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Goldeneye 007 Review :

Goldeneye 007, Brought Back From The N64 Ages

by Bramblefang Jan 02, 2011

Activision took a look at a coveted game called Golden Eye 007 and remade it for the Wii and Nintendo DS. Fortunately, it doesn't rely on it's title for money but it became one of the best FPS games available on the Wii.

Considering that Rare created the original game, you would expect some differences. Well, Activision and the developer Eurocom made many changes to GoldenEye's transfer to the Wii. Unlike the previous game, Golden Eye features the modern James Bond, Daniel Craig, instead of Pierce Brosnan. That means Bond's character has to be completely redone. This also affects the storyline. (I have had the chance to play the N64 version, however I never played the storyline part of the game) As far as I'm concerned, the storyline has been almost entirely remade except a few key plot points. Several characters have been taken out and several characters have been made for this game. However, the storyline is still very good and the gameplay is epic.

I was VERY surprised when reading Golden Eye's instruction manual. It has one of the best control support I've ever seen. You can use the Wiimote + Nunchuck, Wii Zapper, the Game Cube Controller, or the Classic Controller.

The controls themselves are quite excellent. After trying out most of the possible controls, it became obvious that using the Wiimote + Nunchuck (This could apply to the Zapper) is the best controller to use for this game. Moving and shooting and aiming are very smooth. It's very easy to react to instances when an enemy starts to attack you. The only annoying decision that Activision did is to make the "run" button the "pick up a gun" button. In story mode, it's not so annoying but when you play online, you'll pick up guns you don't want on accident.

The game mixes a lot of action scenes with a lot of stealth play where you have to use your smart phone to take a picture, hack a cpu program, or even take a phone call. As long as you stay undetected by your enemies, you can pretty much stay crouched and physically attack or use your silenced P99 to take out all of your enemies. Once someone sees you, reinforcements will start to come and a war breaks out. You'll see some superb AI in the enemies as you see them slide or run for cover as they try to take you down.

Some people always remember the N64 Goldeneye 007 as a great multiplayer game. The Wii version can also take this into account. You can play with up to four people on split screen mode and there are many options to choose from. Get connected online and you've entered the Golden Eye Arena. There are many modes to choose from like Conflict or missions where you need to download data from a black box. Nearly everything gets saved onto your "Agent" Record" from your shooting accuracy to the amount of people you headshot. The only problem is that these stats don't save until the match ends. The problem here is that if the host of the game leaves, everyone has to quit the game. The players are forced to lose their stats and have to regain them in another match.


As I had said, this is one of the best FPS games. The developers left out some features like Voice Chat which felt kind of odd but it's still worth the money. If you're a pure fan of the N64 version, you might have some bad feelings for this game but it's definitely worth a try.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
9Story line
Has a lot of changes but still worked beautifully. A fantastic James Bond story told in such an epic way.
The graphics look great in all environments from the Jungle to the Snowy Outpost. However, the frame rate will go down when you're in a giant fight.
Good soundtrack but there's nothing that's really memorable. The voice acting and the gun fire sounds are superb.
Still has the astounding game play of the N64 version. It's fun to play by yourself or with other people.
9Lasting Appeal
The story mode is pretty short but the different difficulties make up for that. Multiplayer also burns up a lot of time especially online.
(Out of 10)


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