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Punch-Out! Review :

Little Review

by Bramblefang Sep 26, 2010


Punch Out Wii is the third installment of the Punch Out series. It is basically a remake of the original Punch Out for NES, but it adds a few characters from Super Punch Out.


Little Mac, the protagonist is a rookie boxer who meets up with a chocolate loving guy names Doc Louis. Doc trains Mac to become the greatest boxer in the world.

The box art probably already gave you an impression that you're going to be boxing in the game. You have to beat boxers from around the world. The first level is the Minor Circuit. You have to box with 4 boxers. They are Glass Joe, Von Kaiser, Disco Kid, and King Hippo. After you beat all four of them, you advance to the next level: The Major Circuit. You face Piston Hondo, Bear Hugger, Great Tiger, and Don Flamenco. After you beat those four, you move up to the World Circuit, the final level. You face five boxers in this circuit. They are Aran Ryan, Soda Popinski, Bald Bull, Super Macho Man, and finally Mr.Sandman who is the champion. After you become the champion, you enter the mode which is called Title Defense. In Title Defense, you protect your belt from being taken from other boxers. You reface all of the boxers you have beaten before. The difference is that they are upgraded with different tricks to beat you. After Title Defense, you are put onto Last Stand Mode. In this mode, you battle random boxers until you lose three times and the game ends.

As for controls, you have the option to use the Wii Remote sideways or the Wii Remote & the Nunchuck. If you use the Wii Remote, the controls act like the NES controls. If you decide to use the Wii Remote + Nunchuck, you pretend the controls are your boxing gloves.

In a boxing match, you punch the opponent in their "open" spot. This reduces their health meter and bringing that down to zero will knock down that boxer. You can either punch their face or jab them in the body. Some will take more damage by being hit in the face and some might take more damage by being jabbed in the body. Sometimes, the opponent will be an *** and will taunt you in some exotic way. This is a chance for you to punch them in the correct area. By doing this correctly, you will receive a star. This star can be used to do a Star Punch or another term is an uppercut. These are very powerful and about every boxer Little Mac has faced have been scared of this punch. You can collect up to three Stars to maximize the power of the Star Punch.

Each boxer have their own unique move (excluding Glass Joe on your first match) King Hippo and Bear Hugger have this move where it's like they hug you. Bald Bull completely rams into you for an instance KO. Piston Hondo does these quick punches that you have to block in order to not be hit. All of these have a way to be dodged or countered. Some even put the boxer who is using the move in danger. What's good is that you can fight a simulation of them before you have a match with them so you can learn their moves and how they fight.

Music Sample: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Punch Out is the best boxing game I have ever played on the Wii. It's a game you should add to your collection.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
7Story line
To tell the truth, this game really doesn't have a storyline. It would be a nice touch if it had one though.
The graphics are good. This is probably just me, but sometimes the camera angles at the boxers and some parts of their body looks hand drawn.
The music is very fluid (and catchy) My favorites are the Minor Circuit and Sandman's themes. (Look at the review for music sample)
The controls are very easy to learn and matches are very fun, exciting, and is sometimes challenging.
10Lasting Appeal
My lasting appeal of this game was very high. It was fun seeing what each boxer was like and especially how they changed in Title Defense. Sometimes it is frustrating when you can't beat a boxer but you'll eventually figure a way to beat him.
(Out of 10)


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