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Super Mario Galaxy Cheats :

This page contains Super Mario Galaxy cheats list for WII version. Now we have 45 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 8 unlockables, 8 easter eggs, 1 glitch, 27 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Super Mario Galaxy on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Get 5 1-up Mushrooms Instantly!

by dinopet123 Aug 01, 2011

All you have to do is hold down 1 and 2 on the title screen and keep holding it down until you are on/in the observatory. Then you will hear a strange noise. Go find the mail toad (he is usually in front of you when you start) who will have a speech bubble above him with an envelope in it. Talk to him and he will give you a letter from Peach. After you have finished reading it he will say that Peach attached 5 1-up mushrooms and he will ask you if you want them. Always say "yes" otherwise they will be gone forever.

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Secret - Shortcut in Deep Dark Galaxy

by Icicles Sep 25, 2008

You can use the cannon on the beach for a shortcut. Normally you would need to use the cannon to shoot yourself to the nearby planet to get a Fire Flower then use the Jump Star to return to the beach so that you can light the two torches to open the door on the first Star, or the three torches to make the Ice Flower appear on the second Star. However, if you get in the cannon and turn it all the way to the left as far as it will go, you will see two yellow platforms moving up and down. Watch them carefully. When the farthest platform is up, line your crosshairs up with the side of it. Then, wait until the closest platform goes back up, and fire yourself in that direction. If timed correctly, the platforms will have switched again and you will hit the side of the furthest platform and fall on the ground. You must hit the wall or you will overshoot and die. This will put you inside the "bowel" area without opening the door on the first Star. If you are on the second Star, you will not have to worry about getting the Ice Flower to cross the lake and jump the faucets. You can just proceed right and climb the poles to get to the Bubble Shooter.

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Secret - Comet Medals

by skyp Nov 22, 2010


In every galaxy, there is a special coin called a Comet Medal. It is a white, octagonal with a yellow brim. In the middle, you are able to see a comet. If you get enough Comet Medals, Prankster Comets will start to appear. A Prankster Comet is an additional level for some galaxies. Comet Medals are placed in hard to get to areas on places where you need a Power-Up. There is a total of 49 Comet Medals, unfortunately, there is not a Prankster Comet for all levels.

Here is a chart of the Comet Medal locations:

World 1


Comet Medal Location

Sky Station Galaxy

High above the cylindrical planet with gray platforms rotating around it.

Yoshi Star Galaxy

On a small green hill in the area where the player first obtains Yoshi.

Spin-Dig Galaxy

Next to the right-most pillar on the Drill Zone Planet.

Fluffy Bluff Galaxy

Above a column of coins on the Pond Planet. Cloud Mario is needed, or a triple jump or back-flip and spin at the apex of the jump.

Flip-Swap Galaxy

On a blue platform near the end of the first area.

Rightside Down Galaxy

Between two Thwomps in an upside down section, just after the Incoming Chomps.

Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla

Above the Thwomp near the beginning of the stage.

World 2


Comet Medal Location

Puzzle Plank Galaxy

Off to the side of a wooden platform, just before two Grinders cut off a vertical wall, which creates an area that Mario must wall-kick up.

Hightail Falls Galaxy

Near the end of the level right after the Hungry Luma.

Boulder Bowl Galaxy

Right at the beginning of the level inside the purple crystal. Rock Mario is needed.

Cosmic Cove Galaxy

Inside a large shell-shaped structure underwater, near the button that freezes the entire area.

Wild Glide Galaxy

Obtained after going through the five gates.

Honeybloom Galaxy

Between two Choppahs.

Bowser's Lava Lair

Reached by wall-jumping off a Whomp.

World 3


Comet Medal Location

Tall Trunk Galaxy

On the Log Planet.

Cloudy Court Galaxy

Near the end of the level inside the crushing wall.

Haunty Halls Galaxy

Over a large gap, just after a green pipe.

Freezy Flake Galaxy

Hidden beneath some Brick Block-shaped snow.

Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy

Near the end on a platform about to be cut by Grinders.

Beat Block Galaxy

Near the beginning on top of an orange Beat Block.

Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet

On the Airship with the Hammer Bros, just before Mario... 

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Secret - Garbage dump planet

by guggle May 17, 2010

The droid here needs your help; it seems the planet's been covered in trash, and you'll have to blow it away within 30 seconds. This can be very, very difficult, since the Bob-ombs take forever to explode. Thankfully, there's a trick.

Do you see the gold emblems on the ground That's where you should toss the Bob-ombs. Toss one on each of the five gold emblems - if your aim is true, the bombs will destroy all of the nearby trash, thereby completing this level well within the time limit

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Unlockable - 5 1-UP MUSHROOMS

by Unregistered Feb 23, 2010

The 1st is in the garage(break the box) the 2nd 1 is under the kitchens 2nd step the 3rd 1 is near the bedroom(go where the purple toad is, jump down on the left side of the stairs jump on the green things keep going until you get the 1 up) for the last 2 u need 2 be "Fly Mario" fly up to the under side of the gate 4 the last 1 fly up 2 the Garden go to the top of the pole and there you go. 5-1UP MUSHROOMS!

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Secret - Defeating Bowser

by Icicles Sep 25, 2008

As you are running up the stairs to fight Bowser for the final time, collect the 6 Life Mushroom and Life Shroom. You will first be on a sphere with spiky plants. Bowser will roll into a brick ball and chase you. When he is nearby, spin. Do this two times. Next, you will be at a rock with little plant things. He will breathe fire. Protect yourself by hiding behind the plant things. He will then curl up into his spiky shell and come at you fast. When he is close, hit the plant thing at him. Do this until you are at where you usually fight Bowser. Make him ground pound the glass and burn his tail. Hit him once, then hit him again when he is on his back. The last time you do this he will spin very fast. Time it, then hit him.

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Secret - Getting Garbage Dump Star in Dreadnought Galaxy

by Icicles Sep 25, 2008

This Star is difficult to get because the bombs do not seem to explode fast enough. First, place a bomb on all of the little yellow circles that you shoot to make a coin. This will provide the best blast coverage, so you will need six bombs. When the level starts, long jump the left-most bomb. Take it, run forward a bit, and throw it at the furthest left side yellow dot. Next, long jump back to the second bomb (from the left), and take that bomb. Turn around, and throw it. The bomb should land just about on the left side middle dot. Get the third bomb, and do the same thing. It should land just about on the right side middle dot. Next, take the fourth bomb, and run forward a bit. Throw it at the furthest right side dot. Long jump back to the first bomb again. It should be just barely shooting out another bomb. Take it, and throw it at the closest left side dot. Finally, get the second bomb (from the left), and toss it at the closest right side dot. When you pick up that last bomb, you should have about fourteen seconds remaining on the clock, and must have at least eleven seconds. It is important to take the second bomb for the closest right side dot because it lights when you pick it up. The bomb will already be active while you run to the dot. It is also important to get the bombs as close to the yellow dots as possible and execute all your moves flawlessly (no unnecessary jumps or spins) as every second counts. This will require some practice. You must experiment with how far Mario can throw the bombs. For the left and right furthest dots, try throwing them when you are even with the closest dots.

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Secret - Luigi

by darkster Mar 31, 2009

You can unlock Luigi at the end when you have 120 or 121 stars

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Glitch - Duck in thin air!

by pokemonmasterjustin Mar 17, 2009

When you are Luigi, go to the level: The Fate Of The Universe. Then, when you get past the part where Bowser Jr. comes up with Princess Peach Peach, DO NOT GO TO BOWSER! Instead, go to the place where the circle part ends. Then, run to the edge and JUMP off the edge before Luigi falls! BUT KEPP HOLDING A! Once you start falling, an invisible platform will be there, and you will be ducking in thin air! But the bad part is, after a second or two, you will fall and die.

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Unlockable - Unlock Luigi

by Travguy Oct 28, 2008

To unlock this hidden character you must collect ALL 120 stars and then return to Rosalina on the Comet Observatory and ask to fight Bowser again. When the credits have completed you will see a message that tells you that Luigi is now available as a playable character.

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Secret - Wee-Gee Comment

by ShaneBo10 Jun 09, 2008

unlock LUIGI then go to your galaxy switch to LUIGI he will say "Wee-Gee"

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Easter Egg - Circles!

by Unregistered Mar 10, 2008

In the nintendo tradition(and for their weird taste for hide-&-go seek)nintendo LOVES hiding items in places where circles(title) are found.Find some stoneheges or flowers?
Even rocks?heck,expiriment a move!You may just find what your're lookin' for...


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Easter Egg - Unlimited lives

by pickle931 Jan 18, 2008

there are lives hidden all over the to the starshroom... at the bottom of the kitchen...under the observetory on thos spinny things...rite at the peak of the spike going up the middle...and under the gateway. if you go into a room and then back out...all the lives appear just go in and out a few times an get loads of lives

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Secret - Beating the lava octopus

by bumface Jan 08, 2008

in the good egg galaxy, when you are on the last star mission, you have to fight a giant lava octopus thingy. however hard he may look, he is quite simple if you kow what to do. first he fires fireballs at you. dodge them by running of the edge. (it's one of the places that mario sticks onto.) then he will fire a coconut (?!!?) at you. use the spin attack to deflect it at him. he will then summon small blue dudes. do not try to kill them, mario just runs round clutching his butt. instead dodge. then just repeat untill he's dead!

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Secret - Beating the giant spinny thing on the dreadnought assault thingy galax

by bumface Jan 17, 2008

o.k. for some people, this walkthrough is pointless. but i only worked it out after losing two lives, so please don't skit. anyway, beating it is pretty simple as long as you know what to do. first, take out the two mini ones. they're just gay. (for those who don't know how, wouldn't be up to the point i'm talking about now anyway so why is this still here? ask big ted. who's big ted? don't know. anyway, those who don't know how to beat the mini ones, keep reading cos you kill them the same way you kill the biggy.)then, jump on the big one and the spikes will stop. just spin him into the the electric fence 3 times and you're done!

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Secret - Grand Finale Galaxy and Star 121

by Lugia27 Dec 26, 2007

To unlock the final star and galaxy, collect all 120 stars with Luigi and beat Bowser. Doing so unlocks the Grand Finale Galaxy, which is the Star Festival seen in the beginning of the game. Collecting the 100 purple coins in this galaxy gets you the final star.

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Secret - Beating lava dino pirahna

by bumface Jan 17, 2008

beating the lava dino pirahna isn't too hard. in fact it is a lot like the first dino pirahna but with 2 differences; one: we all know you have to spin his tail. but wait until it is NOT on fire people! sheesh! oh yeah, no. two: when you've hit his tail 2 times, the third time there are mini fireballs. anyway, good luck!

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Secret - Beating bowser for the last time

by bumface Jan 21, 2008

first, just play the mission till you see a short movie. it is easy. then you run towards bowser and he takes you to a planet. dodge his ground pound shock waves, then he'll form a big rock ball around him and you must spin his face. if you spin the rock you get hurt. once you have done this twice, he takes you to a new planet. he has a new attack; he climbs inside his shell (which is spikey, remember?) then whizzes round the place. dodge him, then when he climbs out the shell spin the green thingies at him. do this twice (well, i think it's twice anyway) and he takes you to a final planet. he still does the shelly thing, except there are no green things to hit him with as you have probably noticed by now. instead just kill him like you did the first time you face him. after you blast him into the sun, enjoy a short movie and long credits (yawn) trie and unlock that bonus planet rosalina waffles on about. i myself am working towards it but my 8 year old sister mairead hogs it all the time. hey callum if yourreading this i found cheats for the impossible quiz. seeya!

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Secret - Hidden Message

by ShaneBo10 Jun 09, 2008

look on box look for yellow stars on letters it will spell out the message


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Code - Help!

by Unregistered Jun 13, 2011

on the freezeframe galaxy ive got the first and the second stars but i cant get the third(hot and cold collide ive got past the first bit but i dont gt what to do on the second bit with the water any help?


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