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This cheat for Super Smash Bros. Brawl [WII] has been posted at 20 Oct 2008 by metaknight527 and is called "Glitches and non-obvious stuff". The Cheat have a rating -5 by 25 our users and has been commented 13 times. Also 1 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up metaknight527 and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 59 other cheats for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Glitches and non-obvious stuff

by metaknight527 Oct 20, 2008

*If you look at what bosses (Aside from Master Hand, Crazy Hand and Tabuu, and counting Ridley and Meta-Ridley as one boss) and the characters you fight them with, you can see that Diddy Kong and Fox fight 2 bosses! Diddy Kong fights Rayquaza and Meta-Ridley as Fox fights Rayquaza and Duon.
*Bowser is the first REAL bad guy to join you in the SSE.
*In this game, Kirby can eat any item except pokeballs. But Kirby can eat party balls, which may have Pokeballs in them, but since Kirby can eat them, that means they have no pokeballs in them.
*You never fight Ganondorf in the SSE aside from in the great maze!
*Meta-Knight's Right+A (Not smash or dash attack) can actually perform 3 combos if you press A 3 times when using it.
*Sonic, Jigglypuff and Yoshi are the 3 fastest characters in Brawl (Jigglypuff and Yoshi are on this list because when they use their Rollout and Roll attacks, they go REALLY fast.
*The music Step: The Plain is actually heard in 3 areas of The Great Maze (The Wilds, The Lake Shore and Skyworld)!
*In the level The Ruined Zoo, you fight POrky with Ness and Lucas-WAIT! Isn't Lucas's shoe still caught in that twig thingy?
*You are never forced as a Mario or Pokemon character (Unless you die enough times)!
*It took 2 days for Luigi and Ness to be revived when they were wearing the DeDeDe badges but it only took Kirby a few hours!
*In the game, if any character even Squirtle is in the water for a long enough time, they drown-WAIT! Isn't Squirtle a water-type Pokemon that can swim?
*Characters including Charizard get burned when they touch lava-WAIT! Isn't Charizard a fire-type Pokemon that can withstand lava?
*During this game, Rayquaza lives in the water-WAIT! Rayquaza lives in the ozone layer, not the lake!
*Ness is the 1st secret character to join you in the SSE.
*Bowser is the last non-secret character to join you in the SSE.
*Capt. Falcon and Ness, who were both starting characters in Melee, and now unlockable characters in Brawl! They were also the only characters in the event Spare Change in Melee.
*Mario is actually the biggest character because of his taunt!
*Meta-Knight's final smash can break through Kirby's Down+B Stone attack.
*Wario can eat his Wario bike.
*In event 40, you fight the 3 bad guys Bowser, Ganondorf and King Dedede. But King DeDeDe isn't really a bad guy, so it should be where you fight Bowser, Ganondorf and Wolf
*Every so often in the New Pork City stage, you'll see a flying limmo.
*If you're on a stage with barely any flat platforms like Rainbow Cruise and one of the characters is Pokemon Trainer, Pokemon Trainer is on a flying platform in the background.
*If you're playing as Pokmeon Trainer and Squirtle, Ivysaur or Charizard does a taunt, if you look in the background, Pokemon Trainer also does a pose!

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