Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review :

Nintendo, you did it again!

by cab1214 Aug 19, 2010

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a game filled with great fun and adventure. Fly around from galaxy to galaxy, planet to planet, searching for a way to save the love of your life, Princess Peach, from the claws of Bowser. Bowser's goal is not only to capture the Princess for himself, but to try to re-create his Universal Empire, like the one he tried to make in the first game. To advance in the game, you can run, jump, use new power-ups (even with some old ones), and in some levels, you can partner up with Yoshi. While riding Yoshi, your Wii remote cursor turns into his tongue, and you can eat almost anything! Once you acquire 120 stars, a green comet passes over all of the galaxies, putting in another 120 Green stars, that are hidden in each level. Speaking of comets, Prankster Comets will pass over certain galaxies, and you will have to complete a special level, whether it is timed, or you have one life, or you're being followed by dangerous cosmic clones.

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6Story line
As good as this game was, the storyline was once again, dull, boring, the same as always. Find Bowser, stop his plans to take over the world (or in this case, the Universe), and save Princess Peach. Here is a link to the main trailer: om/watch?v=iO10_IbDU BU
Comparing this game to the original Super Mario Galaxy, you can easily see that there was a great improvement in the graphics. For me, I can see almost every thread in Mario's outfit, and see every scale on Yoshi's skin.
The sound is good, but not great. It's nothing special, except it helps enhance the gameplay itself. Nintendo's next goal should be improving the sound.
The gameplay is great. There are new power-ups, as well as some old ones. Co-op has greatly improved in this game, compared to the last game. Now, those who play as Player 2 will become an Orange Luma, who follows Mario around. Player 2 can collect coins, hurt eneimies, and collect star bits.
9Lasting Appeal
Nintendo has done a great job remaking the 2007 hit, Super Mario Galaxy. Improvements in co-op, graphics, power-ups, etc, have made this sequel another great game. However, I would have loved to see the return of some power-ups that haven't made it into this game, like the Ice Flower, Red Star, etc.
(Out of 10)


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