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Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City Cheats :

This page contains Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City cheats list for WII version. Now we have 57 cheats in our list, which includes 20 cheats codes, 4 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 4 glitches, 28 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Coconuts

by xxxEcatxxx Dec 13, 2010

OK You dumbass (only joking)

Most people dun no how to get a coconut tree to grow properly. So here U go!

First get about 5 coconuts and 5 four leaf clovers.

Then plant each coconut on the sand by the sea but put each one far apart.


infront of the place where u planted the coconut place the four leaf clover. then water it every day then watch it grow.

P.S Not all 5 coconuts will grow.

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by marksmir Mar 26, 2010

By timetravelling you can go on different events- to get more stuff and money.
favourites: easter, halloween,christmas,birthday. And maybe st.patricks or april fools day.
Easter-you search for eggs in the ground. if you find a golden ticket you go to the bunny, in front of your town hall, and he will give you furniture-sells for 9,000. If you get candy- SAVE IT! because you will need it on halloween.
Halloween-you get your candy from easter. then animals will find you and trick or treat you! give them candy and they will give you a jack in the box-sells for 1,000. but its better to find jack. he looks the same as everyone, but he doesn't follow you.
you give him candy and he will give you furniture-sells for 10,000. you keep finding him for more!
Christmas-guess- you get presents!
Birthday-guess-you get presents too!
And you can also get-a new year's shirt- talk to tortimer on january 1, chocollate heart box-send an animal a letter saying-will you be my valentine, the week before valentines day, shamrock hat- have wii conect 24 on st.patricks day, leaf-talk to tortimer on april fools day, nintendo DSI- outside your house on april 3, espresso maker-you will get it on june 21, hot dog hat-turn on wii conect 24 on july 4 and finally- mush furniture-look under mushrooms after 3pm in november!



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Secret - How to avoid being ripped off by Red.

by Evilwonders Feb 08, 2010

When you're buying a painting at Redd's shop, Make sure Red says something about his paws or else you'll be in for a shock because they'll be forged.

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Secret - Tolls of the Trade

by Unregistered Nov 02, 2009

Heres the gold or silver tools and how to get them:

Golden Axe: Throw an axe into the town fountain to randomly turn it golden.
Golden Fishing Rod: Catch every species of fish.
Golden Net: Catch every species of insect.
Golden Shovel: Bury a normal shovel then dig it up four days later.
Golden Slingshot: Knock down eight balloons to have a random chance of obtaining it from a balloon.
Golden Watering Can: Earn a "Perfect" town rating for fifteen days, then talk to Pelly at Town Hall.
Silver Axe: Throw an axe into the town fountain.
Silver Fishing Rod: Purchase from Tom Nook's store.
Silver Net: Purchase from Tom Nook's store.
Silver Shovel: Obtain from Resetti's Surveillance Center in the city.
Silver Slingshot: Purchase from Tom Nook's store.
Silver Watering Can: Purchase fifty bags of seeds from Tom Nook's store.
Hope this helps

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Code - How to get a gold shovel that lets you get money trees

by Unregistered Jun 25, 2014

Hey if you want to grow Money tree to get money

Then keep reading this

First get a shovel

Bury it over night

Then dig it up it will

Be golden

With the gold shovel

Plant money

It will grow

Into a money tree

And you can get


Thank you I hope you Iike my cheat

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Code - Hey its Bethy add my friend code! gates are open!!!

by Bethy1997 Jun 06, 2013

Name: Bethy

Town: Oakvale

Friend code: 0691-5489-2341

Fruit: Oranges

Gates: open and inviting guests!!!!!!

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Code - Revamping Town

by Stephmalone1 Feb 19, 2013

When you revamp your town, it will erase everything. All of your progress and characters will also be deleted. You keep nothing. Hope this helped! Steph

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Code - The Shopping Card

by Stephmalone1 Feb 19, 2013

You can only use the shopping card when you go to GracieGrace. Just make sure the is enough money in your bank account before you try to buy the item with the shopping card. Hope this helps.

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Code - Cheats for animal crossing lets go to the city

by Unregistered Nov 27, 2012

First u skip the dates to easter sunday and you will c a big person in a big yellow rabbit suit make sure youve got a spade cause he asks u to dig up bunny eggs and if you find gold foil you go take them to the bunny you will probally find about 6 or 7 and then he will give you a prize for each bunny foil take them to nooks and sell them you will get 9000 bells for each i used my money to buy a biiger house but i didnt have enough money at first so i had to skp it 2 next years easter and make more money i hope it helps i ended up with 120,000 bells in the end but you could work hard to get more if you want

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Code - Golden Shovel Over Night Process

by Myalol11 Sep 27, 2012

If you want to know how to get a golden shovel over night just:

1. Buy two shovels

2. Make a hole with one of the shovels

3. Bury the other shovel and cover it up with soil

4. In the morning dig up the spot where you buried the other shovel. It should be golden.

Thanks a lot guys. Please rate this for me please. There is a link at the bottom for the Youtube clip about it if you get confused. Thanks again

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Code - Fruit sending

by Unregistered Jul 11, 2012

send fruit to your neighbors (peaches) and after a while they will send you back rarer fruit (coconuts, pears, cherries, oranges and apples)

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by libster11 Jun 08, 2012

Everyone's been asking me how to get gold and silver tools, so here it is:


Shovel: At 8:00 on a random night (can't say exactly when) the cones (in the city) on the bottom right would have moved. Go through. You'll meet Resetti. Talk to him and he'll give you the silver shovel.

Slingshot: If you look out it should float by on a balloon.

Axe: Throw it in the fountain. You first need to donate 500,000 bells to the town fund to et the fountain.

Net: You can buy this from Tom Nook.

Rod: You can buy this from Tom Nook.

Watering can: Buy 50 bags of seeds from Nook and you'll receive the silver watering can in the post.


Shovel: Buy two shovels from Nook and bury one. The next day you'll have a golden shovel!

Slingshot: Shoot down 8 balloons and hope for it to float by.

Axe: Throw silver axe in the fountain.

Net: Catch all bugs.

Rod: Catch all fish.

Watering can: Keep a perfect town for 16 days then talk to the pelican (in the town hall) and she'll give you the golden watering can.

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Code - How to get foreign fruit

by gloriachips Apr 09, 2012

...34ik76g354vy6nj87ih6c7 frteh,k hu.n5o65liyv5l6,vyi6m5inw 4/lyim5v5nbioniemvy/iom4i 5b568p/y5354m9t5m967n3bp4 59p7836n8ybvmbn8nu8l.mv5p 6yb86y458mvp568bp74k5b...

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Secret - Fossil hint

by Talesha Jan 13, 2012

Hey its Talesha here just trying to help you guys out :) okay well this isn't really much of a cheat sorry its more of a tip.Okay here goes :P

well if you dig up a fossil(or find in any other way)then you don't have to donate it strait to the musuem. what i do is get Blathers(musuem guy) to check out the fossil first(under the donate link)then he might say he has it already thus giving it back to you or he will ask "might i carole you into parting with it" and you can choose to do "sure have it" or "give it back" if you click give it back then you can go over to tom nook and see how much he offers.if its low just go back to the musuem and donate it.or thats what i do :)

hope this helps you guys :) although some things sound better in my head hehehe

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Code - How to get lots of Bells

by Molstar2011 Sep 06, 2011

Go to your wii menu and change the year twelve years forward and go back on animal crossing and hopefully you will get lots of bells!

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Code - Gulliver help

by Unregistered May 05, 2011

my hint is that go to your map and find the second name. that strip of land is the best place to watch for Gulliver.

use the map to find the best Strip of landfind gulliver more easily
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Secret - How to Decorate Your House and Save Bells (money) Doing It!!!

by hanibani66 Jun 23, 2010

Here are some of the cheapest ways to decorate your house:
- You can always help out a friend by delivering gifts for them and usually the receiver will give you something in return to use in your home.
- Always check the recycle box in town hall for some stuff your friends don't want anymore. You can even put stuff you don't want anymore there too.
- You should also check the lost and found in the gates. Go to person on the right and ask him if anything has been lost or found. Usually there is some pretty cool stuff to find there.
-Change the date to Flea Market day and go to friends houses. Since they are your friends they will give you 'the buddy discount'. This is a really cool and cheap way to buy great furniture for the home. But sometimes there will be something that your friends may want to keep so just come back a little later and see if they have changed their minds.
-You can also see if Tom Nook is having a sale and even if he isn't his items are pretty cheap.
-Only at last resort, you should see if Graceigrace (in the city) is having a sale. If they aren't, my advice would be to walk away and get somethings cheaper elsewhere.

luv ya xxx Hanibani

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Secret - Gain Friendships With Animals In Town

by luvrokkinlikehell Apr 07, 2010

If you want to get a higher frienship with an animal or to perhaps invite them round or to atain their photo, you can help it go up a bit by standing a little distance away from the animal and then pressing a on the animal to make your player wave/greet them.

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Secret - Fruit for Presants

by Unregistered Oct 19, 2009

If you send one of your animal crossing residents a peiece of fruit they will send you back a piece of furniture. You can also send flowers/unwanted furniture e.c.t.
The furniture can be kept or sold its up to you

I hope this is helpfull

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Secret - Shopping cards

by gr7174 May 06, 2011

put it in your pocket. visit your city and buy goods. if you don't have enough cash they will ask if you want to pay by card.

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Secret - Great Ways to Earn Bells (money)

by hanibani66 Jun 23, 2010

Here are some of the great ways I have found, to earn money:

-Collect as many things from around town as you can (eg. fruit from trees, shells etc.) and sell them to Tom Nook

-Go to a friends town and collect some local fruits then come back to your town and sell them to Tom Nook

-Sell any unwanted items of yours (eg. shirts, furniture, plants etc.)

-There are many other ways as well but these are some of my favourites because they are easy.

- Some of the money you earn could be spent paying off your mortgage (which would be the smarter alternative) or really anything you like!! Enjoy :) !!!

luv ya xxx Hanibani

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Glitch - Find out how to get a freind code.

by rubinmc Mar 31, 2010

Go to the main gate and talk to the dog on the right hand side."he will say how can i help you".click on "freind code" and he will tell you your freind code.

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Secret - Fruit Swap

by Unregistered Nov 02, 2009

Heres a little secret that you may have not known! If you invite your friends round to your town ask them to bring a pocket full of thier town fruit (if it is differant to yours) allow them to fill thier pockets with fruit off your trees before they leave (if you go to thier town just do it in reverse) then plant the fruit that they have given you/youve picked and grow an orchrd of native fruit (you can also use this with coconuts you find on the beach) then when you have grown about 5 treesa just plant 1 each time and sell the others for 500 bells each!!!

this also work s for the other animal crossing games

Hope this is helpful!!!

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Secret - How to catch a scorpion (dosnt work with turantulas)

by Unregistered Aug 17, 2009

Befor doing this DONT HAVE UR NET OUT TRUST ME. if u see 1 the go to a uphill walkpath and get out you net. he/her will chase u if u have ur net out so as he/her runs to the ledge u have to go allmost to the bottom and get ur net and capshure that idiodic beast

go on youtube to find a vidio that he/her has not trees to see the scorpion
thanks and how much u sell it for is 10000/8000 bells
i dunno witch 1 and bye

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Easter Egg - Tarantulas and Scorpions

by mollyyay Oct 19, 2009

Heres a hint:
If you find a Scorpion/Tarantula you will proboably find the other one!
I see a Tarantula and catch it. I walk around my town and see a Scorpion! Its a very high chance you'll see the other one.
Hope I helped =D

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