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jul 19, 2011Call Of Duty: Black Ops [ WII ]   Submitted

A strategy for Wii Kino Der Toten zombie cause i have promblems getting past level 13.

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Code - Strategy for Kino!!!:

First - Buy the M14 right away. Use the M1911 until it is out of ammo

Round 3/4 - Open the top door if someone gets downed already. If noone has downed go at round 5.

Round 5 - Go to speed cola room and buy the mp40. (stakeout optional)

After first dog round - Go to dressing room. Buy MP5k if you need a good gun for headshots.

Round 8 - Stay in stage. turn power on when you start getting over-run.

When power goes on - BUY THE AUG!!! It is a really important gun as it is fast firing and very powerful. Also purchase juggernog if you have the cash. It could save you later.

After - Run around the opened parts of the map. Use a high mobility weapon (MP5k or MP40) and do a run and gun strategy while switching to the AUG if they get too close. PaP the AUG first as it gets a masterkey, effectively 3 guns. Switch out MP5k or whatever you other gun is with whatever you want. Do a multi gun glitch if you wanna keep it or get the raygun and thundergun.

After you die - ADD ME ON HERE!!! (also ill look up my friend code later so you can add me then. I have a profile just for zombies)

( Also, please say what your record round round. Inquiring minds want to know.

~~have a nice day~~

Multi gun glitch 1Press lethal and action at SAME TIME on desired gun. (let go of lethal after!!). It is very challenging to do and is reccomended with the box. It works with the wall but it is more challenging.
Multi gun glitch 2Have friend down self infront of weapon. (box is easier) Then start to revive as teh box is coming up. As soon as it says to switch out double tap the action button and you revive and have new gun!
Lobby glitchIf you PM me I'll be more then happy to tell you.