, try this: Go to the gate place, the one with two dogs. Talk to the one on the left, and heres a hint: He stutters. a lot. that's the one you go to. Tell him you want to look in the lost and found. Then simply take all the stuff there, or as much as you can hold in your pockets. then sell it to tom nook! Hint: Nook doesn't buy pitfall seeds. you can put those in the recycling bin, which is located in the town hall.
#3 Please recycle! if you already did step two, stay at the town hall. If there happens to be any unclaimed or unwanted items in the lost and found, then GRAB IT! AND RUN LIKE CRAZY UNTIL YOU GET TO TOM NOOK! He will buy anything... That retarted raccoon. Anyway, you get the point.
well, thanks. please comment. and THUMBS UP!:D

sell fruitget moneygg
thumbs upget money
be realisticNO MONEY!
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WaNt 99,999 Bells?

by Unregistered Jul 25, 2012

Step 1#

Go to the Town Hall and deposit atleast 5,000 bells.

You can earn this by shaking the trees in your town and collecting the fruit, then selling it to Tom Nook. Fruit retails for 100 bells each. You can earn 1,300 bells with full pockets of your native fruit.

You can also earn money by going to the gate (by the bus stop) Click on Booker (the dog to the left) and saying you have lost something. Gather all the items in Lost&Found, besides the pitfall seeds (they will earn you 0 bells). Go to Nook's and sell those.

You could also try popping along the the Town Hall and looking in the recycling bin for some items. Gather them and sell at Nook's Place.

Step 2#

Save your current Animal Crossing Game, after, you have deposited the minimum of 5,000 bells.

Continue to your Wii menu. Click on the little Wii (TM) sign in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

Proceed to settings and then continue to 'Calendar'. Change the date to 1/1/2035. (DD/MM/YYYY).

Go back on to Animal Crossing. Yes, you will have a bed head now, but don't worry. Go to your mailbox and read all your mail. You will most likely have received mail from the following: Mom (with a gift or some money), Happy Room Academy (Just that load of rubbish), some neighbours (sigh) and finally the one you want Bellpoint Notice. Open that mail and read, you will notice you have received an amount of interest from the bank depending on the amount of money you deposited '35 years ago'. Repeat until you are satisfied with the amount of money you have.


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by xxxEcatxxx Dec 13, 2010

OK You dumbass (only joking)

Most people dun no how to get a coconut tree to grow properly. So here U go!

First get about 5 coconuts and 5 four leaf clovers.

Then plant each coconut on the sand by the sea but put each one far apart.


infront of the place where u planted the coconut place the four leaf clover. then water it every day then watch it grow.

P.S Not all 5 coconuts will grow.

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hoW to get a gold shovel that lets you get money trees

by Unregistered Jun 25, 2014

Hey if you want to grow Money tree to get money

Then keep reading this

First get a shovel

Bury it over night

Then dig it up it will

Be golden

With the gold shovel

Plant money

It will grow

Into a money tree

And you can get


Thank you I hope you Iike my cheat

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HeY its Bethy add my friend code! gates are open!!!

by Bethy1997 Jun 06, 2013

Name: Bethy

Town: Oakvale

Friend code: 0691-5489-2341

Fruit: Oranges

Gates: open and inviting guests!!!!!!

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ReVamping Town

by Stephmalone1 Feb 19, 2013

When you revamp your town, it will erase everything. All of your progress and characters will also be deleted. You keep nothing. Hope this helped! Steph

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ThE Shopping Card

by Stephmalone1 Feb 19, 2013

You can only use the shopping card when you go to GracieGrace. Just make sure the is enough money in your bank account before you try to buy the item with the shopping card. Hope this helps.

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chEats for animal crossing lets go to the city

by Unregistered Nov 27, 2012

First u skip the dates to easter sunday and you will c a big person in a big yellow rabbit suit make sure youve got a spade cause he asks u to dig up bunny eggs and if you find gold foil you go take them to the bunny you will probally find about 6 or 7 and then he will give you a prize for each bunny foil take them to nooks and sell them you will get 9000 bells for each i used my money to buy a biiger house but i didnt have enough money at first so i had to skp it 2 next years easter and make more money i hope it helps i ended up with 120,000 bells in the end but you could work hard to get more if you want

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GoLden Shovel Over Night Process

by Myalol11 Sep 27, 2012

If you want to know how to get a golden shovel over night just:

1. Buy two shovels

2. Make a hole with one of the shovels

3. Bury the other shovel and cover it up with soil

4. In the morning dig up the spot where you buried the other shovel. It should be golden.

Thanks a lot guys. Please rate this for me please. There is a link at the bottom for the Youtube clip about it if you get confused. Thanks again

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frUit sending

by Unregistered Jul 11, 2012

send fruit to your neighbors (peaches) and after a while they will send you back rarer fruit (coconuts, pears, cherries, oranges and apples)

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hoW to get foreign fruit

by gloriachips Apr 09, 2012

...34ik76g354vy6nj87ih6c7 frteh,k hu.n5o65liyv5l6,vyi6m5inw 4/lyim5v5nbioniemvy/iom4i 5b568p/y5354m9t5m967n3bp4 59p7836n8ybvmbn8nu8l.mv5p 6yb86y458mvp568bp74k5b...

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HoW to get lots of Bells

by Molstar2011 Sep 06, 2011

Go to your wii menu and change the year twelve years forward and go back on animal crossing and hopefully you will get lots of bells!

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GuLliver help

by Unregistered May 05, 2011

my hint is that go to your map and find the second name. that strip of land is the best place to watch for Gulliver.

use the map to find the best Strip of landfind gulliver more easily
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QuIc money

by kodo690 Feb 18, 2011

Requirements :

  1. Knowledge of how to change your Wii settings (not your game settings)
  2. 160,000 bells
  3. This dose get boring and you shall get weeds.
Part 1Change the w
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MaGic Tunnel!<3

by darwinlover98 Aug 12, 2011

What you do is you go to nook's and you buy any item worth over 3000 bells, Now write the letter to your nearest neighbor put the item in the letter then send it. Now get the bus to the city! Go to Gracie Grace and buy any item worth over 4000 bells. Go home and you will have a basement. Then buy a door from nook or Gracie grace, put it on your wall and you will have a...


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