Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Cheats

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Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Cheats :

This page contains Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask cheats list for WII version. Now we have 41 cheats in our list, which includes 4 unlockables, 7 easter eggs, 6 glitches, 24 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Getting Bigger Bomb Bags

by ceader Mar 17, 2011

Large Bag: Save the old lady at midnight in North Clock Town, and then buy this bag in the bomb shop on the next day.
Biggest Bag: Give the large bag and 200 rupies to the scrub near the Goron village.

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Secret - Invisible Fairy Sword Glitch

by gago999 Mar 17, 2011

Equip the Fairy Sword and attempt to place it into a mailbox. After the mailbox delivers its text box, Link should have an invisible sword.

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Secret - Jump Forward 12 Hours

by mclai Mar 17, 2011

Play this song with the Ocarina to travel forward in time 12 hours: C-Right, C-Right, A, A, C-Down, C-Down (on the Nintendo 64 controller). It's just the Song of Time doubled up.

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Secret - Mask Locations

by lizmetalar Mar 17, 2011

One of the key aspects of the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask are the unique masks that Link will find throughout the game. Some will transform Link into new forms, while others have very limited uses. There are a total of 24 masks in the game, and you can find them listed below:

1. Deku Mask: Link begins the game with this mask. As the Deku Shrub, he can hop on top of water a couple times, as well as shoot bubbles at enemies. Also, the Deku Shrub can burrow into flowers and then shoot into the air ¿ gliding down slowly. Controls: A: Spin B: Shoot bubble

2. Bremen Mask: Link receives this mask from the weird guy in the Laundy Pool area of Clock town at night during the first or second days. It is used to herd chicks in the ranch, which will get you the Bunny Hood.

3. Great Fairy Mask: You get this mask by returning the second lost fairy to the Great Fairy. It can attract Stray Fairies in dungeons.

4. Bunny Hood: When wearing this mask, Link runs at an increased rate. You get it by using the Bremen Mask and herding all the chicks in the Chicken Coop of the ranch during the day.

5. Mask of Scents: Follow the Deku through the tunnel (use the Bunny Hood to keep up) that is to the left of the Deku Palace. The mask can detect scents such as mushrooms.

6. Goron Mask: Play the Song of Healing for the old Goron ghost after following him to the Goron Shrine. The mask turns Link into a Goron, complete with increased size and strength. Controls: A: Curl (hold down A, and then press up to build speed) B: Attack If you hold down A and then press B, you will do the Goron Stomp.

7. Romani's Mask: Complete both Romani's and Cremia's notebook entries. This mask gives you access to the Milk Bar in Clock Town.

8. Kamaro's Mask: Play the song of healing for the guy dancing on top of the mushroom to the north of Clock Town. He is only there at night, and the mask allows you to dance.

9. Blast Mask: Stop the thief after midnight during the first day in North Clock Town. You can blow up objects using this mask ¿ just like a bomb, but you will loose one heart per blast.

10. Kafei's Mask: Speak to the woman in the Mayor's House in East Clock Town. Used in a couple notebook quests.

11. Captain's Hat: Defeat the sleeping skeleton in the graveyard. The Hat allows you to speak to the undead.

12. Mask of Truth: Complete the first Spider Dungeon. It allows you to speak to the weird stones around the world.

13. All Night Mask: Stop the thief on Day 1, then buy it for... 

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Secret - No-Damage Blast Mask

by aasdff Mar 17, 2011

Hold the R button to defend and then push the B (on the Nintendo 64 controller) button to active the Blast Mask and you won't take any damage from the explosion. The only drawback is that you can't move.

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Secret - Slow Down Time

by tomcat Mar 17, 2011

If you play the Song of Time backwards, time on the clock will move slower, but you will still move at the normal speed. This is very useful when running long distances or when trying to prolong game time.

The song is: C-Down, A, C-Right, C-Down, A, C-Right (on the Nintendo 64 controller).

To return the normal flow of time, simply play the song again.

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Secret - Stone Mask Secret

by zakman123 Mar 17, 2011

A hidden feature of the Stone Mask is that it will camouflage Link. This is helpful because most of the enemies will not be able to see you. Bosses will still be able to see you, but most of the typical "run-of-the-mill" bad guys will ignore you.

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Secret - Useful Items and How You Get Them

by doppel_ganger12 Mar 17, 2011

Adult Wallet: Give banker 200 Rupees (or more) to get this item that allows you to hold up to 200 rupees.

Giant Wallet: Complete the 2nd Spider Dungeon to get this item that will allow you to hold up to 500 rupees.

Large Quiver: Beat the current record in the East Clock Town shooting gallery to get this item that will allow you to hold up to 40 arrows.

Largest Quiver: After you have the Large Quiver, beat the Southern Swamp shooting gallery to get the largest quiver that allows you to hold up to 50 arrows.
Submitted by - Wil

Hero Bow: Found in Woodfall Temple, this item allows you to shoot arrows. It includes 30 arrows when you first get it.

Bombs: Buy a Bomb Bag in West Clock town to be able to collect Bombs and blow stuff up.

Bombchu: These are small bombs that run along the ground. You can find them in a hole in the ground to the east of Clock town (near where you enter the cemetery – blow up a rock to find it), and another hole along a cliff wall in Great Bay Coast (near the fairy fountain).

Razor Sword: Visit the smiths in the cottage in Mountain Village after you complete the Snowhead Temple, and pay them 100 rupees. The sword will disappear if you travel back in time.

Gilded Sword: First, get the Razor Sword. Then win the Goron Races to get Gold Dust that will allow the smith to forge you this sword. It will not vanish if you go back in time.

Camera: Save the witch in the Southern Swamp. You can take pictures with this.

Hook Shot: Found in the Pirate's Fortress. It acts like a grappling hook, and will allow Link to pull himself to far objects. You can also kill enemies with it.

Lens of Truth: Follow the owl across the hidden platforms in the Goron Town to a cave. The lens will reveal that which is normally hidden.

Powder Keg: Bought in Goron Town for 100 rupees after you complete the seller's test by carrying one to the Goron Race Track and clearing the entrance. You can also buy one for 50 Rupees from a Goron in the Clock Town Bomb Shop if you are wearing the Goron Mask.

Bottles: Link can carry a total of six bottles that can be used to hold various things. The locations of all of them are listed below:
1. Get the medicine for the sick witch in the Southern Swamp. It will come in your first bottle.
2. Complete Romani's notebook entry at the ranch to receive the third bottle full of milk.
3. Win the Goron races and you will get a bottle filled with gold dust.
4. Win the Beaver races in Great Bay (you need the Hookshot to... 

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Secret - Fairies in the Gossip Stones

by wilkesy Aug 14, 2010

Play the Song of Storms near a Gossip Stone. A fairy will fly out and replenish your health.

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Secret - Free Money

by wilkesy Aug 14, 2010

After you have rid yourself of the deku curse and can roll and jump. You can get the silver rupee above the shooting gallery. Roll over the east gate, hop over the signs on the Honey and Darling shop. Walk over the shooting gallery and open the chest and get the silver rupee. You can do this every time you restart time.

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Secret - Gossip Rocket Launch

by wilkesy Aug 14, 2010

Place a bomb near a Gossip Stone. The blast will turn it into a makeshift rocket, which will launch after a brief countdown.

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Secret - Kamaro Mask and the Scarecrow

by wilkesy Aug 14, 2010

Show the Kamaro Mask to the Scarecrow to have it start dancing.

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Secret - Light Arrow Rupees

by wilkesy Aug 14, 2010

If you shoot the Blue Bubbles in the Ikana Canyon and the Like Likes in Great Bay Coast with Light Arrows, you'll be rewarded a Purple Rupee worth 50 Rupees.

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Secret - Mummies/ zombies won't attack

by tom.mallon Aug 14, 2010

In ikana canyon, if you don't want to get attacked by mummies or zombies, just wear the goron mask or deku mask. Even though they paralize you, they won't attack! This really comes in handy when you are low in health.

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Secret - Rock Contsellation

by tom.mallon Aug 14, 2010

On one of the walls in the southwest of Termina Field, you'll find a grouping of rocks positioned to form a constellation. Bomb some of the rocks to earn Rupees.

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Secret - Secret Songs

by tom.mallon Aug 14, 2010

There are two secret songs in the game which will help out a lot. There is the Inverted Song of Time (Down C, A, Right C, Down C, A, Right C) which slows down time so you can complete a lot more things and Song of Double Time (Right C, Right C, A, A, Down C, Down C) which advances time to the next 12 hour period. (6pm at night or 6 am in the morning on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd day)

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Unlockable - Bomb Bag Upgrades

by zaq Aug 14, 2010

To upgrade the Bomb Bag. You must do the following things.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Big Bomb Bag (30 Bombs)Stop Sakon from stealing the Bomb-Shop Lady, then go to the Bomb Shop and buy the Big Bomb Bag
Biggest Bomb Bag (40 Bombs)Talk to the Deku Scrub in Goron Village as Goron Link with 200 Rupees and the Big Bomb Bag to get the Biggest Bomb Bag
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Unlockable - Great Fairy Gifts and Upgrades

by zaq Aug 14, 2010

Find and collect all of the 15 Stray Fairies in the Dungeon and take them to their corresponding Fountain to receive a gift from the Great Fairy. Hint: If there is a Stray Fairy in the room you are in, the Great Fairy Mask will glow when you are wearing it.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Charged Spin AttackFind the Stray Fairies in the Woodfall Temple and return them to their Fountain.
Defense Upgrade (Damage taken is reduced by half)Find the Stray Fairies in the Great Bay Temple and return them to their Fountain.
Great Fairy SwordFind the Stray Fairies in the Stone Tower Temple and return them to their Fountain.
Longer Magic Meter (doubles in size) Find the Stray Fairies in the Snowhead Temple and return them to their Fountain.
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Unlockable - Quiver Upgrades

by zaq Aug 14, 2010

Link can hold a large amount of arrows with him initially, but his quiver can be upgraded to hold even more.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Large Quiver (40 arrows)Get the high score in the Town Shooting Gallery in East Clock Town
Largest Quiver (50 arrows)Get a perfect score in the Swamp Shooting Gallery
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Unlockable - Wallet Upgrades

by zaq Aug 14, 2010

At the beginning of the game, Link can only carry 99 Rupees. Howeverm you can upgrade the wallet by doing a few tasks. The Adult Wallet can hold up to 200 Rupees, and the Giant Wallet will allow you to carry 500.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Adult WalletDeposit at least 200 Rupees at the West Clock Town Bank.
Giant WalletComplete the Oceanside Spider House on Day 1.
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Glitch - Be Epona

by mark_frontoza Aug 14, 2010

Call Epona and ride to Milk Road. Find the Owl Statue and assign the Zora Mask to a C-Button, then save while still on Epona. Start the game again and you should find yourself still on Epona. Press the C-Button you equiped the Zora Mask to. You should change into Zora Link and not able to fit on your horse. Press the analog stick forward to find that you can use Epona without having Link on her. You can do this on anyday. Also you can do this at Southern Swamp too. *Note: You will be stuck in Milk Road or Southern Swamp after you do this trick.*

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Glitch - Epona in Clock Town.

by MEW 2z MaStEr Aug 14, 2010

First Start with the first save file. Walk up to the Owl Statue in Clock Town . Save your game at the statuem and go to the second file. In this file ride Epona to the Owl Statue in Milk road. Dismount so you dont have to move in order to save. Save your game. Now go back to your first save file. Epona should be beside you in clock town.

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Glitch - Fierce Deity Link outside boss (before 3rd day)

by MEW 2z MaStEr Aug 14, 2010

To do this glitch/cheat you must be on epona and the fierce deity mask must be equipped to a C button. Go to either the Milk Road or Southern Swamp owl statue and z target it and press a while still on epona. Use the statues' save option. Then go back into the game after saving with the statue. About 1 time out of 10 you'll be on epona when you resume play. This has a better chance of working if your on Epona before you enter Milk Road or the Southern Swamp. After this, press the C-button with the fierce deity mask to transform. You should start to hear a beeping noise. Now you must wait until the 2nd day. DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING UNTIL THE 2ND DAY or else your game might freeze. When the second day comes the beeping noise should go away. Now hold Z and press A. You should fall into the ground and reappear as fierce deity. After this you can pause the game without it freezing. NOTE: This glitch only works with the NTSC version of the game.

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Glitch - Invisible Great Fairy's Sword

by MEW 2z MaStEr Aug 14, 2010

Get the Great Fairy's Sword (Get all 15 stray fairies in the Stone Tower Temple), and go to Clock Town. Try to put the sword in the postbox. You can't, but when you get it back, you'll have your hands together as if you had it, but you can't see it!

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Glitch - Oni Link and his incredible Arm-for-a-shield!

by MEW 2z MaStEr Aug 14, 2010


First, get yourself the Oni Link in the field, then return to Clock Town (take care of all other things for Oni Link BEFORE you become Oni Link, or it will not work, seeing as how you can't use items.) Now that you're Oni Link, you'll be wielding his fantastic Double Helix. From testing, we've found the safest place to do this is in the Milk Bar. When you enter the Milk Bar, weapons will be banned, causing Oni Link to be weaponless. Well, if you attempt to block, he'll use his right arm as a sheild! You can run around like this for a good amount of time, but actual field testing if the weapon works is impossible, seeing as how he has a weapon outside...

Also, while in a building, if you hold down Z, Link's sword will glow even though it's not there!


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