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Resident Evil 4 Cheats :

This page contains Resident Evil 4 cheats list for WII version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 4 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Resident Evil 4 on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Change Costumes in Mercenaires (Leon/Ada Only)

by The-Zelda-Master Dec 18, 2008

Leon/W Jacket Hold 1 Then Press A.Leon/W R.P.D. Suit Hold + Then Press A.Leon/W Michal Jackson Suit Hold + and 1 then press A.Ada/W sepreat ways Suit Hold 1 then press A.Ada/W Assighment Ada Suit Hold 1 And + Then Press A.

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Unlockable - Got some rare things on sale, stranger .

by PacMan69 Oct 19, 2009

BUY- List Updated
SELL- Dont like anything you have, Stranger
TUNE UP- Not important enough, Stranger
QUIT- Would be best.

Dont come back anytime soon.

NEW- Chicargo Typewriter $1,000,000Beat Seperate Ways once.
NEW- Infinite Launcher $1,000,000Beat the game once on any difficluty
NEW- Matilda $70,000Beat the game once on any difficluty
NEW- Tactical Vest $60,000Get to the island level for the 1st time
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Unlockable - What you get when you beat the game

by thisguyrocks May 29, 2009

Just a couple of notes regarding the following unlockables, you should read the list before this. The knight's armor makes ashley invincible to anything, i tried firing a rocket launcher at her, and it didn't kill her but it killed the merchant:) The Chicago Typewriter has infinite bullets and has a firepower of 10.0 for each shot. The Chicago Typewriter and the infinite launcher are both a million dollars, but the matilda is only seventy thousand. When you try to reload the Chicago typewriter, Leon will instead adjust his hat. Do this three times and the fourth he will throw his hat into the air and strike a pose, distracting the ganados. This only works with the NY mafia suit. When you wear the NY mafia suit, it will not show up in cutscenes. Upgrade the handcannon all the way to exclusive, it's capacity will increase to infinite and firepower to 99.9 for each shot. It's slow though, and takes its own kind of ammo, just like the mine launcher. Handcannon ammo is worth the most for ammo, but don't sell all your guns because you have that, buy the Chicago typewriter. Little hint, beat saddler with regular attacks and keep the special launcher, its worth thirty thousand dollars. The PRL-419 will get the whole room of ganados, so its: 'a wise choice mate, its ammo will penetrate just about anything.' Sorry, i just had to quote that line from the purchase of a punisher. That's like the only time he doesn't call you 'stranger' other than when you sell things. The hip hop outfit and R.P.D. uniform don't do anything, they're just for looks, so that's why they're in the cutscenes. Finally, about the chainsaw. Who has the free time to play through professional 22 times! It's quite useful, though.

Seperate ways mode (play as Ada)Beat the game on normal
Leon in R.P.D. uniform ( costume special 1 )Beat the game on normal
Assignment AdaBeat the game on normal
Matilda (burst fire handgun)Beat the game on normal
Infinite launcherBeat the game on normal
The Mercenaries minigameBeat the game on normal
Movie browserBeat the game on normal
Leon in New York mafia suit and hat ( costume special 2 )Beat seperate ways mode
Ashley's hip hop outfitStart a game with the R.P.D. uniform
Ashley's knight's armorStart a game with the New York mafia suit
HandcannonGet 5 stars on every level in the mercenaries
Plaga Removal Laser (PRL-419)Beat the game on professional
Assignment Ada uniform in main gameStart a game with the R.P.D. uniform
Chicago Typewriter ( 1920's Thompson... 

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Secret - CT (Chicago Typwriter)

by miggy Mar 16, 2009

wen u buy the chicago typwriter there are certain poses for leon s kennedy but first of all u need to unlock the "mafia" outfit which is in the game seperate ways after beating the original resident evil 4 with leon's scinario then as ur hloding the CT chicago typeriter swing ur wii remote so u reload then do it several times to do a pose (tilts hat) then again holding the B button quckly swing ur wii remote down then up u gotta do this quckliy in order to throw leons hat in the ayer then a micheal jackson pose lol ^-^ enjoy it trust me!!!

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Secret - Killing salazar quick version (way)

by miggy Mar 16, 2009

by killing him first of all purchase the rocket launcher and the riot gun or striker or magnum/killer7 then shoot salazar's eye then salazar's upper body and head will appear out of the shell thing equip ur rocket launcher shoot him in the head boom boom he is dead and if not u did it rong so careful u could miss cuz i never missed yet but some day i might if im clumsy enough!!! lol ^-^

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Secret - Eyes!!! on da floor

by Unregistered Mar 16, 2009

when u enter the room with leon and ashley in the ''bug lvl''(wen ashley gets tookin away) notice u c dis big huge hive shoot it then it will show the hive falling down to the ground after u will find eyes everywhere on the floor somtimes there are all the eyes sometimes there aren't if ur lucky u'll find all. this is helpful for wen u have the butterfly lamp to sell!!!

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Easter Egg - Ditman Glitch

by kameryn Aug 21, 2008

This "WILL" work. First, buy a Striker from the merchant. Next, make sure you have another gun with you. Then, go to where you equip your items, equip the striker and quickly aim it as quick as you can like hold down B on the wii remote when you exit and superduper quickly go back to the menu and select another weapon.

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Unlockable - Characters in the Mercenaries

by cGub Jul 06, 2007

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Leon S. KennedyInitially available.
Ada WongGet a four star rating or higher in the Pueblo map.
Jack KrauserGet a four star rating or higher in the Castle map.
HUNKGet a four star rating or higher in the Island map.
Albert WeskerGet a four star rating or higher in the Waterworld map.
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Unlockable - List

by cGub Jul 06, 2007

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Movie BrowserBeat the main game once
MercenariesBeat the main game once
Assignment AdaBeat the main game once
Leon's R.P.D. uniformBeat the main game once
Ashley's pink outfitBeat the main game once
Ashley's knight armorBeat Separate Ways once
Leon's suitBeat Separate Ways once
Separate WaysBeat the main game once
Plagas Removal Laser (PRL 412)Beat the main game on Professional Mode
Chicago TypewriterPass Separate Ways once
HandCannonGet a 5 star in all stages with all characters in the Mercenaries
Infinite Rocket LauncherPass the game once
MaltildaPass the game once
Alternate Title screenComplete the main game once
Chicago Typewriter in Seperate Ways clear fileBeat Assignment Ada
Movie Browser for Separate WaysBeat Separate Ways once
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