Mario Kart Wii Review

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Mario Kart Wii Review

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Overall score: 8.8/10
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Mario Kart Wii Review :

graystar70's avatar

Aug 12, 2010

MarioKart wii is very fun, and get you into playing it 24/7. I'll you all that after what the basics are, There are 3 cc's you start out with-50, 100, and 150cc, and you start out with 4 cups. You later unlock the other four cups and finally the Mirror Mode cc (all the courses are played like they're in a mirror). You also start out with 16 characters I believe. You later unlock 16 more. Now, to the exciting part, there are BIKES! Yes, the old "MK's" only let you dr...

skyp's avatar

Oct 06, 2010

This is, Id have to say, the best game I have ever played! I play it as much as I can! You start the game with 12 racers. As you progress through the game you earn ALOT more drivers. You also earn new BIKES and karts. You can drive your kart/bike two ways: with the wheel or by using the NUNCHUK. The cool thing about Mario Kart WII is that it introduces Bikes. When using a bike, you can do a wheelie. When in a wheelie, you are hardly able to turn. But, wheelies are only temparary. Like on the DS ...

Bramblefang's avatar

Sep 22, 2010

Mario Kart Wii is the latest Mario Kart created. It's a very fun multiplayer and a must get for the Wii. The point of the game is to have the most points by the end of the cup. You have eight cups to choose from and four different "difficulties" if you have unlocked everything. Mario Kart Wii has addition features from the past Mario Kart Games. You can actually ride motorbikes in this game. You may also play the new Coin Collecting game. There are also Retro Stages that you can r...

DarkCharizard's avatar

Nov 15, 2010

Mario Kart Wii, was a really great addition to Mario Kart Double Dash, because in this game you are able to pick the kind of Kart you want, or the kind of Bike you wanted, and there is more than 20 play-able characters, which give you time to try every one of them, and plus you are able to unlock new stages, and unlock new Karts, and Bikes. You also get new weapons better than Number One, and Number Two. Some of the characters, are really fun, and some of them are really bad, but either way you ...

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