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LEGO Batman Cheats :

This page contains LEGO Batman cheats list for WII version. Now we have 7 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 4 passwords. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing LEGO Batman on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Password - Mor batman cheats OMG!!!!!!!

by skyp Jan 18, 2010

Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol... 2 thu codez!

upgrade codeZ

Extra Hearts - ML3KHP
Faster Batarangs - JRBDCB
Faster Piece Assembly - EVG26J
Faster Walking - ZOLM6N
Flaming Batarangs - D8NYWH
Frozen Batarangs - XPN4NG
Heart Regeneration - HJH7HJ
Immunity to Freeze - JXUDY6
Invincibility - WYD5CP
Minikit Detector - ZXGH9J
Multiply Score - 9LRGNB
Piece Detector - KHJ544
Power Brick Detector - MMN786
Score Multiplier x2 - N4NR3E
Score Multiplier x4 - CX9MAT
Score Multiplier x6 - MLVNF2
Score Multiplier x8 - WCCDB9
Score Multiplier x10 - 18HW07

character codeZ

Alfred - ZAQ637
Batgirl - JKR331
Bat Tank - KNTT4B
Bruce Wayne - BDJ327
Bruce Waynes Jet - LEA664
Catwoman - M1AAWW
Catwomans Motorcycle - HPL826
Commissioner Gordon - DDP967
Garbage Truck - DUS483
Harley Quinns Truck - RDT637
Mad Hatter - JCA283
Mad Hatters Boat - M4DM4N
Mad Hatters Glider - HS000W
Man Bat - NYU942
Mr. Freezes Car - BCT229
Mr. Freezes Girl XVK541
Nightwing - MVY759
Penguins Henchman - BJH782
Poison Ivy Henchman - GTB899
Police Bike - LJP234
Police Boat - PLC999
Police Helicopter - CWR732
Police Officer - JRY983
Police Sniper - HKG984
Police Van - MAC788
Riddlers Henchman - XEU824
Riddlers Plane - HAHAHA
Robins Sub - TTF453
Sailor - NAV592
Scientist - JFL786
Security Guard - PLB946
Soldier - MKL382
SWAT Officer - HTF114
The Joker (Tropical) - CCB199
The Jokers Henchman - UTF782
The Jokers Van - JUK657
Two-Faces Truck - EFE933
Yeti - NJL412
Zoo Sweeper - DWR243

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Password - LEGO batman cheats

by gene693 Jan 22, 2009

Insert the following cheats at the Bat Cave computer to unlock the corresponding effect.

ML3KHPExtra Hearts
JRBDCBFaster Batarangs
EVG26JFaster Piece Assembly
ZOLM6NFaster Walking (up metal walls in robins magnetic suit)
D8NYWHFlaming Batarangs(fire suit on batman)
XPN4NGFrozen Batarangs(water suit on robin)
HJH7HJHeart Regeneration
JXUDY6Immunity to Freeze
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Password - Passwords - lego batman WII codes

by skyp Jan 05, 2010

2 entr theez codez,go 2 thu cumputer inthu batcave and go 2 entr code
codez r below----

XWP645mor batarang targets
DDP967commisioner gordon
KNTT4Bbat tank
LEA664bruce waynes private jet
ML3KHPxtra harts(not tested)
JRBDCBfaster batarangs
EVG26Jfaster peice asembly(not tested)
ZOLM6Nfaster walkin up wals in robins magnet suit(not tested)
D8NYWHfire batarangs(batman fire suit)
XPN4NGfrozen batarangs(robin water suit)(not tested)
JXUDY6imune 2 freeze
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Code - Lego Batman Cheat Codes

by awesomed-dude227 Feb 01, 2010

Go to the batcave and also to the batcomputer and to the code section and then enter these cheat codes

MMN786power brick detector
ZXGH9Jminikit detector
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Code - Extras

by mishal_rox Jul 06, 2009

These are the extras.COOL THING:once you put the code you don't have to buy the extras!!!!!!!

9lrgnbalways score multiply
tl3ektarea effect
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Code - Extras(remake!!!!)

by mishal_rox Jul 06, 2009

These are the extras COOL THING:once you put the code you don't have to buy and you have to enter these in the enter code place in the computer.this is a remake because i by mistake submitted it.

a few codes i know

9LRGNBAlways Score Multiply
TL3EKTArea Effect (Sonic suit)
N8JZEKArmor Plating (Demolition suit)
XFP4E2Bats (Sonic suit)
RAFTU8Beep Beep
DY13BDCharacter Studs
TQ09K3Decoy (Technology suit)
N4NR3EScore x2 Multiplier
CX9MATScore x4 Multiplier
MLVNF2Score x6 Multiplier
WCCDB9Score x8 Multiplier
18HW07Score x10 Multiplier
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Password - Listen here...

by daronray Jan 15, 2010

It's the same thing as before batcave basement suits got itSame exact place ok as I put on my other row of cheats I explained it on there if you don't know what I'm talking about look at my old one.

ZXGH9JMinikit Detector
EVG26JEast Build
CCB199The Joker (Tropical)
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