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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Cheats :

This page contains Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn cheats list for WII version. Now we have 8 cheats in our list, which includes 3 unlockables, 1 glitch, 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - The True Levels of Difficulty

by Sakira Oct 28, 2008

Oh, boy. The translators REALLY screwed on this one. XD

Know how the difficulty levels of this game are "Easy, Normal, and Hard"? Well, actually...There is NO Easy mode. There's really only Normal, Hard, and Maniac. (I've heard that Maniac mode is unlockable.)

The game's translators probably thought that they only had to put "Easy, Normal, and Hard". Well, apparently, they're wrong. Fools. XD

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Secret - Suggested Characters for Part 4 - Endgame

by chaizard4life Aug 19, 2008

Now you've finally made it to the Tower of Guidance, though you can only choose 11 people ((or laguz.))

This decision can be very difficult, so I'll give you guys a heads up on who to choose.

Highly suggested characters:


Pretty much all of the Laguz kings/queens will become extremely useful from here on out, so be sure to drag them along with you. Many of the Greil Mercenaries will come in handy.

Titania - Titania is extremely useful, Ike will get an Axe called Urvan ((view conversations)) and by giving it to Titania, she'll be ever scarier than before. If somehow you guys didn't realize her power and never got her good, then don't even bother dragging her around. This, though, gets applied to all characters.

Shinon - Shinon is just... good... If you didn't get him to level 5 Marksman yet, I would suggest to not even bother dragging him around. He's extremely good, but he needs high level, like everyone else.

Soren - If Soren is at least an Arch Sage, please, please, PLEASE take Soren with you. Well, only do it if you have any long ranged magic with you ((ex, Meteor, Blizzard.)) The reason is because after hte second battle, Yune will bless all equipped weapons and you've got an unlimited uses long ranged magic attack. This will become extremely useful in many ways. This also goes for Micaiah, make sure that you didn't waste your Purge yet, otherwise she's useless. But of course, she's coming along with you.

Haar - If he's a Dragonlord, he'll be extremely useful as well. Especially because of the fact that he has Canto ((can move after attacking or using an item)) he'll prove a strong ally.

Zihark, Mia, or Edward - The three swordsmen ((and woman.)) Now only take Edward if he's at least a level 15 Trueblade, he overall isn't very good unless you waste some good items on him. Mia and Zihark, on the other hand, are extremely powerful when they change to Trueblade. The other thing is that after the second battle in the Tower of Guidance, you'll recieve a really powerful sword called the Alondite ((sound familiar?)) Zihark and Mia ((as well as Edward)) can use the Alondite, which is pretty much identical to Ike's sword, Ragnell. Same power, unlimited uses, only difference is color. Give the Alondite to one of them and they're even stronger.

Volke - If you took him in the previous battle with Elincia, he'll prove worth too, though only in the first 2 battles of the Tower of... 

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Unlockable - Game Completion Extras

by Pimperboytellem Feb 25, 2009

These are unlocked upon the completion of the game.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Battle RecordsBeat the Game
Bonus EXP DisplayBeat the Game
Event RecapBeat the Game
Hard ModeBeat the Game
Maniac Mode (JP only)Beat the Game in Hard Mode
Sound RoomBeat the Game
TheatreBeat the Game
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Secret - Defeating the Black Knight

by chaizard4life Aug 18, 2008


Once you reach the Endgame of Part 4, you'll notice that at the second battle the Black Knight is ready for you, with his own army as well. Ike will go crazy and run to him. Tibarn ((if you brought him with you)) will fly up and want to kill the Black Knight, too. Unfortunately, you'll have to do this with Ike. A wall will come up so that only Ike can fight the Black Knight, and anybody else will be on the other side fighting the Black Knight's army.

Now, I will say straight out, this battle is extremely easy. If you follow my directions correctly, this will probably be the easiest boss in the game, I did it in 3 turns.

For the first turn, DO NOT MOVE IKE! Ike had a terrain advantage right where he is. For me, he would deal 5 damage twice when I move, though when I'm in the same spot I start in, he does 15 damage twice. As long as the Black Knight doesn't use Eclipse, you'll be fine (though if you have Nihil with Ike it won't be a problem.)

In the meantime, with the other army just whack a few heads for experience points.

And there you have it, the easy way to defeat the Black Knight.

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Unlockable - Unlockable Characters

by 1600797683 Dec 02, 2011
AranPart 1, Chapter 3: Speak to him with Laura.
VolugPart 1, Chapter 5: View the info conversation before 1-5.
FionaPart 1, Chapter 7: Joins automatically if she survived 1-6.
Tormod, Muarim and VikaPart 1, Chapter 7: Speak to Tormod with Sothe.
HaarPart 2, Prologue: Speak to him with Marcia.
HeatherPart 2, Chapter 1: Speak to her with Brom or Nephenee.
DevdanPart 2, Chapter 3: View the info conversation before 2-3.
CalillPart 2, Final: View the info conversation before 2-F.
Janaff and UlkiPart 3, Chapter 8: Speak to both of them with Ike or Reyson.
StefanPart 4, Chapter 3: Move Micaiah onto the tile 11 up and 1 accross from the bottom right tile.
VolkePart 4, Chapter 5: Pay him 3000G with Bastian or Elincia.
GarethPart 4, Final: Joins automatically if he survived part 3 of the final chapter.
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Secret - Odd Weapon Weilding thing

by pyro777 Aug 25, 2008

Some characters that aren't archers can equip crossbows. It's a neat trick, though. Those people are the Reaver people thingies. ^_^ I'm not sure if any others can, so just experiment!

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Secret - Secret Master's Crest

by pyro777 Jul 28, 2008

In Part 1 chapter 4 (the first Laguz encounter) there is a hidden Master's Crest. Go to the bottom right of the map then go 2 spaces left and 1 space up.

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Unlockable - Some more unlockable characters

by pyro777 Jul 28, 2008

Here are some more optionally unlockable characters

Unlockable:How to unlock:
LehranPart 4, Endgame: Joins automatically after viewing Ike's memory scene (second playthrough or higher)
MegPart 1, Chapter 4: View the info conversation before starting the level.
Tormod (Maurim and Vika, too)Part 1, Chapter 7: Speak to him with Sothe.
NasirPart 4, Endgame (5): Joins automatically if he survived Part 4, Endgame (3).
OliverPart 4, Chapter 4: Speak to him with Rafiel.
PelleasPart 4, Chapter 2: Joins automatically if he survived Part 3, Chapter 13 (second playthrough or higher).
RenningPart 4, Endgame: View the info conversation before starting the level.
Stefan (This seems weird)Part 4, Chapter 3: Move Micaiah, Lethe, or Mordecai onto the tile 11 up & 1 left from the bottom-right corner.
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