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Mega Man 10 Review :

The Classic Shall Continue

by Bramblefang Sep 27, 2010


Mega Man 10 is the 10th game in its main series. It is a 2D Platformer made by Capcom which was released on March 1, 2010. You can download this from Wii Ware, Playstation Network, or Xbox Live Arcade.


Roll comes back home to the lab one day. She eventually faints. Dr.Light finds out that Roll has caught a disease called "Roboenza" Apparently there is not a cure for it yet so Mega Man has to take care not to catch the disease as well!

Robots catch the disease, one after another. Some go crazy and start attacking everything. The world is in chaos once again. One day, a ship crashes into the ground. Who comes out of it? It's Dr.Wily of course! He has "apparently" been trying to make a cure for this new disease but his robots have turned on him. He asks Mega Man to help him [defeat the robots] Well, you accept for some random reason and Proto Man decides to join you.


As you go and start a new game, you have a few things to select in the beginning before you can do anything. First, you need to select which character you are going to use. If you paid attention to the intro, Proto Man decides to join Mega Man on his adventure. You can also play as Bass, Mega Man's rival, if you pay extra for him. It's harder to use Mega Man because he has less features than Proto Man does. Mega Man is relatively easy to control and has all of the abilities he had in Mega Man but he lacks the charge up shop and the use of sliding. Proto Man however is best to be used by beginners. He has a shield that can reflect projectiles, sliding, and the ability to charge up his shots. Use whoever you feel comfortable with. After you select your character, you have an option for difficulty. Easy mode makes the stages very easy. You get extra rotating platforms for easy maneuvering of the stages and an overload of power ups to make sure you won't die from losing all of your health.

You have eight robot masters to battle. These are Blade Man, Sheep Man, Pump Man, Nitro Man, Strike Man, Chill Man, Solar Man, and Commando Man. Each "robot master" have their own stage you must maneuver through to be able to fight the boss. Their themes vary and are usually based on the robot master itself. For example, Solar Man's Stage is a stage where you have to pass through fiery obstacles and enemies. Pump Man's stage is a sewer system with water related obstacles. At the end of the stage is a gate you must pass through. On the other end is the robot master of the stage who you have to fight. Their difficulties vary because they are weak to certain weapons that you obtain and almost immune to others. After defeating a robot master, you obtain a special weapon that is one of that robot master's moves. You get to use these weapons for the rest of the stages you haven't completed.

Each stage is 2D and you have to shoot enemies, jump from platform to platform, and avoid obstacles to be able to complete the stage. Each enemy has their own hp and will be destroyed after several hits. Some enemies will drop random items that can heal you, restore weapon energy, or give you screws to use later at the shop. You have your own health bar which will decrease every time you get hit by a move or dangerous obstacle. When it hits 0, you et destroyed. If you fall off screen which doesn't lead to a new area, you die as well.

After you complete a stage, you have the option to save and you are allowed to go buy power ups and other items at the Shop. If you've been keeping a close eye on the items dropped by enemies or just lying around on stages, you might have noticed that you collect screws that do nothing. At this shop, you are allowed to spend them to buy the items. The effects of the items vary from refilling your energy when needed to saving you from a certain death.

After defeating and completing all stages, you have one last area to complete. I don't want to spoil it for you even though it's quite obvious for those who played the past Mega Man games. I'll just say that you will have to complete a few more stages and a few bosses are at the end of each of them. There is also the Final Boss to face after you complete those stages.


Mega Man 10 is one of the better games you can get that's downloadable. Capcom expanded the types of gamers that can play this. You don't have to be a hardcore gamer to play Mega Man anymore.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
8Story line
Roll gets caught with Roboenza and so is the rest of the robots of the world. You end up helping out Wily to defeat the robots. It gives kind of a twist but I usually don't find the storyline of Mega Man games that strong.
Mega Man has converted from 8 bit to 16 bit to 8 bit again after the release of Mega Man 9. Sticking to 8 bit, they added a few cool animation and details to the stages. (Commando Man's stage has this sandstorm that comes in at random times.) It's amazing with what Capcom has done.
All sound has been carried throughout the Mega Man games. They make good and catchy eight bit music that I have never not like.
It's very easy to control Mega Man and Proto Man. The stages are pretty fun to complete and you don't have to be frustrated with dying because of the new difficulty setting.
10Lasting Appeal
This game is very fun to play and again, you won't be frustrated with dying because of the new difficulty settings. It's one of those games that help you raise your platforming skills.
(Out of 10)


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