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Boom Blox Review :

Bang goes da rating's

by digimontamer12 Dec 21, 2011

Boom blox a wii game sounds good but it is not that good i have played it a lot and it easily gets boring seriously and the story is total lame with extra levels that are even more boring the multiplayer is bad and the levels are made hard. the way the game is done is so bad.every single part and detail in the game is crummy crummy crummy.boom blox is a very bad game's the second worst wii game i have ever played(the worst wii game i have ever played is a wii ware game called paint splash)i have to say do not buy boom blox i did not buy it my brother did.please coment on my review of what you think of it enjoy reading.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
1Story line
first a castle then a jungle then a village than a forest all the places are realy rubbish and crummy.
the only good part about the game is the graphics there not that bad at all except the fact they are not all the same level of detail.
it is very bad music very bad indeed not sure who did it but it is crummy. whoever got that band or person to do it.
total rubbish rubbish rubbish rubbish rubbish barely any fun at all it is very boring the creaters tryed to make it detailed but it is not.
1Lasting Appeal
you get bored easily and you complete it quickly and there is not uch more to do on the game.the lasting appeal is not very long.
(Out of 10)


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