Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review :

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

by goldenhacker Mar 07, 2011

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an exiting sequel to Super Mario Galaxy. This game doesn't have everything the first game did but it more then makes up for that with things like each Bowser Jr. battle being different. And one of the biggest change yet? Yoshi. Yes, this game includes the long awaited Yoshi. And in this game, even Yoshi has his own power-ups. Another big thing in this game is the Green Stars. After you have collected 120 Power Stars, you will have to find 120 Green Stars before you can unlock the final galaxy. One more thing I should mention is that Luigi is back. Unlike the first game, Luigi and Mario can switch whenever they want in this game. And that is Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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8Story line
The story line starts out good and original with the princess getting kidnapped by Bowser and Mario has to save her. But towards the end, all that matters is getting all the power stars.
The graphics were amazing. I love all the 3-D objects. I think the best part of the graphics was the backgrounds. Every one was so unique.
The sound could be a lot better but it was still pretty good. After all, they had to have a lot of things happening on the screen and in the speakers.
The gameplay was the most amazing part of this game. I love how Mario isn't just run and jump. Now, he rides dinosaurs, does cool moves like ground pounds, and even flies through space.
10Lasting Appeal
This is defiantly a game I will be playing for a long time. There is no reason not to. It's not one of those games that you get to the final battle and can't go back. You can have up to 3 save files, and you can redo whatever you want.
(Out of 10)


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