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This cheat for Super Smash Bros. Brawl [WII] has been posted at 14 May 2012 by GamingProdigy and is called "Lucario Light Hole Glitch". If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up GamingProdigy and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 59 other cheats for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, look them as soon as possible!

Glitch - Lucario Light Hole Glitch

by GamingProdigy May 14, 2012

Requirement(s): 2 Lucarios that are on your team and that you control. 1 Pikachu which will be your main player. 1 character (doesn't matter what character). And 4 controllers (GameCube, Wii Remote held sideways, Classic, or Wii Remote and Nunchuck).

Stage: Battlefield

Player(s): 4 players

Item(s) needed: Hothead

Difficulty level: 3/5

Objective: Dangerous light hole


1.) At the character select screen, choose Pikachu for Player 1. Then choose Lucario for Players 2 and 3. And choose any character you want for Player 4. Then in the battle options, set the time to infinite. Infinity is represented by the sideways 8. And go to the items and put items spawning to high if it isn't already there and turn all items off except for Hotheads!

2.) Next, go to team battle and have Pikachu teamed up with both Lucarios, so Players 1, 2, and 3 will all be on the same team. Have Player 4 brawl solo so Players 1, 2, and 3 will fight against Player 4. Once this is done, proceed to the stage selection screen.

3.) At the stage selection screen, go to very top row and all the way to the left and chose the Battlefield stage for your brawl.

4.) Once the fight starts, move both Lucarios to one of the 3 platforms that float in the air (1 on the left, center, and right). I do the center platform because it's just easier to aim at, but either one will do. This next part is crucial! Once both your Lucarios are on the same platform, be sure to have both of them facing away from each other!!! Then have them both hold their auras (on the Wii remotes, it's done by pressing the "1" button and on the GameCube controller it's done by pressing the red "B" button). Be sure to have their auras inside each other!!!!! You can do that by having them stand back to back. Note: Their auras will grow much larger when they have a very high damage percentage than they would if they had a low damage percentage. The larger their auras are, the better this glitch will be!

5.) Now, move Pikachu go directly below the platform that both Lucarios are on. Wait for a Hothead to spawn. When you spot a Hothead, go right next to it with Pikachu, BUT DON'T PICK IT UP YET!!!!!!!!!! Instead, use Pikachu's, Smash Attack (on the GameCube controller, it is done by using the yellow "C Analog stick", but I don't know what it is for the other controllers. :( I mainly use the GameCube controller. If you insist on using this glitch with a different controller, I'm sure you can find it in the game's Instruction Booklet). Then just keep using that same move for 2 or 3 times.

6.) Once you've done it 2 or 3 times, the Hothead will fully grown and is as big and powerful as it will ever be. Now have Pikachu pick the fully grown Hothead and move directly under the platform the both Lucarios are on and once Pikachu has come to a complete stop, have him throw the Hothead the he recently picked up straight up to the Lucarios's auras. Before you throw it up, be sure that Pikachu is directly under both the Lucarios so that you won't miss their auras!! If you see the Hothead permanently stuck in both Lucarios's auras, you've done it correctly, but you're not done yet!

7.) Just keep repeating Steps 5 and 6 about 10 to 15 times, or until you hear the loud and annoying sound of what sounds like an earthquake in the game suddenly change slightly and it becomes a bit dimmer. Once you hear the minor change in sound, don't throw any more Hotheads in the big mess unless you see it start to flash. If you see it flashing/blinking, it means that some of the Hotheads are beginning to disappear because it been used too much. So to save this from happening, once you see it blinking, quickly throw 5 to 7 more Hotheads into this disaster of unstoppable terror before it begins to disappear! But if it's not blinking, then constantly use Pikachu's Down-B special activating a large thunderbolt to come crashing down on the Hotheads. You will begin to notice that most of them are really growing. This is a good thing! If it's not flashing and you see a new Hothead spawn, don't get it. If it spawns right next to you, then quickly grab it (don't worry about making it grow! That will just waste your time and will make the auras less powerful and destructive)! Don't stop using Pikachu's thunderbolts on the Hotheads in both Lucarios's aura spheres unless you see it start to flash/blink!!! Just keep using them several times until you see blue/white lightning sparks that do not belong to Pikachu jolting out from the aura spheres!!! Once this occurs, shoot a few more thunderbolts into it and add 2 or 3 more fully grown Hotheads into in and keep shooting even more thunderbolts in until you see this strange light hole glitch that looks like a warp portal or a warp hole or something along that line! This is the what I like to call, the "Light Hole"!

8.) If you've done this all correctly, you should see the "Light Hole" vortex. It's just an odd vortex thing that appears out of nowhere. Nothing happens when this thing occurs. It's just an interesting and exciting thing to look at. It only lasts for a few seconds at most. In some cases, it can cover the whole stage!

If you can't follow my instructions, then here's a YouTube video demonstrating how this is done:

Please note: This is not my video!!! All of the credit for the making of this YouTube video goes to: Japancommercials4U2

I'm not sure if he/she is the founder of this glitch, but I got it off of this video. All I did was reedit the same glitch to make it easier for myself and others. Again, I do not own the video or the glitch!

Thank you,


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