Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review :

Not a deserving sequel

by greenemerald Nov 24, 2010

This game as far as i,m concerned is a bit damp compared to the original. This game started with our most loved video game character Mario(a plumber from Italy) again trying to rescue peach from Bowser. The first level has you running in 2D, when suddenly you meet a luma from the first game. Super Mario Galaxy 2 did have stuff the the first game did not have, but for me this game has lots of downsides. I will be giving this game a good score but i will not give it as good of a score as Super Mario Galaxy 1, so have a good time and do not expect this game to be like other reviews. Anyway enjoy the review :).

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8Story line
The storyline was good and you can now use Yoshi (A dinosaur from Super Mario World),but all you did was save the princess again.But since the ship, story line and final boss were creative i,ll let it off.
The graphics were yet again great, but was there any improvement from Mario Galaxy 1, well not that i can see no. Anyway the graphics were still great for a wii game
The sound had no problem at all, so they gave the final boss the normal Bowser music good one Nintendo NOT, but still since the music had classic songs and good music the sound section gets a good score.
This was the problem the levels had only 2 main missions, they were very short and easy, not only that but i could not control the bird on flying levels.
8Lasting Appeal
A good game all round i would have given it a 9 but since the gameplay was ruined it this game gets a less score.
(Out of 10)


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