Contra III: The Alien Wars Review

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Contra III: The Alien Wars Review :

The most difficult game ive played...

by yoshi114 Feb 27, 2012

This may be off topic from my "Upcoming Reviews" but i cant help myself. I love this game for how challenging it is! Let me tell you, this game is NOT easy! So you start off with your trusty assault rifle and you run your first few steps into the game, and BAM! your ambushed by weird aliens! although most die in one hit, it is still very difficult to move on because of there numbers. Dont get me wrong on this, this game is fun when you are good at it, im not exactly perfect, but it is still fun to shoot down all the baddies with a moderate arsenal of ***whooping weapons. Your main goal in the game is to save the earth from an alien apocolypse, Now the Bosses, OMG they are INSANE!!! it takes a very long time to get used to their attack patterns, especially the final boss. and I have only completed this game on NORMAL, and ive tried HARD mode and... i really cant get past the first level, it really is that hard. and because it is a SNES game, the buttons were a lot different than the modern controllers we have now, which only made the game harder. trust me here, you will have to go through RAGE, SWEAT, TEARS, and BLOOD, and mabye a broken object or two, but mostly RAGE, to even come close to completing this game. It took literally MONTHS, to complete the final levels! D:

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7Story line
particularily average storyline, saving the world, aliens, shooting, yeah, i liked it for the most part
The graphics were definatly not as good as some other games in its generation, but they were good as they were, for such an old system
they could have done a little better of a job on the sound and things. the music I didnt really notice because you really have to be In-tone with what you are doing.
Gameplay wise, its a Run and Gun shooter, where you run across a side scrolling level killing bad guys and such. I LOVED it! the constant action in the game truly provides an exhilerating experiance!
5Lasting Appeal
Ehh, like I said, INSANELY difficult. It really gets on your nerves being killed by the same respawning enemy everytime you come back to life. I can almost guarantee you will throw or break something. I know i did...
(Out of 10)


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