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Pokemon Rumble Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Rumble cheats list for WII version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 6 passwords, 1 unlockable, 2 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Rumble on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Password - Unlockable Pokemon

by QueenLily Dec 07, 2009

These codes only work for North America only.
Thank CheatCodeCentral for these codes.

7927-6161Unlocks Charmander
9580-1423Unlocks Blastoise
7968-4528Unlocks Charizard
7540-5667Unlocks Cherrim(Positive form)
8104-8384Unlocks Chimchar
0511-0403Unlocks Eevee
9849-3731Unlocks Rattatta
6824-2045Unlocks Squirtle
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Password - UK EU Passwords

by Bramblefang Dec 07, 2009

Here are some passwords for pokemon. This is for the Europe version of the game.

Sky Shaymin6838-5121
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Password - Aikotoba passwords

by Unregistered Mar 08, 2010

3884-9402 Rattata
2110-9011 Pikachu
8106-8836 Zapdos
9236-7400 Bibarel
6614-0248 Mew
6295-6406 Ninetales
9966-1569 Rotom
1923-1298 Cherrim
5873-1954 Eevee
9600-4319 Charizard
7702-2229 Leafeon
0331-4118 Chimchar
9986-3607 Probopass
7653-3521 Parasect
2405-3396 Snorlax
7837-7094 Sky Forme Shaymin
9338 1684 Vaporeon
3421 4198 Origin Forme Giratina
9266-8795 Togekiss
0752-0878 Regigigas
3111-7449 Electivire
9721 3750 Lucario
1770-0982 Bidoof
5958-6223 Magmortar
9965-2344 Weavile
3376-0940 Dragonite
6998-4642 Pikachu (Shiny)
6106-1639 Magnezone
2219-8658 Hippowdon
1824-8991 Garchomp
6750-2839 Gyrados
8379-5196 Bronzong
8473-9946 Glaceon
7213-6317 Munchlax
9465-8823 Raichu

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Secret - How to easily get pokemon

by grandchasefan7 Jan 29, 2010

Ok your probaly gonna need fast reflex for this in thumbs that is ok here what you do kill every single other pokemon other then the one you want to catch and then when there all gone pick a pokemon tthat will do about 15 damage to the pokemon you wanna catch keep attacking with that pokemon until it gets dazzed (not paralyzed) and then quickly get out a strong pokemon and kill the dazed pokemon and abra-cadabra its yours!! hope this helped ^^ if you have any questions please Message me them

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Password - Unlockable pokemon

by Unregistered Oct 26, 2009

Enter these codes in the red box at the stage select screen. These pokemon are either very hard or impossible to unlock without these codes. They have some awesome moves too!

(Tested for Japanese version, but will probably work in the english version as well.)

8106-8836Unlocks Zapdos
6614-0248Unlocks Mew
9966-1569Unlocks Rotom
9600-4319Unlocks Charizard
7837-7094Unlocks Shaymin Sky-Forme
3421-4198Unlocks Giratina Origin-Forme
0752-0878Unlocks Regigigas
9721-3750Unlocks Lucario
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Secret - The easiest way to befriend pokemon

by assassin9 Mar 15, 2010

First, you will need a cubone the strongest level possible ( if its scrappy or gusty better) with the attack endeavor and another random strong attack. then when u see the pokemon u want, destroy every other pokemon on the level. then attack the pokemon u want with endeavor, u should give only 1 damage. do that until he wobbles and then strike him with the other strong attack and its all yours. it always works with me, and it works with bosses too but they are harder to wobble.

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Unlockable - Unlockable pokemon

by Unregistered Mar 08, 2010

Releasing 5 copies of the same Pokmon at the release kiosk results in a Ticket for a Pokmon from the released Pokmons evolution line. However, by releasing certain combinations of Pokmon, it is possible to obtain Tickets for entirely new Pokmon, including Pokmon that dont appear in the wild.

Cheat Effect
Pidgeot + Fearow + Jynx + Lapras Articuno
Pidgeot + Fearow + Raichu + Electabuzz Zapdos
Charizard + Pidgeot + Fearow + Magmar Moltres
Dialga + Palkia + Giratina Mewtwo
5x Mothim Burmy Sand/Trash Cloak
5x Burmy Grass Cloak Wormadam Sand/Trash Cloak
5x Gastrodon East Sea Shellos West Sea
5x Shellos East Sea Gastrodon West Sea
Rotom + Vaporeon Wash Rotom
Rotom + Flareon Heat Rotom
Rotom + Jolteon Spin Rotom
Rotom + Leafeon Cut Rotom
Rotom + Glaceon Frost Rotom
Dragonite + Bastiodon + Lucario + Garchomp + Magnezone Dialga
Blastoise + Gyarados + Dragonite + Empoleon + Garchomp Palkia
Gengar + Dragonite + Garchomp + Spiritomb + Dusknoir Giratina
Lapras + Vaporeon Phione
3x Phione Manaphy
Wash Rotom + Heat Rotom + Spin Rotom + Cut Rotom + Frost Rotom Darkrai
Arcanine + Charizard + Kangaskhan + Bastiodon + Arbok Shaymin

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Password - Pokemon Unlockables

by Bramblefang Nov 20, 2009

These are some passwords you can type in somewhere in the game. These are the US version codes.

1589-3955Unlock Venusaur
7540--5667Unlock Cherrim
0511-0403Unlock Eevee
9580-1423Unlock Blastoise
9561-8808Unlock Mew
8672-1076Unlock Turtwig
7968-4528Unlock Charizard
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Password - EU Pokemon Passwords

by Unregistered Mar 08, 2010

5221-1368 Mew
5631-9548 Eevee
6921-0136 Bulbasaur
5982-9039 Charmander
1250-2002 Squirtle
6838-5121 Sky Forme Shaymin
3280-5739 Giratina (Origin Form)
0215-3612 Shiny Rattata
2424-3624 Shiny Bidoof

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