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Mario Karts Review

by DarkCharizard Nov 15, 2010

Mario Kart Wii, was a really great addition to Mario Kart Double Dash, because in this game you are able to pick the kind of Kart you want, or the kind of Bike you wanted, and there is more than 20 play-able characters, which give you time to try every one of them, and plus you are able to unlock new stages, and unlock new Karts, and Bikes. You also get new weapons better than Number One, and Number Two. Some of the characters, are really fun, and some of them are really bad, but either way you are still having fun. The best thing about mario Kart wii is when you are able to do flips in the air, wich you are not able to do in Mario Kart 64 or in Mario Double Dash.

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10Story line
There is not really a story in this game, but the story in this game is that you need to win 1st place, to get a new character or advance to a new level
The Karts in this game are really good, they make them look real, Mario luigi, and all the other characters are really great they look like they have been done by profesionals
The voices of the characters are really great, but the thing that is not so great about the noise is the karts noises, because all the karts make the same noises
When you play this game the thing that you will reall like is all the stages that you get to unlock or play, which makes the game really awesome
10Lasting Appeal
The thing that I like best about this game is the Wii Steering wheel, because it fallow your exact move wich makes the game Spectacualr, because some people are to young to drive so grab the wii steering wheel, then you are legaly able to drive
(Out of 10)


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skyp    wrote on nov 17, 2010 7:19 pm


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