Pokemon Battle Revolution Review

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Pokemon Battle Revolution Review :

mr 3D

by greenemerald Dec 06, 2010

Pokemon Battle Revolution is a 3D version of Pokemon diamond and pearl which you start off on a plane called Poketopia Airlines were you will be asked for a name. When we get to Poketopia we get a chance to choose between 2 rental pokemon cards. Soon you,l be able to if you have diamond or pearl can transfer pokemon and make your own card which is a lot better than a rental. You will be able to use wi_fi as well although you can,t transfer pokemon if they are in the past 3 genorations. You go through a total of 10 battle arenas all with different rules. This game has its pros and cons but like i always say enjoy the review.

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7Story line
The storyline was a bit boring because you were not able to explore places and 10 battle arenas just is not enough.
The graphics unlike the storyline were mindblowing you get to see the moves in 3D and the pokemon had fainting sprites to
The sound was great never has any gliches and the music is aweinspiring. But i wish they made some remake music from the past games
the gameplay was basiclly the same as the past 2 games you battle unlock and you just keep doing that all over again
9Lasting Appeal
This game is a good game that would keep you going although the price tag is a tiny bit high but still worth the money
(Out of 10)


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