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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cheats :

This page contains Call Of Duty: Black Ops cheats list for WII version. Now we have 28 cheats in our list, which includes 8 cheats codes, 1 password, 11 unlockables, 3 glitches, 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Password - Terminal Codes (Usernames and Passwords)

by cGub Nov 17, 2010

Access the Central Intelligence Agency Data System and type the case sensitive command 'login' . When you are then prompted to login with an account enter the following usernames and passwords. Access their documents with the 'dir' command or email with the 'mail' command.

Username: asmith Password: roxyAdrienne Smith
Username: bharris Password: goskinsBruce Harris
Username: dking Password: mfkD. King
Username: fwoods Password: phillyFrank Woods
Username: gweaver Password: gedeonGrigori 'Greg' Weaver
Username: Jturner Password: condor75J. Turner
Username: jhudson Password: bryant1950Jason Hudson
Username: jfkennedy Password: lancerJohn F. Kennedy
Username: jmccone Password: berkley22John McCone
Username: vbush Password: manhattanVannevar Bush
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Secret - Terminal Login Names

by eyeman Dec 09, 2010

At the cheat terminal, enter LOGIN and then the following login accounts and passwords to read various people's email. You can also use the DIR and CAT commands to view files after logging in. Note: Enter WHO to see a full list of login accounts.

  • Alex Mason / AMASON - PASSWORD
  • Dr. Adrienne Smith / ASMITH - ROXY
  • Bruce Harris / BHARRIS - GOSKINS
  • D. King / DKING - MFK
  • Frank Woods / FWOODS - PHILLY
  • Grigori Weaver / GWEAVER - GEDEON
  • John F. Kennedy / JFKENNEDY - LANCER
  • Joseph Bowman / JBOWMAN - UWD
  • Jason Hudson / JHUDSON - BRYANT1950
  • John McCone / JMCCONE - BERKLEY22
  • Lyndon Johnson / LBJOHNSON - LADYBIRD
  • Ryan Jackson / RJACKSON - . SAINTBRIDGET
  • Richard Helms / RHELMS - LEROSEY
  • Richard Kain / RKAIN - SUNWU
  • Richard Nixon / RNIXON - CHECKERS
  • Terrance Brooks / TBROOKS - LAUREN
  • T. Walker / TWALKER - RADI0
  • William Raborn / WRABORN - BROMLOW

You can also enter the RLOGIN DREAMLAND command to login to an account with MJ12 access. Here are the logins and passwords for Mj12 access:

  • R. Oppen / ROPPEN - TRINITY
  • V. Bush / VBUSH - MAJESTIC1
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Code - Strategy for Kino!!!

by Rulzall2 Aug 08, 2011

First - Buy the M14 right away. Use the M1911 until it is out of ammo

Round 3/4 - Open the top door if someone gets downed already. If noone has downed go at round 5.

Round 5 - Go to speed cola room and buy the mp40. (stakeout optional)

After first dog round - Go to dressing room. Buy MP5k if you need a good gun for headshots.

Round 8 - Stay in stage. turn power on when you start getting over-run.

When power goes on - BUY THE AUG!!! It is a really important gun as it is fast firing and very powerful. Also purchase juggernog if you have the cash. It could save you later.

After - Run around the opened parts of the map. Use a high mobility weapon (MP5k or MP40) and do a run and gun strategy while switching to the AUG if they get too close. PaP the AUG first as it gets a masterkey, effectively 3 guns. Switch out MP5k or whatever you other gun is with whatever you want. Do a multi gun glitch if you wanna keep it or get the raygun and thundergun.

After you die - ADD ME ON HERE!!! (also ill look up my friend code later so you can add me then. I have a profile just for zombies)

( Also, please say what your record round round. Inquiring minds want to know.

~~have a nice day~~

Multi gun glitch 1Press lethal and action at SAME TIME on desired gun. (let go of lethal after!!). It is very challenging to do and is reccomended with the box. It works with the wall but it is more challenging.
Multi gun glitch 2Have friend down self infront of weapon. (box is easier) Then start to revive as teh box is coming up. As soon as it says to switch out double tap the action button and you revive and have new gun!
Lobby glitchIf you PM me I'll be more then happy to tell you.
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Glitch - Kino best 2 camping spots (glitches)

by Whiterose Mar 05, 2012

K, its actually really simple cause there actually glitches. the first glitch is the famous lobby glitch. all you have to do is stand in between the 7th and 8th peg from the left wen on the balcony ( be warned if another players is beside you the zombies will ignore the glitch and kill you both) zombies will go right below you

the next one requires you turn on the power. the doors between the theater and the lobby are open, ( i recommend attempting at end of dog round or during) just get as close to the wall on the left as you can and run and dive. u should land on top of the doors and the zombies will go right below you.

my user is WHITEROSE just comment if u want ally code. i only keep active players!!!

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Code - Dogs glitch

by Unregistered Dec 19, 2011

ok on the dogs round u have to be in the teleporter room and the stairs in front of the teleporter stand on the boards on the side of the stairs in the right position and the dogs will sit there and look at you

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Secret - The laser Gun

by hankthepro Oct 17, 2011

Don't do this, it's hard and could be a waste of your time but if you want the laser gun then follow this: Inside the Zombie Survival You find weapon spawns or whatever and keep searching 'til you find one

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Secret - Strategy For Zombies 3 or 4 Players

by bigmaddawg Oct 11, 2011

First on round 1-3 stab the zombies then at round 4 you can start shooting hopefully you should have at least 1000 points you can open a door but do not buy a gun until you buy the next door. Next if you get lucky you should have the mystery box do not i repeat do not you it like crazy let everybody use it once then you can go for seconds .After a couple of rounds you should make it to the stage do not turn on the power until you have lots of money like 5 or 6000 or you are getting over runned .Last do not stay i one spot for too long if you do have somebody with you to revive you unless someone has pack a punched the ballistic knife which will revive you with a shoot from it SURVIVE AS LONG AS YOU CAN

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Code - Great places to place the tactical incertions

by black_ops Aug 11, 2011
nuke townyellow house upstairs bedroom
hanavathe basement near the cafe thingo in the corner that says VIVEA LA CAPRO or something like that
junglethe burning hut (no-one suspects for someone to be in a burning house)
summitthe room with the camo jeep (the jeep doesn`t blow up i`ve tryed it it only blows up on 360)
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Code - Extra mission

by black_ops Aug 01, 2011

Get out of the chair and go to the computer then type in help me hudson then go to mail and type in it again then login as hudson and and delete all of his files hudson will come out of the door and punch u then punch him back 5 x this knocks him out then leave the room and find weaver and punch him once and take his gun and shot him then go back in the room and shot hudson 2x go on the computer and type in 3ARC UNLOCK WOODS and then exit the building this sends you back to the chair and you can`t exit it then go in to the missions and select mission select then you will see the mission rescue woods (or op 41 for ps3) and finish the mission this cheat works for all consoles

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Code - Glitch/cheat/code/thingym agiger

by akatsukiitachiuchiha Jun 27, 2011

this document is too big to fit in this desciption so if you still want it email me at itachi_uchiha@roadrunner. com i check my email every night so i will be more than happy to email you the document. their are a total of 45 cheat/glitches/everything else plus some strategy tips. if the document proves useful to you would you please do me a favor and come back to this and subscribe to me. this is how i know my documents are good and will inspire me to make more. also, if you have any requests send me an email of the name of the game and system and i will do my best to send you all the tips i got for that game. one more thing.. if you want me to send you the call of duty info title your email "call of duty file" and if you have a request title the email "game info request" this is to make sure i dont erase the email by mistake. thank you for your time

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Secret - Glitch/Secrets/Everything else

by akatsukiitachiuchiha Jun 27, 2011
please subscribe to me. if you like this. if you have any game requests then put your email in the comment box below and i will do my best to contact you then i will post it on this website and send it to your email. thank you for you time. enjoy this guide thingy lol
1. Unlock All Levels, Zombie Level, And Dead Ops
Enter the cheat: 3ARC Unlock
2. Unlock All Intels
Enter the cheat code: 3ARC INTEL Note, that using any of the cheats (or cheat codes) will turn off trophies/achievements for Black Ops.
3. Zombie Mode Pentago Map
If you beat the game (on any level) you unlock Zombie Mode - But you can also unlock it by going to the cheat terminal and entering: 3ARC UNLOCK
4. Unlock Zombie Mode
To unlock zombie mode, you must beat the opponent in the game (or enter the code)
5. The Terminal
To get to the terminal, at the main menu, hit "right" and "left" trigger at least 5 times continuously to escape from the chair. Then go behind the chair and examine the black wall - you'll find a small black and white terminal. You can you the on-screen keyboard to enter cheats. You can enter "HELP" for more commands.
6. Terminal Names For Login
To do a login, you need to type in LOGIN and the user's name and password. The list of users, login name, and passwords are below:
Dr. Adrienne Smith / ASMITH - ROXY
Bruce Harris / BHARRIS - GOSKINS
D. King / DKING - MFK
Frank Woods / FWOODS - PHILLY
Grigori Weaver / GWEAVER - GEDEON
John F. Kennedy / JFKENNEDY - LANCER
Joseph Bowman / JBOWMAN - UWD
Jason Hudson / JHUDSON - BRYANT1950
Richard Helms / RHELMS - LEROSEY
Richard Kain / RKAIN - SUNWU
Richard Nixon / RNIXON - CHECKERS
Terrance Brooks / TBROOKS - LAUREN
T. Walker / TWALKER - RADI0
William Raborn / WRABORN - BROMLOW
When you're signed in as them, you can read their email and view their files (with CAT and DIR commands)
7. Mj12 Dreamland Access
To access the cheat terminal with Majestic 12 access level (MJ12), you need to enter: RLOGIN DREAMLAND. Once that's entered, you can access MJ12 Users accounts with the following information:
8. Virtual... 

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Unlockable - Easy nuketown kills

by aan Jun 16, 2011

This is a simple way to get good kills: Needed items: claymore, a good fast gun, patienceStep 1: go into house and place claymore at top of stairsStep 2: place yourself halfway down the stairsStep 3: crouchStep 4: anyone who enters house, is now at your mercy. You cannot be killed from behind cuz of claymore. Have fun killingNote: I do not suggest waiting at bottom of stairs, cuz sumone might come in kitchen AND down stairs, and you only have 1 claymore.

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Unlockable - How to get out of the electric chair

by Tomarctus Jun 16, 2011

first you look down and shake the wii remote really fast.

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Unlockable - "115" song in zombies

by lkjhgfdsa Jun 16, 2011

At the beginning of the game,you start out at the lobby. then there is a meteorite on a stand in the corner. Hold A in front of the meteorite.To get the second meteorite, go upstairs and open the door. Then open the next two doors. After you open the 3rd door The second meteorite is behind the mannequins. Then the third and final meteorite is after you open the next door when you get in the theater and the meteorite is in the shelf.

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Unlockable - Nuketown Song

by cheatzapper Jun 16, 2011

Ever see those human dolls in Nuketown? If so, ever try shooting their heads off? If you manage to shoot every doll's head off (minus the ones that are in the bus) within 15 seconds, then the song 'Sympathy for the Devil' by the Rolling Stones will instantly play. This can and should be done with friends.

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Glitch - Patch this glitch!

by Cristoforus28 Apr 21, 2011

I dont have the game but I played it( and I enjoy it because was kind of the original WaW Kinod) but there is a glitch:

You need to be onstage and the run into the freak sacks containers( I think that works wit all) and dolphin dive. You will be crouched and cant get out there. I got r@p3d by those zombies and wasnt fun :(.

PRAY to Treyarch to patch it.

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Code - 3 weapon zombie cheat kino der toten

by Unregistered Jan 07, 2011

when you buy weapons which are on the walls press A and the grenade button at the same time (press do not hold) and you will get a third weapon. After you have a third weapon you can keep doing this with other weapons on the walls and you could get as many weapons as you want! (only do cheat when you have 2 weapons or more).

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Unlockable - Secret Film

by romeo aka b-rad Dec 09, 2010

In the Zombie map "Kino Der Toten" there is a teleporter in front of the curtain on stage. When you use this teleporter you get sent to the room that contains Pack-a-Punch machine and a window. If you wait about a minute you'll be teleported again to one of several secret rooms. Inside the secret room that contains the presidential seal and a projector, there is a desk. On the desk there is an old roll of film which you can pick up (be warned you will not be prompted to pick it up, you just can).

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Unlockable - Name Color Change

by holdens Dec 09, 2010

When you are creating your profile before you start your game (or if you are changing your name) you can make the lettering of your name different colors. Before you start typing your name press shift and hit ^ and any number. Both symbols will disappear and you can type your name in a different color.

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Unlockable - Thundergun in Campaign

by no5516 Dec 09, 2010

Much like the Ray Gun in the previous game, the Thundergun can be unlocked in Black Ops by performing the following specific actions on the level "Numbers." After the interrogation ends, look for six canisters. Toss grenades at the canisters to the rear left and rear right. Shoot the other canisters until smoke is released. A black tape will appear out of a cassette deck. Grab it with the action button. Leave the room and head upstairs. Kill everyone and move to the rooftop and jump to the next floor. Weaver and Clark will move the fridge revealing a weapons cache. Here you'll find the a cassette player. Hit the action button here and you'll put the tape in the deck. You should hear music and the screen will shake and shortly the Thundergun will come out of the wall. Enjoy!

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Secret - How to Beat the Battle of Khe Sanh Trenches

by ivar99 Dec 09, 2010

At the Battle of Khe Sanh, you're told to clear the trenches. What is missed by most is a nearly inaudible clue telling you that there are barrels full of napalm. And, more importantly, there's no help in telling you what to do with those barrels. Shooting them does nothing. Neither does trying to clear the trenches with one of the mounted machineguns, as the Viet Cong keep pouring out in an endless wave. Nope, you have to run to two of the giant, striped barrels near the bottom of the hill and kick them down into the trench. There are two of them. Hide behind the sandbags and take shots at the VC until it's relatively clear. Make a run for the nearby barrel and use the prompt to stab it and kick it down the hill.

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Unlockable - Change Music

by playajohnplaya Dec 09, 2010

On the Zombies map Five, approach the red telephones and hit the button prompted to change the background music to "Don't Back Down" by Eminem. There are 3 red telephones in all: One by the Quick Revive machine, another on the second floor in the center of the room and a 3rd one is in the room with the Pack-A-Punch machine.

If you shoot the mannequin heads in Nuketown you'll hear "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones. -Drunksocks

In the Zombie map "Kino Der Toten" there are 3 pieces of a meteorite located throughout the map. The first is by the stairs when you start the level. The second is in the "boiler room." The third is in the "dressing room." Hit the prompt when next to the piece and your character will say a line about the meteor -- when all 3 pieces have been found, "115" by Elena Siegman will play. -jacobosin

Also, on "Kino Der Toten," in the first room upstairs from where you start, there are 5 pictures on the right. Four of them are the characters you play as and one is blacked-out. You can examines these to hear your character say something about each one. -Jeff

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Code - Cheat Codes

by jhun300 Dec 01, 2010

Press ZL+ZR on a Classic Controller at the main menu until Mason gets up out of the chair. Turn around to face the computer. Type any of the following commands into the computer for the desired cheat effect.

doaZombie Killing Mini-Game
3arc intelUnlock All Intel
3arc unlockUnlock Dead Ops Arcade and Presidential Zombie Mode
zorkPlay ZORK
dirList audio files and pictures for use with CAT command
cat: Open corresponding file
whoList of login names for use with the RLOGIN command (requires passwords)
helpList commands
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Unlockable - Weapons List

by cGub Oct 27, 2010

According to, this is the list with the weapons that will be available in Call of Duty: Black Ops. These weapons have been confirmed by trailers and other sources, including articles from magazines. The list can be modified by developers but will be updated as soon as more weapons are confirmed:

Unlockable:How to unlock:
AK47Assault rifle
Steyr AUGAssault rifle
AR15Assault rifle
G11Assault rifle
H&K MP5k PrototypeSubmachine gun
Ingram MAC10Submachine gun
RPKLight machine gun
M60Light machine gun
Franchi SPAS12Shotgun
M202A1 Grim Reaper Rocket LauncherLauncher
China Lake Pump Action Grenade LauncherLauncher
Swarovski ScopeAttachment
Dragonís Breath Shotgun RoundsAmmo
Explosive Crossbow BoltsAmmo
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Glitch - The Is The One Gun Glitch

by bigmaddawg Oct 11, 2011

Get to the stage have at least 5000 points or so wait until the last second then pack a punch a gun then you will teleport and dont have the gun anymore P.S. DO NOT TRY THIS

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