New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review :

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review

by Dzwsin Aug 10, 2010

When you first start out the game in world one, you only have one level unlocked. When you go to that level for the first time you get sorta of a tutorial. As you progress you unlock more levels, worlds and even bosses, but you can also unlock shortcuts to skip levels and even worlds. But along the way you can still collect coins, star coins, 1-ups .

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7Story line
When you first start out the game you get a short video thatshows Bowser's minions capture peach on her birth day, then as you progress the game gets slightly more challenging. In the end you fight Bowser and save the princess, just like all of the Mario games.
The Graphics werent bad, its better than most mario games and it serta has a 3-d look the wat that the charicters are shapes ans how yoshi turns arround, but because of the world map its 3-d perspective gives it a good rateing.
The sound qulity was GREAT,you can hear mario really clearly over the background noise and there are soo many sound affects that are soo clear... but i think that the muffeled sound screaming for help when mario is trapped in a bubble on 2 player mode is really great
The Gameplay wasent bad, the controals werent hard to figuer out and it was fin playing alone but its even better on 2 player. but old-time mario players will have a hard time keeping up with experianced players.
10Lasting Appeal
the lighting was perfect for all levels, it was dark for levels like "Bowsers Castle" but bright for levels out in the open, ans in the middle for under water levels over all the lighting was soo good it reduced the glare on the screne of the tv when the sun hits it
(Out of 10)


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