Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City Requests

 [ WII ]


How do you get a UFO and ant tips to shoot it down?


Secret - Super easy bells:

Are you broke Or are have you fell in love with this classic couch...but you need 1,000 bells Well heres a list of ways to get bells, fast and quick.

#1 Have an axe or shovel in your hands and go around your town pushing A to hit rocks. If a bug comes out, leave it, if nothing comes out, well nothing comes out, eventually you will hit a rock and bells will come out, keep hiting it untill nothing comes out.

#2 Go to your gate and talk to Booker, click LOST AND FOUND. Take all the items out and sell them, exept for pitfall seeds, those come in handy when a friend comes to your town!

#3 Go to the recycling bin and grab all the items out and sell them

#4 Sell any old or unwanted items

#6 Sell coconuts or any other NON-native fruits.

Ok, hope this helps, heres my friend code tell me yours in a comment


My names Samantha

and I live in JENISON

Also request any other cheats or hints you want.