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Earthbound Review :

old school RPG Classic!

by yoshi114 Feb 06, 2012

ahh yes the good old days of the snes, with amazing, classic games, such as this one: Earthbound(Mother 2) this game was very fun to play, because unlike some other rpg's ive played, i kept playing until i beat it. As many should know the the final boss of this game was supposedly Very disturbing and/or unsettling in appearance music, and atmosphere, but you'll have to find out on your on cuz im not gonna give spoilers :P. So in this game you wake up one day, to find that a meteor has crashed on top of a hill near your house, and you go with your faggot "friend" to go investigate. this is when all the events of the story come to play, a fly by the name of Buzz Buzz, tells you that in the future, giygas, the main villain, (rumoured to be an unborn fetus[GARBAGE THEORY],) has taken over the universe, 10 years later, because Buzz Buzz came from the future, he knows what is to come. thats only the begining! you still have about 7 hours of adventure to discover,not to mention a million infinatly respawning enemies for you to kick the crap out you all know you play as Ness in this game, along with his unrecognized, unoticed freinds, Paula Jeff, and Poo all with their own fairly unique psychic powers. i jsut love retro old school games from my childhood! especially this one! have fun playing it if you get the chance. ^_^.....

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
9Story line
meh, the story line was a little hard to follow at some points, but hey, it was different then most other plots, so its good for me
for the SNES, ehh... the graphics were inferior to Chrono Trigger(another great RPG) lousy for its generation
great! wierd, but great. some of them just...really bugged me, the music was unsettling for the most part, abstract sound overall/
i LOVE RPG' obviously im gonna like it! however, they should have made animations for the character attacking, instead of just makeing a sound and doing damage
10Lasting Appeal
hell yeah im gonna remember this game! it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E-! the bosses are so weird, and the environment and the events were so unsettling, i love the feeling of being scared from a movie or video game! then there comes sleep... nope.avi
(Out of 10)


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