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Paper Mario Cheats :

This page contains Paper Mario cheats list for WII version. Now we have 16 cheats in our list, which includes 5 easter eggs, 11 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Paper Mario on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

PaPer Mario boss Bowser (st round) & Bowser (Final Battle)

by pyromasteromegaz Oct 03, 2008

Bowser (st round)HP: 50 Attack Power: 8 (Fire blast) 6 (Stamp/slash Attacks) Def: 1

Well this first battle against Bowser may seem tough but it's really a piece of cake for now. For the first couple rounds just use regular attacks (also, make sure Watt is your current partner). After Bowser uses the Star Rod to make himself invincible have Mario use the Star Beam to void that power temporarily. Now's your chance to attack! Watch out when Bowser uses his attack where he crushes Mario because it'll temporarily disable one of your attacks! Also his swiping attack will also poison Mario so be careful! Repeat this pattern after he regains the Star Rod's power until you beat him this round.

Bowser (Final Battle)HP: 99 Attack Power: 10 (Fire blast) 8 (Stamp/slash Attacks) Def: 2

Wow this is definitely the final battle with Bowser himself! This is going to be one hell of a long battle, so braceyourself for a fight! Basically, he's a much stronger version of the battle you had with him inside the castle moments earlier. It's highly recommended you avoid his Stamp Attack by pressing A before impact. If you're not careful he'll disable one of your battle options for a few rounds! The battle plan here is the same as last time whenever Bowser uses the Star Rod use the Star Beam. Since it won't affect Bowser, you'll see a quick scene with Twink rescuing the Princess, then having to fight with Kammy. In that fight just use their abilities to get through it all. After that's over Peach will wish for Mario and that will charge up the Star Spirits' powers. They will appear and charge Mario up giving him the Peach Beam. Use the Peach Beam in battle to void the Star Rod's powers. Use that time to hit Bowser quickly with strong attacks. Watch out because when you weaken him enough he'll use the Star Rod to recover a good chunk of his HP (as if fighting him was bad enough). Keep on repeating the above pattern of using the Peach Beam then attacking to get through this battle. Also, it's agood thing if you have several Life Shrooms so you'll keep getting revived after Bowser takes all your HP. Continue the @ssault until you finally defeat Bowser for good and beat this game!

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paPer mario boss Lava Piranha & Lava Bud

by pyromasteromegaz Oct 03, 2008

HP: 40 (Piranha) 8 (Bud) Attack Power: 5 (Piranha) 4 (Bud) Def: both 0

This giant fiery plant is pretty tough if you think about it.All 3 parts of the plant (the main body, and the 2 smaller parts) shoot fire at you to attack. It's recommended you have Sushie as your partner, and the Fire Shield and Ice Power Badges equipped for this as well. Use Jump attacks and Sushie's Tidal Wave and Squirt attacks to cause massive damage to the plants. It's recommended you take out the Lava Buds first; that way, you won't have to worry about them attacking you for now.
Keep attacking the giant Lava Piranha until it all sinks into the lava, only to emerge again, covered with fire! Also, all 3 parts will become fully charged once again. This time around though, water attacks take more HP away from them, plus when they're hit, they'll be temporarily out of commission. Repeat the same attack pattern as before to defeat this creature the second and final time.

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PaPer Mario boss General Guy and Shy guy's

by pyromasteromegaz Oct 03, 2008

HP:30 Attack power:4 Def:2

When you first enter the battle you will have to fight a Shy Squad. Just
Jump on it to get rid of the Shy Guys and keep attacking it until all Shy
Guys are gone from it. Next General Guy will send out two Stilt Guys. Jump
on them since they’re on stilts and use Smack to beat them up. General Guy
will then make Shy Stacks appear. Again Jump on them to get rid of the Shy
Guys one by one. After beating them the idiot general will finally fight
you. Notice how there’s a bulb for you to attack. Don’t waste turns
attacking it – it only gets rid of one of his attacks which doesn’t really
do much damage anyway. You can take it out to get rid of his stronger
attack but it definitely is a waste of time since it makes you very
vulnerable. Besides he doesn’t have a lot of HP anyway. Just Jump on him
and use Star Storm when possible.

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PaPer Mario boss Huff N. Puff and Tuff Puff

by pyromasteromegaz Oct 03, 2008

HP: 60 (Huff N. Puff) 1 (Tuff Puff) Attack Power: 5 (Huff N. Puff) 2 (Tuff Puff) Def: both 0

This battle can be a pretty long one if you don't have a good strategy here. Also it helps to have Lakilester in your team for this fight as well. Each time you attack this boss smaller Tuff Puffs will fall off and attack. Use an attack to hit the whole party because if you don't Huff N. Puff will inhale the smaller clouds and regain some HP. After a few rounds Huff N. Puff will become electrically charged for a really strong attack, which will take about 12 HP off of you! Keep your HP and FP up and continue with all the strong attacks until you finally defeat this creature.

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PaPer Mario boss Crystal King and Crystal Bit

by pyromasteromegaz Oct 03, 2008

HP: 70 (King) 1 (Bit) Attack Power: 6 (King) N/A (Bit) Def: 2 (King), 0 (Bit)

Well this battle is really tough especially since this boss's attacks take a good amount of HP from you. I recommend you have Lakilester as your partner as well as several good attack Badges equipped. Also a couple of HP Plus Badges won't hurt too much. Anyway the Crystal King summons Crystal Bits toattack you during this battle so those can be pretty annoying. Use lots of really strong attacks with their action commands to cause lots of damage through the king's high defense power.Have Lakilester use Spiny Surge to destroy the Crystal Bits and hurt the Crystal King all in one shot. Also beware since this boss can freeze Mario in his tracks for a few rounds. After you weaken him enough the Crystal King will summon 2 clones although you can only hurt the real one. Use a multi-target attack to hit them all. Watch out because he'll also recover 20 HP when he's running low. Keep up your attacks until you defeat this annoying and tough boss.

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inVincible Tubba Blubba,Tubba Blubba's Heart

by pyromasteromegaz Oct 02, 2008

invincible Tubba Blubba HP:10 attack power:4 def:X
avoid him

Tubba Blubba's Heart HP:50 attack power:6/12 def:0
This is Tubba Blubba's Heart! It is the reason
Tubba Blubba is invincible and if you defeat it
you might have a chance of defeating the
"Invincible Tubba Blubba!"! Just keep using
Power Jump and Bow's Smack to deal damage to it.
Use Boo's Outta Sight move when you see the Heart
charging up for his next attack.

none invincible Tubba Blubba
HP10 attack power:4 def:0

The Tubba Blubba with his heart is quite different
and is now quite weak. He has low HP and you
should be able to defeat his weak form within
no less than 2 turns.

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LuIgi's Diary

by Bramblefang Nov 19, 2009

When you get the Super Boots, go to Mario's and Luigi's house. Go to the room with their beds. Ground pound on the place on the floor that looks lifted. You should go down the floor and find the secret room where Luigi keeps his diary.

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FrEe unlimited hearts

by dgmm7797 Sep 12, 2008

While in toad town, from the post office head to the right. Eventualy you will see 3 blue creatures. The one on the left moves its eyes, and the other two dont. Walk in circles around the one with moving eyes to recive more and more hearts!

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OrIginal Mario music

by dgmm7797 Sep 12, 2008

When a new chapter begins, wait a little while and the original ''Super Mario Bros.'' music will play.

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UnLimited levelling up and easy exp

by dgmm7797 Sep 12, 2008

Normally all enemies stop giving you star points when you pass a certain level and you're forced to visit a new area to be able to build any levels. However, there is one hidden enemy in the game you can fight repeatedly regardless of your level and will give you over 40 star points, the equivalent of fighting 40 easy enemies.

In the flower fields, take the bottom right hand path and cross the spikes with lakilister. A glowing amayzee dayzee will randomly appear with 1/4 odds. It may run away, so try a dizzy spin attack to daze it before the battle starts and kill it in two turns for massive star points. Travel two screens away and repeat the battle to hit the max level easily.

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HoW to make as much money as you want!

by Cheatzo Aug 11, 2007

You will need the following:

-Toy Box Chapter Completed.
-First Attack Badge equipped.
-Become a high enough level to kill shy guys with a First Attack Badge.
-To open the pipe that leads straight to Bow's Mansion.
-At least 18 coins.
-Make sure Tayce T. can cook 2 items at once!

Go into the Toy Box. As soon as you enter, go west. Avoid the Yellow Shy Guy and the Dancing Shy Guy on your way. When you get into the room with Shy Guys that hold items, mug the following items from them:

-2 Cake Mixes
-A Mushroom
-Maple Syrup

Leave the Toy Box and head for Bow's Mansion. Go into the Boo's shop and buy a Super Shroom. There, they only cost 13 coins, instead of the high price of 20 coins in toad town. Go back to Toad Town and buy a Mushroom for 5 coins. Head over to Tayce T. and cook the Cake mixes with the Mushrooms. You'll get 2 Shroom Cakes. Cook the Super Shroom with the Maple Syrup and you'll get a Maple Super. Go to the Store to your left and sell all three of the items you made. You'll get a total of 57 coins when you do this! Repeat these steps as many times as you want. It's a little Time consuming, but it's worth it!

Mushroom + Cake Mix = Shroom Cake (You make 20 coins when you sell this.)
Mushroom + Cake Mix = Shroom Cake (You make 20 coins when you sell this.)
Maple Syrup + Super Shroom = Maple Super (You make 35 coins when you sell this.)

Total so far: 75 Coins - Mushroom (5 Coins) = 70 Coins - Super Shroom (13 Coins) = 57 Coins

Grand Total: 57 Coins - x AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT! - 18 Coins for each time.


75 Coins x 5 = 375 Coins
18 Coins x 5 = 90 Coins
375 Coins - 90 Coins = 285 Coins

In other words, This secret CAN and WILL get you as many coins as your heart desires! (Yes, even 999 Coins.) RATE!!!

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