Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Cheats

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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Cheats :

This page contains Metroid Prime 3: Corruption cheats list for WII version. Now we have 5 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 unlockable, 1 easter egg, 1 glitch, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - How to beat Berserker Lord, that green guy and grapple b

by pokemonmaster240 Jan 04, 2011

to beat bl when he faces you shoot the red things off with charge beam then when the purple balls

come shoot them then they go in him [get 5 in] DO NOT SHOOT THE BLUE ONES

then i think you have to shoot him.[manual] t o defeat the green guy [the ice guy] [not him dark samus]

when you stun him with charge beam scan him quickly then rip his armor off with grapple beam

then shoot him until he recharges his armor then when you beat him you get n ice missle.

grapple b get to that hill on bryoo then explode rock with morph bomb go through don't let snatchers catch you get other side get through door get grapple beam the end lets you swing on yellow things and helps you rip off armor i got the game.

missiledestroys red doors
grapple beamlets you swing on those yellow things
grapplerips off signs and rips off shimmering items
HYPER MODE ped suitgives you extreme power my make you corrupted
morph ball and morph bomblets you fit through small space and electronical bomb
regular shotopens blue door
corrupted [COMPLETED}turns you into dark samus
blue squareshow many lives you got
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Secret - First and second bosses on Metroid Prime 3 Corruption

by Henzy014 Sep 03, 2010

Okay Your on Metroid Prime new game new controls B= Jump and A= Shoot weird or what?! Anyways You get to the beserker lord with his sweaty armpits, you shoot them nothin happens after and soon he grows them back. You are supposed to, after shooting his armpits and scanning him , shoot these funny orbs he fires at you straight back at him, he gets angry! Now his brain is bulging out (what a dumbass!) shoot it and your done!!! Anyway skip a lot and a lot of gameplay and then... Oh no!!! A dragons dragging you to the center or the energy thingy ma wotsit!!! anyway shoot him all you like but the only time you do damage is when a ball of energy appears somewhere on his body indicating hes about to attack you. Okay so when that happens his guard is down so... SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!!! keep doing this and when his chest goes orange with energy dont let theb chance go by and really shoot. This is because he is vunreble for even longer than usual. After you do that a lot Samus should jump on his head and shoot his brains out HOORAH!!! But your still falling arent you!!! But dont worry ice guy appears and saves you and you owe him a favour, later on in the game you find out that you dont return the favour but kill him accidently, Whhops I told you to much!!! Anyway hope I helped.

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Unlockable - Corruption unlockables

by Unregistered Apr 22, 2010

It took me a while but I finaly figured out how to get these things most of them i did spell wrong

ice missledefeat rundas in bryyro
plasma beamdefeat ghor in elisia
grapple voltagedefeat gandrya in pirate homeworld
hyper balldefeat motage in the bryyro seed
hyper missledefeat hellios in the elisia seed
hyper beamobtain with P.E.D suit
P.E.D suitget all generateors online and go to the control tower in norion ( rundas gets genorateor B online for you )
nova beamdestroy the nova cannon in pirate home world
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Glitch - Stuck Rundus

by ShadowLord Apr 02, 2008

If You happen to hit Rundus in the air with a missile, he will crash into the wall and get stuck(an easy Target)

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Easter Egg - List

by cGub Sep 01, 2007

-Secret Message from Iwata.
When in Samus' ship, go to the radio And press the following symbols.
Going from left to right, press the second symbol, the seventh symbol, the fifth symbol and then the first symbol.
You'll be greeted by Iwata himself. Of course, this is in Japanese.

A brief translation...
Hello, this is Iwata from Nintendo.
A president has to take things really seriously, even if it doesn't seem like it. It's understandable if you lose weight from stress...but I get fatter instead. Nobody thinks I'm taking it seriously.

-Secret Message from Miyamoto
When in Samus' ship, go to the radio and press the following symbols:
Going from left to right, press the eighth symbol, the third symbol, the fifth symbol and then the fourth symbol.
You will then hear a message from Mr. Miyamoto!

A rough translation:
Ah, can you hear me? This is Miyamoto.
All of you playing Metroid, can you hear me?
It’s fun, isn’t it?
I’ve also worked on many [Metroid] games, but this one is the best yet, don’t you think?
Definitely play it all the way to the end.
See you!

-Bumper Stickers for your ship
Having these games on your Wii system memory will cause your ship to get decals when you enable the bumper sticker bonus:
Wii play
Wii sports
Zelda: Twilight Princess
Paper Mario
Metroid Prime 3

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Hints - Secret List

by cGub Sep 01, 2007

-Unlock Hyper Mode Difficulty
Beat the game and you will get Hyper Mode Difficulty

-Unlock Extended Ending
Collect at least 75% or more of suit upgrades to view an extended ending once you complete the game.

-100% Ending
Collect all 100 pickups to view a secret ending clip after the game credits.

-Reveal all item locations
Go to the place in Skytown when you have to get the first part of the bomb you have to make using your ship. Near the bottom there is some Phazite, shoot the switch inside to activate the satelite system. Go to the top and go around the walls using the spiderball tracks and bomb all the bomb slots to get markers on your map for where every expansion(missle,ship missle,and E tanks) is in every part of the game, except the items that are in the Valhalla

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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Cheats


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