Pitfall: The Big Adventure Requests

 [ WII ]

feb 01, 2009Pitfall: The Big Adventure [ WII ]   Submitted

We keep seeing shaman that we can't get to because they're too high - one in the Turtle Monument and another in the Renegade Fort. Does anyone know how to reach the shaman?


Secret - Two hard shamans:

Turtle Monument:Go to the very left of the turtle.If you see another breakable wall,then throw tnt at it or get one of the MMMs(Mega Monkey MOMs)mad(not with baby)and go under it.Wall gets smashed for path.

Renegade Fort:Get to the top of the fort. Look at the gate.Jump of to the very left of it. If you land on land where two Renegades pop out, then thats good.Now roll around untill you find a hole to go through.Go through it.