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Pokemon Rumble Review :

Repetitive But Action Packed

by Bramblefang Sep 28, 2010


Pokemon Rumble is a Wii Ware game that can be bought for 1500 Wii Points. It was made by Ambrella & The Pokemon Company and was released on November 16, 2009.


Pokemon Rumble strays away from all that turn based systems that are in games like Pokemon Blue, Red, White, Black, Platinum, Diamond, Pearl, etc. It's not even similar to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Games. The whole play style of Pokemon is different in Rumble. It's a beat em up style game. You start off as a Rattata (I know. Why couldn't we be Pikachu or one of the starters?) and you try to enter a contest called the Battle Royale. This lets you test out the moves and controls. Anyway, you lose being weak and you get kicked out. A new stage will open called Silent Forest. In these stages, you will collect Pokemon and money to become the strongest er...team[?] in the world. There are six stages in all. They are Silent Forest, Windy Prairie, Eternal Tower, Bright Beach, Rocky Cave, and Fiery Furnace.

Let me tell you about the controls. The D-Pad is what you press the move around. 2 let's you use a Pokemon Move while 1 is what you press for a secondary move if your Pokemon knows a second one.

There are a few features at the bottom of the main area where you can go to a stage or Battle Royale. The Red terminal thing lets you recruit Pokemon without battling for it. You need to pay some Poke Money for it or you can type in a password to get a special Pokemon. Check the Cheats section of this game for some codes. The Blue terminal lets you release Pokemon. You get money for releasing one and some combinations of releasing Pokemon will get you another Pokemon. [For example, release 5 Pokemon of the same kind and you get its evolved form] The Lottery Terminal lets you pay Poke Money to have the Pokemon your using learn a random move. This is all about luck so you might not want the move it will allow you to learn. You can always refuse to learn the move. The Wii Remote terminal allows you to put copies of your Pokemon to the Wii Remote so you can bring it to a friend's house and use the Pokemon there. The People Terminal allows you to add or remove players. You can have up to four people playing at the same time. The 6th terminal is your Pokemon collection. The 7th =has some information you might want to read if you just started playing the game.

In each stage, you fight Pokemon. As you know already, 1 & 2 lets you use a move. These moves have unlimited PP so you can spam the moves at the enemy. Each move has their own effect. Some can raise their stats while others can put a status problem on the enemy. Each move also has a base power represented by stars. The more stars a move has, the more damage it does. You also have a health bar. When it reaches zero, you need to switch to a different part member. If you die three times, you get kicked out of the stage.

In stages, their are a whole bunch of different Pokemon you can fight. [Only 1st & 4th Generation Pokemon based on mode] They are mainly based on 2 - 4 different types of Pokemon. In Silent Forest, you can find Grass and Bug Type Pokemon. In Eternal Tower, there are Dark, Pyschic, Poison, and Ghost Type Pokemon. Some Pokemon will shine and fall to the ground when being defeated. If you pick them up, they will join your party and they will be playable. Those who just disappear will drop money.

Some Pokemon will have an "ability". These abilities help the Pokemon in some way. Some let the Pokemon use moves quickly, gain x2 money, have resistance against a certain type, and other things. There are also some very rare Pokemon you might find in the wild. These are called shiny Pokemon. They are different colored from other Pokemon of its type so you should try to get these to join your party.

At the end of each stage is a "boss" These are bigger and evolved forms of Pokemon you may have found in the wild at earlier areas of the stage. They have a big health bar and you must get it to zero to complete the stage. Each boss has their own "hench men" There are four Pokemon that will surround the boss and will help it defeat you. After you defeat the boss, it will disappear or become a toy that you can collect so it will join you party and it will drop a huge amount of money. You can exit the stage after.

After you complete a certain amount of stages, you will be able to enter a Battle Royale. In a Battle Royale, you have to battle a huge amount of Pokemon in the given time [you can add seconds to the time by defeating each Pokemon and collecting the timer they drop] There will be a number that says how many Pokemon are left. When most of the Pokemon are defeated, one or a few bosses will appear. You need to defeat them and the rest of the Pokemon to win the Battle Royale. You also get a Money Prize.

After you win the Battle Royale, you are allowed to enter the next level. [Yes. THE NEXT LEVEL] You need to do the same thing over again D: The only difference is that there are new Pokemon and that the Pokemon are stronger. There are four ranks. They are C, B, A, and S. After you complete Level S, you get a credits scene. After you finish the credits, you find out that you've unlocked "Another Mode" ... D: I think the major difference is that the main mode only had the 1st Gen Pokemon while Another Mode has 4th Gen Pokemon. After you do all of that again, you unlock Ex Mode. Ex Mode has both 1st and 4th Generation Pokemon while it raises the power of the Pokemon again. In addition to that, you need to do two rounds of the Battle Royale in a row to complete it. There are also different "stages" on the Battle Royale this time.


Well, you're pretty much bored of the repetitiveness by now. You also might be thinking [Was it really worth $15?] I really think it should've been worth $10. You like the game for the first hour or two but when you realize that you need to do the same thing over and over again, :/ If they had at least put a Wifi feature in this or some stage builder, it may have been a bit fun but they didn't so....it's up to you whether you want this or not.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
5Story line
You just want to become the strongest Pokemon. The only problem is...you can't level up. You're main goal is to win the Battle Royale but it seems to be less of a better story than those of D/P or G/S.
They reused the Pokemon Ranch looks for the Pokemon. They don't look perfect but it is acceptable, I guess.
They reuse the theme for every stage and battle sequence so you'll be hearing the same thing over and over. They are suitable for whatever its playing for though.
The controls are simple and the battle system is pretty different and fun. This is the only good aspect of the game.
6Lasting Appeal
What really gets you is the repetitiveness. Unless you want to collect every single Pokemon, you'll probably stop playing after several hours of gameplay.
(Out of 10)


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ziko    wrote on sep 29, 2010 4:18 pm
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Bramblefang    wrote on sep 29, 2010 7:30 pm


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