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Mario Kart Wii Review :

Bring out your emotions!

by graystar70 Aug 12, 2010

MarioKart wii is very fun, and get you into playing it 24/7. I'll you all that after what the basics are, There are 3 cc's you start out with-50, 100, and 150cc, and you start out with 4 cups. You later unlock the other four cups and finally the Mirror Mode cc (all the courses are played like they're in a mirror). You also start out with 16 characters I believe. You later unlock 16 more. Now, to the exciting part, there are BIKES! Yes, the old "MK's" only let you drive karts. What do you think abou that? You even get to do WHEELIES! YAY! Wheelies make you go faster but you cant steer very well at all and if you get hit, you have to re-accelerate back to normal speed.

Okay, now to the ULTRA FUN PART- anger. This game put me through so much frustration I just wanted to throw the game out into the dumpster. But, I soon found myself coming back to it. I shouldn't tell you much more since my laptop is dying and you should experience the emotions yourself, but this game and, and will, make you dance around the room then 5 minutes later will be getting your hammer out of the tool bin to smash the wii. GET YOUR GAME ON FOR MARIOKART WII!

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
1Story line
There really isn't a storyline to this, you just try to be the best at everything. To me, I think Nintendo should've at least made u race against all the bad guys. Oh well.
Pretty good graphics, but not the best I've seen, still better than all the MK'S before. The graphics let you dive into the mario world.
If you have surround sound, you're in for a big surprise. You're couch is now your personal kart or bike.
There are a few glitches, like sometimes you drift the wrong way and you may throw your wii wheel or the controller you're using break you're 50 inch T.V.
10Lasting Appeal
This game never-ever gets old, because the races always change. And if you connect to Nintendo WFC, you'll never stop playing (you may get mad, but you'll find yourself coming back to the game)
(Out of 10)


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