Mario Strikers Charged Football Review

 [ WII ]

Mario Strikers Charged Football Review :

A Rage Inducing, BA video game

by yoshi114 Apr 11, 2012

Ahh, mario Sports, such fun you can have with them. especially when the game offers wi fi, like this one. And to all americans who dont know, this game is SOCCER. not american football, although it would be really freakin cool if Nintendo released a mario, american football game... anyway this game you play soccer, however not just regular soccer, in this game, you can hit ppl, trip, and make field long passes to your teammates. usually illegal in regular soccer. Basically there are no rules, other than to WIN, and be the best team. In "Road to The Striker Cup" it is the campaign, you must defeat all your opponents so you can win all three cups, The Fire Cup, The Crystal Cup, and The grand prize, The Striker Cup. each time you advance to a different cup or league, the opponents get harder and harder to beat.(unless you picked extreme at the begining) one downside to this game is there are only 3 unlockable Characters in the game, and NO unlockable sidekicks. To start each game you choose a captain, then you choose your sidekicks, which can be any coombination. then you choose the stage you will play at, after that, it's time to pwn noob! come on! we all know the basics of soccer!

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6Story line
There really isnt a storyline, at least i would not consider the campaign a storyline. If you have wifi you can play ppl from around the world.
the graphics were surprisingly good for a wii game from...2007? the characters, scenery and equipment were all pretty detailed.
the sound was beast. sound effects antway. but the music you dont really notice because you have to be focused on your game.
its a sport, with mario, and soccer which i am not a big fan of, but this soccer is different. its like american football and soccer combined. a combination as well put as chocolate and peanut butter!(notice the simile)
5Lasting Appeal
terrible, yet good. wifi can be a b**** if you *** at the game. there are many many no lifes who spend their whole day playing this game. just take a look at the "striker of the day" i have been that only once, and it lasted about 1 pitiful hour before someone else stole my spotlight wifi headline.
(Out of 10)


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