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Mario Kart Wii Review :


by Bramblefang Sep 22, 2010

Mario Kart Wii is the latest Mario Kart created. It's a very fun multiplayer and a must get for the Wii.

The point of the game is to have the most points by the end of the cup. You have eight cups to choose from and four different "difficulties" if you have unlocked everything.

Mario Kart Wii has addition features from the past Mario Kart Games. You can actually ride motorbikes in this game. You may also play the new Coin Collecting game. There are also Retro Stages that you can race on so you it brings back memories of NES, SNES, GC, N64, GB, GBA, and NDS Mario Kart Games.

On to the player controls. You have two options. Either use the sideways Wii Remote or the classic Gamecube Controller. If you use the Wii remote sideways, you can pretend it's a steering wheel. 2 is to accelerate, turning the Wii Remote makes you turn, B makes you use items, and you use 1 to brake. You can use the actual Wii Wheel accessory to make it more realistic. If you use the Gamecube control, you use A to Accelerate, B to Brake, X or Y to use an item, and the Joystick to turn. I find it easier to use the GC controller.

Like the NDS version, you can play this game on Wi-fi. You gain points to add to your skill when getting a higher place in races or beating the other team in Battles. The unfortunate thing is that some people use hacks so you might be screwed if they use them to win.

The characters of the Mario series come back to race some more. Luigi, Mario, Peach, and Bowser are a few of these. Daisy, Toad, Funky Kong, Donkey Kong, Bowser Jr., Diddy Kong, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Yoshi, Birdo, Mii, and a few others are playable too.

The game has sixteen new racing stages and sixteen classic racing stages. There are about 5+ battles stages included as well. Each have something unique to the environment (one has falling pillars while another is a very icy stage) Be careful and make sure the obstacles don't get in your way!

Overall, this is a great multiplayer game. You should check the game out.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
8Story line
Mario Kart has no storyline and doesn't need it. The game play makes it so fun that you don't need one.
They are pretty nice. There isn't anything that makes you think "What the heck is that suppose to be?"
The sound and music are pretty nice too. All of the tracks in the game fit their given environment. There isn't anything that will just disturb you through the race (Like rock music on Peach Beach)
The controls are very easy to learn. Races are very fun except when you suddenly lose control of your kart and you fall or drive into something retarded. You should be used to that by now if you've been following the games.
10Lasting Appeal
It's pretty fun to play for some time. There are many unlockables that you can find. Some people still look for races today.
(Out of 10)


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mudkipmaster    wrote on sep 24, 2010 8:45 am
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