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Super Mario Bros. Cheats :

This page contains Super Mario Bros. cheats list for WII version. Now we have 7 cheats in our list, which includes 4 glitches, 3 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Super Mario Bros. on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Blue Entries

by sdan12 Jun 08, 2011

When you play a level, and then the entry turns blue, you need to do it over. Because then you will be able to advance. Whether it's to get into a castle or to get an obstacle out of the way, this will always work!

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Secret - Enemy Rundown

by Unregistered Jan 21, 2013

Super Mario Bros is filled with annoying enemies. If you're new to this, consulting this page is a big asset to your game.

Goomba: Goombas are the bottom of the barrel. Goombas are killed by any way possible, so go hog wild.

Koopa: If you jump on a Koopa, it'll revert into it's shell, which allows you to kick it and kill other enemies. HOWEVER, the shell will ricochet off of walls, so make sure to jump at the sight of a wall.

Red Koopa: Koopas with a twist. Koopas will never walk off of a cliff, so you'll need to kill them yourself.

Green Koopa Patroopa: Congrats...? Your Koopa evolved into Koopa Patroopa. These Koopas will jump up and down, and they often require an extra hit to kill. They still fall off of ledges.

Red Koopa Patroopa: Red ones will fly (not jump) up and down in the air, so a fireball is best suited to kill them.

Buzzy Beetle: Koopas with an even nastier twist. Their shells are heat-resistant, so you'll need to jump on them. Most Goombas turn into Buzzy Beetles after defeating the game.

Cheep Cheep: These are fish that float in the water. You need a fireball to kill them underwater. You can also find them flying in the air, so watch your head. Mario can also jump on them in this state.

Blooper: This annoying squid will chase after you in a peculiar motion. You either need to kill them with fireballs, or get them off of your screen. Underwater only.

Lakitu (and spinies): Lakitu is a koopa who floats in a cloud. He will drop spiny eggs on you, which hatch into spinies. Spinies will not be killed by jumping, so have some fireballs. The only way to kill Lakitu is to get to a certain height, jump over him, and kill him with fireballs. Lakitu then comes back in about 15 real life seconds, so move fast. He'll retreat near the end of the level.

Bullet Bill: Bullet Bills are fired out of double-sided cannons. Bullet bills can only be jumped on, so beware of multiple cannons.

Piranha Plant: Piranha Plants occasionally pop out of pipes. Touching them hurts you, so beware. Standing near or on their pipes will keep them away. Use fire to kill them, or stars.

Hammer Bros: Hammer Bros are annoying goons who throw hammers at you. They often move around, so be careful. They're often seen guarding power ups, so empty the blocks to level them out, or use fire to dispatch them. Hammer Bros often appear in pairs.

Bowser: Bowser is a gigantic, two feet standing spinie. He appears once every four levels at the end of a castle. He breathes... 

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Glitch - Access 5-1 from 1-2

by jztkizz Aug 23, 2010

To access this warp, you must be Super or Fiery Mario. Go to the pipe at the end of the level and jump on top of it. Jump up and break the block over top of the part of the pipe farthest left. Then, position Mario on the edge of the pipe, with one foot hanging off the edge. Duck, then jump backwards as far right as possible. If done just right, Mario will slide through the pipe and the bricks. Walk over to the warp zone area and enter the middle pipe. This pipe will take you to world 5, level 1. The same area can be acessed from a pipe in the same place in 4-2. However, this is meant to be a warp zone to 5-1, whereas the 1-2 warp to 5-1 is a glitch. After completing the jump trick in level 1-2, you can also go down either of the other two pipes, both of which will take you to Minus World -1.

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Glitch - Negative World

by jztkizz Aug 23, 2010

Go to World 1-2. At the pipe that leads to the flag, break two blocks so there's one at the end touching the pipe. Now duck and jump backward toward the brick (don't break it!). You should go through the wall and pipe into a warp zone. Jump down the first pipe you see and you will be in the Negative World (-1)!

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Glitch - Shoot fireballs as small Mario

by jztkizz Aug 23, 2010

Go to either 1-4, 2-4,3-4, etc. and get to Bowswer. Make sure you are Big Mario and try to jump over Bowser or run under him. Stand near the Axe and Bowser will start to walk towards you. As he gets near you, jump high, and touch Bowser and the Axe at the same time. If you do it correctly, you will hear the sound as if you were to shrink, but you will just flash and stay big. Go to the next stage, and get a Mushroom. (Yes, there will be a Mushroom instead of a Fire Flower.) When you touch the Mushroom, you will shrink. Then get a Fire Flower, and you'll have Fire Power as small Mario. (Note: after you do the Bowser/Axe trick, enemies that touch you will be able to kill you when you are Big Mario. When they touch you while you are small Mario after getting the Mushroom or Fire Flower, you will turn back into Big Mario.)

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Glitch - Unlimited 1-Ups

by someguy Aug 23, 2010

Get to world 3-1, and become Super Mario. At the end of the level(the staircase before the end flag) you will see two turtles coming down the stairs, jump over the first one and then jump on the second one. It should hit the star and bounce back, from here jump on it and keep yourself up, after a certain number of bounces without hitting the ground, each consecutive bounce will get you a 1-up. Get as many as you want but be warned, if you get over 100 you will get a Game Over.

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Secret - Blooper Dodge

by someguy Aug 23, 2010

If you just walk along the sea floor, Bloopers will never be able to kill you because they are forced back up just before they hit the floor(or you).

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