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Godzilla: Unleashed Review :

Not the best game I've ever played :(

by cheatgurugye Oct 08, 2010

So here's my review.

Ok so this game looks really cool rite? WRONG! Now you fans of this game better not take this review the wrong way. I got this game thinking "Oh this is so cool"! So I played this and I thought it was awsome!! But 2 days later, I hated it... well thats a strong word, how about, I really did not like it anymore! But at leased I got my money back. And look, if you have gone through what I've gone through, then I hope you agree with me. Now here's a few main reasons why I don't like this game.

  • Some of the monsters are weird looking.
  • The Story line is to short and bad.
  • And the controls are difficult to understand.


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1Story line
This game has the stupidest (no offence) story line ever! it took me at least 10 minutes to beet it!!!! The cutscenes where also terible too. They were just cartoons, and the subtitles where way off too! Plus some of the monsters where really weird! So in all, I really don't like the story line
The Graphics are actually pretty good! I give it a 6 because the graphics are good, but don't make up for the game.
Its also ok, but still doesn't make the game any better. But the roars of the monsters and buildings toppling over are pretty cool.
Its gameplay is also really dumb, (once again, no offence) the characters are really dumb looking, the storyline is short, and the controls are hard to figure out!
2Lasting Appeal
Its an ok game if your obsesed with Godzilla, but still might be boring. So I wouldn't reccomend this to anyone.
(Out of 10)


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