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Super Mario Bros. Cheats :

This cheat for Super Mario Bros. [WII] has been posted at 21 Jan 2013 and is called "Enemy Rundown". If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 0 other cheats for Super Mario Bros., look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Enemy Rundown

by Unregistered Jan 21, 2013

Super Mario Bros is filled with annoying enemies. If you're new to this, consulting this page is a big asset to your game.

Goomba: Goombas are the bottom of the barrel. Goombas are killed by any way possible, so go hog wild.

Koopa: If you jump on a Koopa, it'll revert into it's shell, which allows you to kick it and kill other enemies. HOWEVER, the shell will ricochet off of walls, so make sure to jump at the sight of a wall.

Red Koopa: Koopas with a twist. Koopas will never walk off of a cliff, so you'll need to kill them yourself.

Green Koopa Patroopa: Congrats...? Your Koopa evolved into Koopa Patroopa. These Koopas will jump up and down, and they often require an extra hit to kill. They still fall off of ledges.

Red Koopa Patroopa: Red ones will fly (not jump) up and down in the air, so a fireball is best suited to kill them.

Buzzy Beetle: Koopas with an even nastier twist. Their shells are heat-resistant, so you'll need to jump on them. Most Goombas turn into Buzzy Beetles after defeating the game.

Cheep Cheep: These are fish that float in the water. You need a fireball to kill them underwater. You can also find them flying in the air, so watch your head. Mario can also jump on them in this state.

Blooper: This annoying squid will chase after you in a peculiar motion. You either need to kill them with fireballs, or get them off of your screen. Underwater only.

Lakitu (and spinies): Lakitu is a koopa who floats in a cloud. He will drop spiny eggs on you, which hatch into spinies. Spinies will not be killed by jumping, so have some fireballs. The only way to kill Lakitu is to get to a certain height, jump over him, and kill him with fireballs. Lakitu then comes back in about 15 real life seconds, so move fast. He'll retreat near the end of the level.

Bullet Bill: Bullet Bills are fired out of double-sided cannons. Bullet bills can only be jumped on, so beware of multiple cannons.

Piranha Plant: Piranha Plants occasionally pop out of pipes. Touching them hurts you, so beware. Standing near or on their pipes will keep them away. Use fire to kill them, or stars.

Hammer Bros: Hammer Bros are annoying goons who throw hammers at you. They often move around, so be careful. They're often seen guarding power ups, so empty the blocks to level them out, or use fire to dispatch them. Hammer Bros often appear in pairs.

Bowser: Bowser is a gigantic, two feet standing spinie. He appears once every four levels at the end of a castle. He breathes fire, so do whatever you can to dodge it. To kill him, you must either a) Throw a LOT of fireballs. Or b) Grabbing the axe behind him, which breaks the bridge. He always has a floating bar above him, so use that to get behind him, but beware, as he occasionally jumps. His jumping can also allow a small Mario to run under him and kill him. Starting on the second encounter, he'll add blocks to give you a disadvantage, so make sure you're big enough to break them. Starting on the fourth encounter, he'll start throwing hammers, which'll make it hectic. His castle will also require a peculiar path to advance. Starting on the fifth encounter, he may add fire bars and jumping fireballs, so time it right to get past those. Everything noted above is normally in the last few encounters, so good luck with that.

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