Need for Speed Carbon Review

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Need for Speed Carbon Review :

The best racing game for the Wii ever!!!

by cheatgurugye Aug 06, 2010

I'm going to start my review by saying "YOU MUST BUY THIS GAME OR YOUR LIFE ISN'T COMPLETE"!!!!

Here's a list of five things you'll wanna know about this game.

  1. This game starts shortly after Need for Speed Most Wanted when you escape a cop ambush and everyone else (that was racing) gets arrested.
  2. There are four rival crew terrtories when you start the game.
  3. you must beet all the races in the area your attacking/taking over before you challenge the boss of that rival crew that runs that area.
  5. And this game is a "must have"!
  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
10Story line
The Story line is great :) Its kinda hard for me to discribe why its so good , but I'll try my best. Well the races, drift, and checkpoint events are really fun and hard. Plus sometimes you get reward cards when you beet some of them.
THE GRAPHICS ARE AWSOME!!! Its almost real! The people, the cars, buildings, EVERYTHING LOOKS REAL!!!
I think the sounds ok. The sound effects are great but the game wasn't recorded in sround sound so I give it a 9. But I still like it :)
I rated the game's gamplay an 8 because its fun in so many ways, but there's alot I don't like about it too. In the game you'll have to do super hard races and duals. And plus when you win bounty from cop pursuits, that money doesn't go to carrier mode! Other than that, I like the gamplay :)
10Lasting Appeal
This game is a MUST BUY!!! Nintendo has finally made a game that is about cars, and the game is great :D
(Out of 10)


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