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MySims Agents Review :


by pinkygirl Jan 04, 2011

This is my favorite console version of any Sims game ever! It is challenging yet basic in its concept. I read some reviews on game stop's website and a lot of the reviews we negative because the buyers were buying the game for their children and it is very reader intensive. I believe this is a game for Sims Enthusiast, not new comers or young children. If you are not familiar with Sims or are under, I don't know, 10, then you may be bored with this game. I LOVE it!

Other people commented and complained about the aspect of the game where you send others to do missions for you. The game allows you to hire agents to work for you. They go out in the field and do small jobs for you. you interact with them by selecting options of things for them to do. Sure its not as fun as doing the case yourself but it does keep the action going and keep you busy. I enjoy this feature very very much and am always very excited to send out my agents.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
10Story line
Very intriguing, entertaining and good at keeping me busy. There were constantly things to do! The agents i hired always popped up to keep me busy.
Wii quality but good to look at. The sims are oh so cute and easy to look at. the create a sim options are good too and i like the way the sim create screen works on this.
I like the sounds. Not to overwhelming or under whelming. you can also turn certain sounds up down or off.
Easy to control and learn how to use items. Character moves well and is easy to control. jumping is easy and that is usually an issue for me, trying to get my sim on top of a building.
10Lasting Appeal
I haven't played non-stop nor have I finished the game but I feel challenged and if I were to finish the game I would play it again.
(Out of 10)


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