Super Mario Galaxy 2 Cheats

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Cheats :

This page contains Super Mario Galaxy 2 cheats list for WII version. Now we have 16 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 4 unlockables, 2 glitches, 6 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - 2-Player Tips & Tricks

by Bramblefang Sep 07, 2010
  1. Attach yourself to a Luma by pressing and holding A. Then, shake your Wii Remote and star bits will come out of the Luma.
  2. When Mario gets hit by riding on a Yoshi, press and hold A on Yoshi to stop him from running away and let Mario jump back on him.
  3. When there is a faraway item (Like a 1 Up Mushroom) that you do not want to risk getting, have Player 2 press A on the item. The P2 Luma will retrieve the item and give it to Mario!
  4. While Mario is swimming underwater, you can press A on any air bubbles in sight to refill Mario's air gauge.
  5. When Mario is fighting an enemy that can only be defeated by deflecting it's attack at it, you can press A on the attack (Like if it shoots coconuts at you) and the P2 Luma will bring it to Mario where as he can use the spin to deflect it at the enemy.
  6. While Mario is on a planet where an obstacle (Like an Electric Fence or a Chainchomp) can get in you way and hit you off stage, you can hav P2 press and hold A on that obstacle to stop it from moving and hitting Mario. This gives Mario time to go around it or escape.
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Unlockable - Banker Toad's Items

by cGub May 25, 2010

The toad that banks your star bits will unlocks some items as you deposit more star bits. Those are not for Mario, he will simply use them himself.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
GlassesDeposit 1000 star bits
PickaxeDeposit 4000 star bits
Spear and shieldDeposit 2000 star bits
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Unlockable - Maximum lives

by Supersoulsilver Jul 13, 2010

Firstly fly to supermassive galaxy (not on the comet level)and progress your way through until you reach the planet with the 3 huge koopas (I would reccomend a friend helping you on this because its quite hard doing it without a friend helping you,stun ONE Koopa)
long jump onto its back and follow its path whilst on its back for a while you will start to see 1 ups appearing.

99 1-upsLong jump on koopas shell

Unlockable - Play as Luigi in Any Level

by cGub May 28, 2010

Defeat Bowser at Bowser's Galaxy Generator for the first time, then check the Mail Toad for a message from him. Look for the L on the Spaceship, enter it, and then you become Luigi.

Luigi for all levelsBeat Bowser at Bowser's Galaxy Generator
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Code - Hints and Tricks

by Uzamaki66 Jan 11, 2011

Ok guys. I've seen some of the cheats on this list and they're either barely explained or not even right. Here I will be telling you some amazing stuff i found in this amazing game.

We all know of Yoshi's special appearance in this game. Did you know he has a glitch? Yoshi has the ability to flutter. Once or twice in the air. If using the correct button pressing and timing, Yoshi can use infinite fluttering. Alrite so get on Yoshi. Next, jump and hold A to get him to start his flutter. As Yoshi flutters, TAP(yes tap, NOT HOLDING) Z while still holding A and then release A quickly. Press A again to flutter jump again in MID AIR. The goal is to get Mario to duck, NOT dismount, then quickly flutter again. Used this to get 3minute Bowser Jr Megahammer run.

We also know about 1-Ups and how no matter what, when you restart your game, you get stranded back to 5 lives. Need not to worry, reader. This next trick will have you swimming in 1-ups (possibly drowning). If you have gotten to or beaten World 4, go to it. Enter the Supermassive Galaxy. Select any star besides the comet one. Head on into the level like you normally would until the first Launch star. Once launched to the circular planet with huge koopa troopas, be ready. You'll have to long jump behind one to jump on it's back. Once jumped on once, KEEP JUMPING ON IT AND MOVE A BIT WITH IT. Never press the opposite direction you're jumping in; that'll cause you to fall off 90% of the time. Don't go too far either. You'll hit it's head and fall off. After 7 consecutive jumps, you'll get a 1-up for your work. Keep jumping on the shell though, for every jump after that will get you ANOTHER 1-Up. Keep with the koopa until the end(99 lives) and you'll be stocked up and ready for adventure!

Remember the underdog Mario bro, Luigi? He makes an appearance a second time in the Super Mario Galaxy series. This time, after unlocking 30 stars, he's playable but only in certain galaxies. He runs faster, jumps higher, but harder to control. He's hard to slow down, causing him to sometimes slip off cliffs. After obtaining 60 stars and defeating Bowser in world 6, Luigi sends you a letter saying he'll switch off with you at any time (English: Luigi has been unlocked). Find the "L" he mentions right behind you where you usually spawn when starting the game. When you go through the door, Mario goes in, and the end result is Luigi jumping out. Same result if Luigi goes back in. Both brothers are playable at your... 

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Secret - Cosmic Spirit

by skyp Nov 22, 2010

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, there is a blue being, resembling Rosalina.If you die a certain amount of times in a certain level, she will appear some where in the level. If you talk to here and use her, she will show you how to navigate successfully to the Power Star. If you use the Cosmic Guide, the Power star will turn to Bronze Star. If you wish to change the Bronze Star to a regular Power Star, you must complete the level with out her help.

Here is a chart of the levels that the Cosmic Spirit appears in:

=====Galaxy===Level===Loc ation====--- - - -

Flip-Swap Galaxy
Think Before You Shake
Roughly in the middle of the galaxy.
Fluffy Bluff Galaxy
Search for the Toad Brigade Captain
Near the checkpoint of the planetoid where the Toad Brigade captain is located.
Hightail Falls Galaxy
Hot-Stepping Dash Pepper
Just after checkpoint following the collapsing platform section.
Tall Trunk Galaxy
Tall Trunk's Big Slide
Right before the start of the giant slide.
Haunty Halls Galaxy
A Glimmer of Bulb Berry
Roughly in the middle of the area with the Bulb Berries.
Supermassive Galaxy
Huge Trouble with Big Wigglers
At the starting platform of the planetoid with the giant Wigglers.
Flipsville Galaxy
Flip-Flopping in Flipsville
On the Starshroom right before Glamdozer's plant.
Chompworks Galaxy
Where the Chomps are Made of Gold
Right next to the area where the Golden Chomp appears.
Slipsand Galaxy
Squizzard's Sandy Sinkhole
After the sand slide next to the checkpoint.
Melty Monster Galaxy
A Stroll Down Rolling Lane
On the platform at the start of the bowling section of the level.
Mario Squared Galaxy
Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos
At the starting platform.
Rolling Coaster Galaxy
Purple Coins on the Rainbow Road
At the start of the level.
Stone Cyclone Galaxy
Tox Box Speed Run
At the start of the level.
Flip-Out Galaxy
Cosmic Clones Wall Jumpers
Near the second checkpoint.

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Unlockable - Every Star has its Price

by PokeMaster54 Jul 09, 2010

If you complete Fluffy Bluff Galaxy, and then you go back, there is a hidden star. Get the cloud upgrade and go to the big tree. Jump as high as you can before you spin, causing a cloud to appear. Use all three and you should be able to get to the top of the tree. There is a small lauch star, and the yellow Toad that is always sleeping. Use that launch star and you should be on a cloud and you should see a blue Luma. The wands he holds have coins on them instead of star bits, telling you that he wants coins. You need 100 coins. It is possible to get 100 without moving on to the next area. Either by picking them up, bouncing on enemies, or getting one the two big coins.

A Hidden StarGet 100 coins and feed the Luma
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Glitch - Super long yoshi tonge

by sonic25523 Aug 15, 2011

first get on yoshi and go to the warp and when you about to step on it, click on the nerist guy you see then warp to the toad bregaid ship and yoshi's tonge will be super long! press a to undo it.

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Secret - How to get to the beacon faster in super mario galaxy 2

by Ultimateflare Jul 19, 2010

There is a pipe that lets you go to the beacon faster First go to that pipe that is spitting out rainbow smoke Then go inside ot

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Glitch - Whomp King Glitch

by goldenhacker Mar 07, 2011

If you go to Throwback Galaxy and get to the Whomp King, it is possible to get on top his head. If you do, you can stand on his crown and it will jump up and down. Then, when he jumps up in to the air, backflip off of him. If done correctly, you will fly extremely far and high.

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Secret - Alternate Way to the Engine Room

by Bramblefang Dec 13, 2010

First, go to the chimney thing near the starting point on the ship. (It spits out Rainbow Smoke) Jump onto the chimney and you'll automatically warp down it like a pipe. It leads you to the Engine Room, the room with all the power ups you find and the Big Star that shows the power of the ship.

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Code - 1-ups Galore

by skyp Oct 26, 2010

Here are the locations of the 1-ups: {On the Mario Starship

There is a CHANCE DICE on your ship. Spin it and if it lands on a 1-up, it will transform into a 1-up.

Once you have Yoshi on your ship, use him to fly up the flowers and eat all the fruit. You will get 1 1-up.

Once you have access to the TOAD BRIGADE, fly to their ship and they have a 1-up aboard.

As you progress through the game a pipe might appear in Marios ear. Go in it to find 2 Luma. One gives you 1 chance cube for 30 Starbits. The other charges 30 coins for 5 spins.

Once you have a Cloud Flower on your ship there is a secret cloud above your ship that has a 1-up on it.


After completing a level and your new total coin count is over 100 you will get a 1-up

In a level if you get 100 Starbits you will get a 1-up ---skyp

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Secret - 1-up Farming

by NeverNegative Jun 01, 2010

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a great game. However, it is sad that they give you just 3 lives. 3 Hits, your dead. Thats not Like Super Mario 64 nor Super Mario Sunshine, now is it? Nope. But it does redeem itself with the incredible amount of 1-ups that you get. Just on starship mario, you can get 4 alone, if your far enough. Now there are many places to 1-Up farm, but this is the easiest.
Make sure your far enough as to where you have the cloud mario power up on the ship.
Alright, now first, go to the StarShip Toad via teleporter. On this ship is a 1-Up. Now go to yoshi's egg, and do the flower/tounge things. Eat all the fruit that are on the hovering island. Thats another 1-Up. Now just drop down from that island, and there should be a dice. Roll is for a chance to get yet another 1-Up. No go get the cloud mario power up, and go to the back of the ship. Be sure not to touch the small river, or you will revert to normal mario. Now go to the back of marios hair. The screen should pivot up revealing a high cloud, with a 1-Up on it. Now just make clouds and get on up there. Thats 3-4 free 1-Ups. Now just drive the ship, and go back on. They've all reset. Now youll never get a game over.

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Code - Rainbow Fire Flower

by SuperSmashFlashFan2 Oct 17, 2011

You have to be quick! First get a Rainbow Flower. Then while you still have your Rainbow Power. Get a Fire Flower then shake! You will see a Fireball on the screen.

No CodeA Rainbow Fire Power
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Code - Shortcut in throwback galaxy and unlock luigi true way

by Ash20 Sep 21, 2010

ok for throwback galaxy shortcut when u are at the bottom or near the bottom of the pyramid u backwards somersault then spin up to the top of the wall the ur like halfway up the pyramid found the shortcut this afternoon. Now after getting 20 stars luigi will appear at the beginning at certain levels after unlocking World S u get luigi in all levels.

backflip up this wall in throwback galaxygood shortcut
after getting 20 starsunlocks luigi in ceertain levels
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Secret - Ghost luigi

by mewandcelebi Jul 30, 2010

First complete a level like haunty halls galxay and everey so often it can say a ghost has apeared in that go to that galaxy and youl find that luigi running on the spot.try talking to him and he runs

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